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Thursday, January 14, 2016


Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy

The City and County of San Francisco - has bypassed the community - NO dialog with the community - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - is using its dictatorial powers - to use the " community facility " - at 1800 Oakdale.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - emphasis on " Community " -  to house the homeless - many of them mentally challenged - and others prone to violence - adversely impacting the community at large.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - a building that the community chose - primarily for education purposes - as part of the mitigation benefits - when the then Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - was upgraded in the late 1970s.

The nearby Green Houses are now slated for demolition - and the owner told to take a hike. The SF Public Utilities Commission behind this sordid deed - and they will all fall - flat on their faces.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - has now restricted the community from using the large gathering hall - for repast and other community events favoring a few days - and demanding high prices to use the facilities.

Restrictions, and huge fees are demanded for use - the community is aghast - and few can pay so much - as many of those that need the facility for a repast, some even of importance to the family and community - have no other place to go.

No one they say - can fight City Hall - more when San Francisco's City Hall - reeks with corruption.

I say: " Bring in on - and have been gathering some fierce, well groomed, well mannered, educated warriors - to do the needful ".

Why are the homeless moved to Southeast Community Facility Commission Building?

Well, the 49ers are having their celebration - more to cater to the National Football League - the corrupt and those more interested in mundane stuff.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee
and his corrupt City Officials
treating the poor with disdain .

The City officials without meeting the community, with a vetted Blue Print - steeped with arrogance, stupidity - without compassion - are moving the indigent, the poor, the mentally challenged, the physically challenged, and others with serious health problems  - out - out of sight - from downtown - into fairly safe - San Francisco - neighborhoods.

They now want to temporarily move the " indigent population our living in tents on the streets - into facilities such as the 1800 Oakdale facility - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building.

Close by to other places - under the freeway - by Marin Street, by the freeway by Costco near 11th Street.

Deep into places like the Bayview, Portola, Visitation Valley, Little Hollywood - we have seen the influx of mentally challenged folks - some stark naked, others who have not had a shower for months.

The mentally ill behaving rude and often attacking the innocent passerby - - shocking the local residents - who already have a few " indigents " - and care for them - because they are compassionate - the signs of the time.

The doors to San Francisco City Hall  -open to the corrupt and crooks that have destroyed our City and County of San Francisco.

The City and County of San Francisco - would never, ever permit the homeless to use - a meeting facility - other such facilities - in the richer neighborhoods - of San Francisco.

In the Bayview - rash decisions and made - and divisiveness  is created - to divide the community at large.

Mothers with children, our school children - those going to the near by brand new Willie L. Brown Middle School - other schools in the area.

 The many childcare facilities - the churches All Hallows and others - none of these facilities and community places that accommodate our constituents to study, worship, care for our infants - have been notified.

With the influx of people who truly need to be cared for - with wrap around services - our community that needs the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - for needed services - has been introduced to turmoil, division, divisiveness - City Hall and its leaders are by to mischief.

As it is - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - is not maintain as it should be maintained.

The responsibility of maintaining the building - that has a Commission - most of the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - are now adjudicating -  if it serves the purpose - to adversely impact the community and the much needed facility - the community needs - and there is a wait list to use it.

I did attend a San Francisco Public Utilities Commission meeting  on January 2, 2016 at City Hall in Room 400 - not a word - was said - about the City and County of San Francisco - purporting the use the facility at 1800 Oakdale in the Bayview - and use it to home the homeless - be it for temporary use.

The present folks SF Public Utilities Commission - that have a say - led by Juliet Ellis - who keep spending thousands of dollars.

 Dipping into the Community Benefits linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) a $ 6 Billion project - that the Bayview Community fought for - to address the current stench - and improve the environment of the community.

Juliet Ellis  was charged by the Fair Political Action Committee - and by the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

Juliet Ellis - was fined - admitted her guilt - paid the fine - but still has NOT learned a thing about morals, less ethic - and for sure has no standards.

Juliet Ellis must be fired - and fired soon - she is still conducting " nefarious activities " - the $200, 000 she diverted to - " Green For All " - she now has facilitated to be given to City Build. The community does not know about it - but will soon - in all its details.

Juliet Ellis has been given free reign by General Manager Harlan  Kelly - to do as she pleases.

More - as the sordid Assistant General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - the General Manager is now defying the community - failing to have a dialog - and adversely impacting the entire community - to serve the wishes of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who will soon face the ire of the people.

The festivities of the 49ers will be marred by many - protests.

More from unsavory elements from the East Bay - and the Mayor is responsible for not thinking through - and thinking his advisors are doing right - by leading the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - down the wrong - path.

I predicted that without stepping into San Francisco - City Hall  - things will come to a abrupt halt.

Those in Room  200 - will face the ire of the people - a thousand fold - they saw - the tip the iceberg - at the Mayor's Inauguration.

 Senator Diane Feinstein - so very removed from ground zero - and Governor Jerry Brown - pathetically witnessed - insults, shouts, and other unsavory things said loudly - against Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his failed - policies.

The audience present - heard it loud and clear - I avoid that event - and it so happened I was at a funeral - and better served by time - remembering a good friend who passed away - in the Avenues.

Again and again - the Bayview, Hunters Point, Little Hollywood, Visitation Valley - areas bordering these areas - are treated with disdain. 

It does not help that the District 10 Supervisor - has been away - pussyfooting around - and not representing the people. Enough is enough.

The 49ers would do well - to stay in Santa Clara - so would the National Football League (NFL) - that has billions of dollars - but wants the tax payers of San Francisco - to foot over $4 millions  - to provide the amenities needed for the 50th NFL Super Bowl  celebrations - and other mundane festivities - that cater to a certain segment of the population.

Oracle already took us for a ride - with their " Yachting Races " - saying on thing and doing another - making our City and County of San Francisco - foot the bill. We are still paying the bill - they have yet to fork up the money.

Even though San Francisco has a $9 Billion dollar budget -  with some 39, 000 City Employees - we still fall short $100 million plus - and the Mayor has mandated 10% cuts - across the board.

We lost the 49ers - we have no football stadium - Candlestick Stadium has been torn down.

Santa Clara is far away from San Francisco - the stadium is at Santa Clara - why are we interested in messing around - with the failing 49ers - who cannot even play a decent game?

 Less cater and endorse the NFL - that has in recent years - ashamed decent football fans.

The Raiders deserve a decent stadium - and the debate goes on.
The NFL could have built a great stadium - but have offered the Raiders a measly $100 million - when good stadiums cost  - at least 10 times more than the money - offered.

The 49ers for all their poor showings -  falling and propping on their past glory - and there trying to stay alive - but bleeding - daily.

The 49ers  have not taken the time and failed to put in place - sound leadership - to create a winning team. 

The owner Jed York - is confused - and will remain confused - the 49ers have let down their fans - with the brand new 49er stadium - filled 25% of the time.

Once ardent 49er fans NOT wanting to attend 49er games - reluctant to buy tickets to the games.

Season tickets - that once went for a high price - but, now the prices for those season tickets - have fallen rock bottom.

In recent years - all sorts of gimmicks have been used in the name of the " indigent and poor in San Francisco ".

Over 200 million has been expanded to help the poor - but much of the money is wasted.

" The City thinks it can fool - all the people - all the time ".

Gimmicks like the " Navigation Center "  run by a faith based Church - catered to a measly 75 persons.

Those admitted in groups - are vetted -  pets are allowed and other amenities offered that most shelters - would not tolerate. 

75 persons is the tip of the iceberg - when we have over 15, 000 homeless - and that is a conservative figure.

Much like we have one in seven youth from our San Francisco Unified School District homeless - 10, 000 students who are truants - and no one is paying attention - to that serious - problem.

We won five Super Bowls in the past - with our once  famed 49ers.

We won two World Series with our Giants - baseball champions.

We have had our share of victories - and that may satisfy - some - when it comes to our constituents, today.

The homeless - who were all downtown - more in District 6 - South of Market Area  - the homeless have been  moved out of San Francisco in the thousands.

Adversely impacting - innocent home owners - and neighborhoods that have never seen an influx of unkempt, dirty and filthy people who have not taken a shower in months - our children and youth - women with children, the seniors - terrified.

It is unfair to those that once built our neighborhoods - and today we suffer -many have already suffered when the name of the game is GENTRIFICATION - and City officials think nothing of penalizing those that pay their taxes - to address Quality of Life issues.

Quality of Life of issues are not addressed  by Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - congestion, the Carbon Footprint, chronic respiratory diseases, other diseases are on the increase.

Assault, petty thefts, home invasions, shootings and killings - are on the increase.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our senior, those with compromised health - are suffering with no sound health services.

Our mentally challenged, the physically challenge, those that really need help - do not have - wrap around services.

The San Francisco Health Department and its Director, Barbara Garcia - is laughing the bank - they have a over $2 Billion budget - use statistic from the Bayview Hunters Point - linked to the many respiratory cases, cancer, other chronic diseases - and pocket the money.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has yet to apologize to the families that lost four Black sons - and recently with all the protest at City Hall - and soon to be in the streets - to the mother of Mario Woods.

Recently, attempts have been made to involve entities that are not on the frontline of the Oscar Wood Movement - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee, his staff members the likes of the inept and arrogant - Diane Aroche; who has just return after months of maternity or family leave.

Anderson who prides himself as a  consultant - on matters linked to Crime and Safety - other charlatans - inept to the core - spineless - trying to entrap others - who are doing their community work and do not want the limelight.

In the mean time Amos Brown has been put on notice by the youth and young adults - he must learn to shut his mouth and mind his own business.

 He can preach to his congregation - all he wants for as long as he wants - but will not be tolerated - trying to represent all San Franciscans.

Blacks - now make only 2% of San Francisco's population. 

Those of us who have been on the frontline - can say openly - the many shallow Black Pastors - more Poverty Pimp Pastors - have sold out the community - leading the charge - Amos Brown - the Present of the good for nothing - NAACP.

The Black leadership is nonexistent in San Francisco.

The pressure to accommodate outsiders - and policies that have not be vetted - make dialogue difficult - less to find concert solutions that better the community.

The  divisiveness and division at ground zero among the Blacks - is real - and most of it stems from arrogance, ignorance and not being educated on issues.

Once spirituality was the core of bringing Black folks together - and there were leaders - worth the salt - no more.

There is no single individual who has written about the above issues - hundreds of articles - from 1991 to now - 2016.

All documented with empirical data - on killings, shooting, assaults, lack of Quality of Life issues - housing, transportation, poor health clinics, less mental amenities - lack of sound representation - and exploiting those that most need help.

The riots will take place soon - and this City can make all the preparations - and will find themselves at the crossroad - facing the " crux of the problem ' - lack of trust with the public at large - failing the tax payers - in our neighborhoods - divided into 11 Districts.

Poor leadership - the City officials Naomi Kelly, Ben Rosenberg, Edwin M. Lee, Hennessy the new Sheriff in town, Jose Cisneros, Carmen Chu, the SF Board of Supervisors, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang and Mark Farrell -  the many corrupt City Heads of Departments - are having a field day - but not for long.

The Great Master said: " Blessed are the poor - for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven ".

San Francisco City Hall - and more Room 200 - is where all the wheeling and dealing is done - but not for too long. Aho.