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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Two Black San Francisco Board of Supervisors - London Breed and Malia Cohen - are trying to hoodwink the constituents of San Francisco - with their shenanigans - this will  not fly - not when it comes to sound accountability and accountability.

Malia Cohen and London Breed are deeply entrenched with developers, Mayor Edwin M. Lee who has bought them both - and the developers and Zionists - whose main aim in San Francisco - is to increase the price of the land in San Francisco.

We see thousands of mostly Blacks and others of color - removing themselves - and fleeing San Francisco.

Others evicted - many call this gentrification -  it is a move - a calculated move - to favor the rich and not San Francisco in general.

Decent San Franciscans today do not have a voice - and the reason being - they are poor - they made our various neighborhoods - only for the filthy rich to convert them - to play grounds for their sordid, needs - steeped in GREED.

No independent so called " federal investigation" - will solve this problem - of killings more Blacks - unless it is done - right.

Any investigation done at this late date - will take years - with the Zionists, the developers -  Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressperson - delaying any investigation.

Other related factors will keep the on going spur of killings and shootings, the increase in drug sales - the lack of opportunities for mostly Blacks and others of color - increasing.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
he has failed to apologize -
to all the mothers of the recent
killings and shootings - all of them Black - why?

Today at City Hall - some drab attempt was made to show case - and try to address the shooting and killing of Mario Woods - right in front of his mother Mrs Woods - with her supporters given an opportunity to vent.

While some Blacks leaders - meant well - the ploy is to placate the leaders - with attempts to call for some " federal investigation ".

Try to attempt to control the San Francisco Police Department - control the Police Officers Association (POA). 

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee to this date has not apologized to the mother of Mario Woods. Why?

In San Francisco we have a Police Commission - that will hear the constituents vent - they will permit them to shout, scream, bark up the wrong tree - this and more - does not bring about any resolution and for sure no solution.

This SF Police Commission is weak in the knees - has not favored the constituents of San Francisco - and in a worse case scenario - will dump - any case on the Office of Citizens Complaints Investigation (OCCI).

The OCCI will take the citizens complaints - beat the horse - revive it - and after years - the victim filing the complaint - will be told - that the OCCI did their best - and the best is that they can do nothing at all.

It is the same - with any type of case - that it sent for adjudication - to the OCCI.

You just have to review the many cases - and make your own - conclusion.

As for the SF Police Commission - you can review the tapes - and come to your own conclusion. This indeed is a sad state of affairs.

One Black Police Commissioner - is a sell out - Joe Marshall.

Joe Marshall - will say something - more ramble about a subject - or when he address anyone - he beats around the bush.

The man has no idea - about addressing the TRUTH - is far removed from the facts - less has compassion - beats around the bush - and is a disgrace to humanity.

We need to put Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressperson on the hot seat - we need to demand a Congressional Hearing - linked to all the shootings and killings - and all sorts of brutality - from all quarters - that we have documented.

 The results can go the Attorney General Office - and from there to the Department of Justice - and the Courts will pay attention - to the nonsense - that has been prevailing in San Francisco.

The KKK right in City Hall 
doing their thing in the early forties
nothing much has changed 
except now it is done behind close doors.

At one time - as even now - the KKK - played an important role in San Francisco. San Francisco is a racist city - and we do not want outsiders - who do not live in San Francisco - to tell us - that it is NOT.

Amos Brown - the Black pastor from the Fillmore - can talk a good talk.

His organization the NAACP  - his diatribe of sorts - belittles his knowledge - about the situation at hand - and every time - Amos Brown is given an opportunity to speak - he sells out the community.

I have attended over 258 funerals - from the year 1999 to now - most of them shooting and killings - and the majority of them - Blacks.

It takes a heavy toll on anyone - and those that know me - know what I am talking about.

At Executive Park - at 5 Thomas Mellon Circle - I turned over my office - some 3000 square feet - to an organization whose fiscal sponsor is HealthRight360 - the organization funded and  addressing Violence Prevention and Intervention - is named - Street Violence Intervention Program (SVIP).

We once had the Mayor Office of Criminal Justice - directly under the Mayor of San Francisco and this office - conducted meetings - where the public could participate.

Addressed issues linked to all sorts of crime - where incident reports and other safety and crime statistics and related issues - like Community Policing - could be addressed and resolved.

Devious Superiors the likes of David Chiu - saw that this Committee of Safety was watered down. David is now in Sacramento - after dividing the community and failing to make any impact - on shootings and killings in San Francisco.

Other drab topics were discussed - until today the every name is changed - and little is no attention is given to all sorts of crimes - including shootings and killings - and even less when it comes to Quality of Life issues.

The majority of our SF Board of Supervisors are on the take - for sure London Breed, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang and Scott Wiener.

At the SF Board of Supervisor meeting held January 12, 2016 - Malia Cohen was absent. She represents District 10 - the District in which Mario Woods was shot and killed.

London Breed mentioned Malia Cohen's name several times - stating both she London Breed and Malia Cohen - were co-sponsering some legislation - and of course demanding - for some " federal investigation ".

We already have laws on our books - but we do not have sound leadership.

The leader of our legislative branch is London Breed - a chronic sell out.

The leader of our Executive Branch - is inept, shallow and lacks compassion. He name is Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and the RICO ACT is what will address the issue at hand - and bring some solace to the issues - we are pondering about.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee failed to offer an apology to the four Black women who sons were gunned down - no apology up to this day.

Then after 9 months - he offered some monetary help - which the Mothers in dire need - took - but no apology to this day.

It is the same with Mario Woods and his Mother - NO apology - from the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee to the mother of Mario Woods to this day.

If a " federal investigation" is called for - what do you think the investigation will have to say about Mayor Edwin M. Lee?

Who do you think are the ardent supporters - who aide Mayor Edwin M. Lee if not Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi?

Who who you think is behind the planned removal of Black people and other people of color?

Amos Brown is on the pay roll -  is always invited to speak - he talks a good talk - but he cannot walk the walk.

When Lennar Urban poisoned our children in the Bayview - both London Breed and Amos Brown - did not say a word - why?

Malia Cohen, Veronica Hunnicutt, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Aurelius Walker, Calvin Jones, Derf Butler, Angelo King - others, too many to name -  I named some today - are on the take.

The above and others - are on some pay roll - creating divisiveness - and perpetuating - the on going - " removal of people most Black and others of color - in the Bayview ".

Over 300 young Black men have been killed by violence - in the last 15 years -  when you review the cases - there is a common denominator.

We know - who is providing the bullets and the guns - we know - the blatant injustice that is meted- out to the community and we know who are the Black so called leaders - who have compromised.

What can we do?  Should we see and deal with in this cases?
What is the plan and how well should it be transparent - following the law of the land.

We must be united and be of one mind - right at home.

We know how the game is played - and we know the players.

Now,  the time has come for the community at large - to call out - all those who are on the pay roll - and they should be ashamed of themselves.

All lives matter sounds good - and may be politically correct - but look deeper and study the empirical data - Black Lives Matter - it may hit the insensitive a bit harder - but the truth is the truth.

We need a Congressional Hearing - with the families who have experienced - shooting and killings - to express themselves.

Those on the front line to give testimony. The empirical data is there - but it should be put out - and put out in a manner - where there is accountability and full transparency.

We need to find out - how the SF District Attorney, the State Attorney, the Governor, the Mayor of San Francisco - feel about the current state of affairs - linked to killings and shootings.

All of the above  must testify - after the victims and their families have their say first - other community leaders that matter - too.

The Department of Justice and the Attorney General and in this case - even the President of the United States - Barack Hussein Obama - wants to do something - but say their hands are tied. Why?

It is all tied to racism - blatant discrimination - until the Civil Rights Movement - gave Blacks a right to vote.

Before that Blacks could not vote - then they started voting - in the last 15 years or so in San Francisco - in District 5, 11, and 10 - Black do NOT come out in numbers to vote.

The results are pathetic - the repercussions horrendous and often deadly.

Anyone can study the results - all you got to do - is go to the Department of Election - at City Hall - and you can get the results - this is crying shame.

Our Black representatives on the local level, the State level, and the National level - in recent years - have failed to honor the Civil Rights Movement.

In San Francisco many of our Black Poverty Pimp Pastors - who are on the take - have found themselves - first on the line to receive money - bribes.

Last to address the issues - of sound housing, serving the mentally challenged, career jobs, health services, standing up for education and stellar job training programs.

Our Black single mothers have resorted to prostitution and other demeaning work - just to survive. 

Black fathers who produce children - often - leave the Black mothers fending for themselves - this is chronic in San Francisco - shirking their responsibilities - failing as Fathers.

The Black family - often lacks - sound family values - and with no man involved - the single mother - is left to do what she can do alone - and often lives in dire need and despair.

Spirituality the back bone of past Black Families - the Church with sound pastors - now is dying - attendance less and some pastors - selling the community to serve mammon. 

In our jails - even though the Black population has dwindled to 2% - fifty percent of those incarcerated are Blacks.

Stress and all sorts of mental issues pervade in the Black community in San Francisco - the statistics are there - the Wellness Centers, other institutions offer help - but there are few programs with sound housing and wrap around services.

Once a year - some folks will gather - to talk about the issues that really need to be addressed - more, among the Black Families in San Francisco.

Very little follow up -  mostly because of lack of funding.

We have so many indigent Blacks on our streets - so many of them have mental problems - and our jails are a last resort - for treatment for sorts of mental issues.

The mental issue and help needed to address the situation at hand - is well known -  the City and County with a $9 Billion budget - must do better.

Some money has been set aside - but not enough for those constituents - Blacks being one of them - that need dire help and compassion.

Hundreds of Black men especially have died - and each death must be valued.

There are time-bombs - mental patients - left to fend for themselves - on our streets - we see them - and think nothing much of them.

Now is the time to speak up but more rally for actual wrap around programs - and trained individual that can de-escalate - the many situations - in our neighborhoods.

Most of them involving folks having serious anger management issues - others mentally challenged - still others - just fed up with life - with no opportunities - for upward mobility.

We must also take to task the many Black sellouts - who have been selling the Community - we know - who they are - but now is the time - to pay back to the community at large.

We must expose them - publicly - time is running out. Aho.