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Sunday, January 3, 2016


This is a photograph of the NAZI
flag right by the famous SF City Hall steps
leading to the various chambers -
the politics of that day and the politics of today -
have not changed. Take a good look at this photograph.

Some of us Michael Boyd, Maurice Campbell, Edward Smeloff, Bob Simpson, Jared Blumfeld - others astute - held several meetings at all levels to address Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)- way back in 2000.

Many of us made trips to Sacramento to learn more - and even though the City and County has moneys coming from Sacramento - for Clean Energy programs - most at City Hall - foremost the Board of Supervisors - were fast asleep at the cockpit.

Todays Barbara Hale, the SF Public Utilities Commission, Harlan Kelly the SF Public Utilities General Manager - those who speak on behalf of LAFCO.

John Avalos - others who purport they know - but know little about our very corrupt City and its past - are all new comers.

New comers - who are spineless, less lack sound leadership - and will NOT beat Pacific Gas and Electric - at their own game - controlling energy issues and its many convoluted aspects.

When it comes to Energy more Electricity - the SF Public Utilities Commission - created in 1996 - has a long way to go - more, when it comes to a sound Business Plan and more Risk Management plans worth the salt.

Not long ago - Susan Leal the then General Manager of SF Public Utilities Commission and Barbara Hale - who holds a degree in Philosophy and once worked for the California Public Utilities Commission - who moved to SF Public Utilities Commission - and has been an utter failure.

Both these women laid a unsound foundation - and as long as they hang around - are in charge of anything - expect failures of the highest order. It all stems from poor, most illogical comprehension - but more lying to the public at large.

Susan Leal and Barbara Hale - joined at the hip - wanted to place 3 Combustion Turbines - using Fossil Fuel adversely impacting - the Bayview Community.

Besides creating dangerous particles - they planned to use secondary effluents - also know as " treated sewage water ' - the plan was immature - which ultimately led to Susan Leal being fired.

Thanks to Ambassador Richard Skylar - who was then on the SFPU Commission - a man of wisdom  - who is missed - he is no more with us.

Advocate Espanola Jackson and I - with a few others - we as a team - shot down the plan - against great odds - stood by our great City of San Francisco - and won.

The astute team - shamed the inept, spineless, lacking sound leadership - SF Public Utilities Commission.

On that count - and other pertinent counts -  we continue to tackle them and defeat them on behalf to the constituents of San Francisco.

We can address a number of other scenarios - Mountain Tunnel, Irvington Tunnel, the mess bring created at 1800 Oakdale right now.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission Building itself, the near by Green Houses, the behind the doors deal worked out by SFPUC and Lennar Urban linked to providing Clean Energy - linked to over 20,000 housing units - and the list goes on and on.

In a few weeks - the California Public Utilities Commission who are hand in glove with Pacific Gas and Electric - with or with the famous CPUC Board Member Peevy - who has since retired.

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) - will continue to impose their common wishes - linked to rate increases and other nefarious activities.

CPUC will hinder SFPUC from entering any negotiations - if SFPUC enters the race - SFPUC will fail - because they will incur huge expenses - that they will NOT be able to recover.

Already the rate per Kilo Watt has been increased by over a hundred percent - some $2.39 per Kilo Watt. An unheard of rate - and how this came to be - is anyone guess. 

What does this say about the politics of the day?

What does this say about an entity like SF Public Utilities Commission - that is not in the business of Marketing?

Less has NOT a sound Business Plan.

Cannot address Risk Management - before they can fully comprehend less analyze the - the moving variables of the market.

The many parts and variables of " bundling energy models" - all in a flux - and favoring PG&E who have proprietary jurisdiction and agreement - all grandfathered and favoring them immensely.

This is the politics of the day.

Barbar Hale has no clue about Risk Management - she is inept when comes to producing a sound Business Plan.

Barbara Hale - has LIED to the community before - and I know her from day one.

She can be likened to another poisonous snake - Juliet Ellis - one worse than the other.

Juliet Ellis should be fired - but, she is still working at SFPUC with the full blessings - of Halan Kelly who is the present General Manager. Juliet purports to be the Assistant General Manager of External Affairs - what ever that means.

Barbara Hale Assistant General Manager of Clean Energy and other fancy titles what eve that means.

The Power Charge Indifference Adjustment charge - is much like those who deal with Hedge Funds.

It makes sense to those that can take high risk on "energy bundles".

Deal with other forms of buying and selling "energy" - which Harlan Kelly, Barbara Hale, and those lackeys who are wasting our SF tax payers money  - have NO clue about.

Barbara Hale and Harlan Kelly thought they could make deals with Lennar Urban - while all the time hooding the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point - speaking for the people to include them in a "fake" model - named CleanEnergySF.

The Community Choice Aggregation has done well in Marin County - it will not do well in San Francisco - because there is no transparency and less accountability.

When it comes to CCA in San Francisco the leadership and dialog with the community at large - does not exists.

The community is kept out - and the few people who represent - whoever they represent - have a hidden agenda.

This latest curve ball - where the California Public Utilities Commission - the rule making body - is openly siding with Pacific Gas and Electric is just the tip of the iceberg.

I have been an " Intervenor " and debated the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for years - on many projects - since 1999.

When it comes to Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) - they thrive on suing and loading the deck with high paid attorneys.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has lost 95% of its cases - fighting PG&E - what does this say about SFPU Commission? Inept and lacking sound leadership.

The State of California has been slow to back Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) - from the days early on.

Today, with all our talk about producing Clean Energy - we have failed to maintain our "Electric GRID" - which is falling apart.

We have yet to analyze and more to have a better idea -  about the " proprietary " jurisdiction over our " high power lines " - also know as our GRID.

Before the SFPUC created in 1996 - we had the SF Water Department - we all know about Hetch Hetchy - but few of us - have read about the Raker Act of 1913.

From the inception all the hydro-electricity produced - was suppose to be used by San Francisco - to this day - we do not consume all that Hetch Hetchy generates? Why?

Few know about the fiasco - the power lines came all the way from Hetch Hetchy to South San Francisco and stopped dead - 30 miles from San Francisco - some 110 years ago.

Only for Pacific Gas and Electric which is over 110 years old - to complete the last 30 years - and take control of the " high power lines".

Our City and County of San Francisco talk a lot - and again and again - our leaders have not been forthcoming with the tax payers. 

For years many of those controlling the destiny to San Francisco - invested in PG&E - a former Black "thug" Mayor - works as a consultant for PG&E. What does this say?

Clean Energy has made great strides in Germany, in Japan, in many parts of the world.

San Francisco is 160 miles plus away from Hetch Hetchy - it is from the Hetch Hetchy Valle that was flooded - that we get our clean drinking water.

I spoke about our hydro-electricity produced that San Francisco owns - we sell this power to Tulare and other counties.

San Francisco leaders have failed to implement the Raker Act of 1913 - they have made deals with PG&E before - too many deals - and now are on the receiving end - PG&E has the stick.

For too long we have had patience with Manager Harlan Kelly - who sits on the fence and see which side is green. Harlan Kelly who is my friend - and he knows what I speak off - has to be a "manager" - not a referee.

It does not help with an - " air-head" like Francesca Vector - who is now the Chair of the SFPUC - that things will improve - Francesca talks a good talk - wastes precious time - and will bring about situations - that will take the SFPUC - down.

For now CleanPowerSF and the many conceptual theories - are just that.

There is no viable and sustainable business plan - can Risk Assessment done - by third parties - point to an utter failure on the part of SFPUC and more Barbara Hale to deliver any - clean energy product. Time will tell.