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Sunday, January 24, 2016


Former Candlestick Stadium
now, torn down - piles of dirt -
the surrounding area - flooded.

If you utter and word Soccer or Football - tennis or hockey - the many other world renowned sports - most people all over the world - would know and have a sense - what you are talking about.

Not so - American Football - a " gladiator sport " - that has RUINED the life on many a decent, hardworking - poor player - who went into the sports - for all the wrong reasons.

Money is not everything - so you may amass millions - and when you retire from such a  sport - each and every day - you suffer the pain - from broken bones.

All sorts health complications - psychological issues - that many families of these " gladiators " - have to endure - seeing and watching their loved one - suffer - before their vary - eyes.

We have had suicides among some famous American Football players - they went in fine to play this " gladiator sport ". One thing lead to another - and many committed - suicide.

Many a player -strong, and with mind that could accommodate all the  many plays to memory.

To win - you must make plays  - that have have to be in sync - to make your way to a touch down.

The many yards the ball is thrown to make the necessary - points - difficult throws caught - and then you have the " hail marks" you take a chance - and if you catch the bowl - it could mean - a victory.

We had Joe Montana - one of the best Quarter Back - and Jerry Rice and Dwight Clark - catching those balls - and making - everything look so easy.

When these American Football players fall prey to the many physical harm - meted out to them.

When they cannot walk - cannot see - cannot enjoy a second of their life - more when they are in their 40s and 50s - misery rules and their life in mostly spent - in excruciating pain.

More daily suffer " issues of the mind and soul ".

Severe - depression and other connected issues - they have expressed to others and some to me.

Books and documentaries have spelt it out - " Gladiator Sports " - today are frowned about - and with very - good reason.

The many football players - who continue daily to endures that  toll that is so  heavy - the many  adverse impacts -  playing - American Football - has harmed these misguided players, more - and less brought - good in the lives and that of their loved - ones.

What bothers these American Football players most - is that they have received little or no support from the National Foot League -  from the billionaire owners of the teams - to help the players - and their love ones cope.

In recent years - the many complaints from concussions and other severe ailments that the football players have endured - have startled some National Foot League members - the ones - that control everything. More the owner - some of them - proud and arrogant.

Now the owners most of whom are billionaires - are listening - listening to the Players' Union - listening to the ardent fans - many of them have learned - first hand- from the players and from having - experience playing amateur American Football.

People in the thousands are now waking up - watching documentaries and moves - there is one playing in the theaters now - with the lead role being played by Will Smith - portraying the issues - linked to - CONCUSSIONS and related - issues.

As I have said - more and more - the players are themselves - not willing to suffer the hardship and endure the long months of endless, pain.

The parents of young American Football players - are lees prone to force their young sons and in many cases young daughters - go into this - "gladiator sport" of sorts.

So, this it the 50th Anniversary - of the Super Bowl - and San Francisco is joining in the celebration. 

Never mind that the Super Bowl will be played - at the brand new stadium in Santa Clara - some 50 miles away South from San Francisco.

 The many festivities will be celebrated at Santa Clara - and should remain - there - for better, measure.

An NFL City is being created at Justin Herman Plaza - a man after which the Plaza was named used "gentrification" and " eminent domain".

Evil tactics to remove people of color - from their homes that they owned -  and in those days - the mostly Whites that had power - and went with the flow.

Those who were removed - had to stay in filthy hotels and motels - received no compensation. Many middles class - who came here from the South - they mostly died a slow death - caught up with drugs, heavy drinking, prostitution - and all those elements that bring about - slow death.

On that sordid plaza - we now want to celebrate - the 5th Super Bowl festivities - that is how naive - our City and those leading our City - have become. Greed has taken over their lives - and our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is leading the charge.

The NFL City has blocked streets - in down town Financial District - no parking - the vendors who use to ply their trade - have been shafted - without compensation.

Behind  close doors deals have been made - and the NFL does not want to fork up some few millions - say $10 million to San Francisco - as it has done to Santa Clara - and given them a measly $5 million - compensation.

Who do you think - is behind the wheeling and dealing - if not the person - who twitches his mustache and thinks he is Caligula?

Santa Clara was paid $5 million - a drop in the bucket - and San Francisco could be paid more - it is not fair that the tax payer - already fleeced by the City and County of San Francisco - has to endure financial - hardship.

The poor are shafted - moved from the streets - to live under bushes and bridges.

 Others promised a place - at Pier 80 - a large Shed - that once was used the Municipal Transportation Agency.

Now in use to make a mockery of the poor and indigent - who have fallen on very bad times.

Leased to Oracle as part of the World Cup - the Yachting races - that Oracle got the better off - including the lease of this large yard  that comes under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA).

From January 20, 2016 to February 7, 2016 - the days before the preparation - and the days during the festivities - will inconvenience - decent, hard working San Franciscans.

Yesterday - it took me one and half hours to get from the Bayview to down town  - and we took some streets that we know of - and the traffic was mind boggling.

Back to back - bumper to bumper - cars moving at a snail pace - honking and shouting - and it is not good for health.

The MUNI spokesman - talks from both side his mouth - take Public Transportation - he says.

Avoid the streets - that have been blocked - easily said than done.

Well, I take Public Transportation - and that too moves too slow -  because of the Super Bowl - blocking some key streets -congestion is everywhere - even if you bike.

In fact if you bike - it is deadly - and truly dangerous.

We say - stay in Santa Clara - and do what you folks do well - there.

The hotels in San Francisco may make some money - but more and more the restaurants - do not like the - rowdy crowds - that such venues - attract.

The NFL has inconvenienced thousands - and with millions coming to down - on any given day from January 30th to February 7, 2016 - we can expect - unruly fans - we can expect - anything.

So, who is responsible for this on going mayhem - brought to this great City and County of San Francisco - named after Saint Francis Assisi?

What are we going to do positive and long term to help the poor?

This on going - congestion of the worst order - that is harming all life?

We are continuing to increase the Carbon Footprint while bragging that we are doing something about it? Who is following the Precautionary Principle? Or has the Mayor and his lackeys read the Ordinance?

Who is fooling whom that such an event - commemorating the 50th Super Bowl - is something - that San Francisco should participate - that we really should embrace - such a sordid event?

We are in fact tarnishing the good name of San Francisco - the values our great City stands for.

We, do not even have a decent stadium - where American Football can be played.

 Candlestick Stadium is torn down - piles of dirt - heaped 15 feet high - the areas around it - notice - FLOODING - our leaders are so full of it.

I am sure - many fans would like to visit Candlestick Stadium - just to see what is happening over there.

I hope " some quality safety measures " - are put in place - and that those vulnerable - do not lose their lives - fall prey to thugs of the worst order.

I would like to meet the committee - after the "circus " is over - I know the free concerts will be enjoyed by those who love things for free.

These folks - can be well behaved at times - but also - leave a lot of garbage - as they are prone to do.

Homeland Security is now in charge of the Super Bowl festivities - they do not have a good record at our airports.

Now, suddenly they seem - to be handling - a large project - more delicate situation. Time will tell. Aho.

We cannot and should not - let the poor - be used like - " dirty rags " that is my main point.

The rich do not care about anything but themselves - this time around they should  open their hearts and mind - of the care - on one rich millionaire - can buy an ad - the give some attention - to the poor and to those that most deserve help - a roof over their head.

Help the poor - and bring about some change - improve that segment of the population that will bear the brunt of this on going inclement - weather and other hurdles.

Their places of stay - may have been in are around the Financial District - their hideouts - kept them out from harms way - and more from the heavy rains.