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Friday, January 29, 2016


The many Black house negroes - who think - they have the favor of some very corrupt individuals - be they at City Hall - in Sacramento, even in Washington DC - some sordid, evil, corrupt - " greed developers" - some Poverty Pimp Pastors - leading that charge - Amos Brown.

The time has come for Amos Brown to step down and more stay away from the reality of life - where our Black infants, children, youth, young adults.

Black single mothers, seniors - those with compromised health - continue to suffer and slow die - from all the pollution, contamination.

Black people are targeted - and the corrupt  with intent -  continue the suppression of those that need help -  are thrown - bread crumbs - much like heroin to ease the pain - that comes on again and again.

We are proud  - truly proud - to have in our ranks - Black Brothers and Sisters - who cannot take it anymore.

These behind the doors - close session - these so called " Public Meetings" - complete with poster signs bearing the " Logo " - of the City and County of San Francisco.

People gather at these meetings - issued invitations - that are not transferable - who ever came out with this idea - must be brought to justice - dividing the people - in the their own - back yard - in their own - community.

These public meetings - attended by sell outs - those that divide the community - those corrupt to the core with intent - keep their own Black people down.

We saw it happen in the Fillmore - we see it happen every day in the Bayview, the Excelsior, all over San Francisco - where Blacks make their living - their abode - trying to irk out a measly living - daily in their - lives.

Once San Francisco had a Black population where Blacks constituted 25% of the total - population.

Today, the Black population is a measly 2% - with Black representatives the like of Malia Cohen and London Breed - throwing cliches at meetings.

Promising resolutions that are not binding - some drab Ballot measures - most of them not enforceable - many such Ballots have been passed before and lying on the shelves - collecting dust.

We the people must learn the big difference between - plain, basic, nonconforming - " resolutions " and  "ordinances". What has clout and what does not.

Resolutions are pacifying tools - that say something but mean nothing at all. The time now is to change policy drastically - and have the backing of law - ordinances - that can be used to take these " sordid politicians " - to task.

If no one takes a step to study the - " Unfinished agenda " still available if you contact the Human Rights Commission - that spells the plight of Blacks in the early 50s, and 60s.

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) - that was one headed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - where he first befriended Zula Jones - who has been charged with corruption charges - recently.

Others  too - too many to name - who are still selling out the community - most Black - who should be shamed - of themselves.

Then in recent years another document - pretending to address the scars of the time - this modern " holocaust " - perpetuated by most sell outs Blacks - the likes of Amos Brown, Aurelius Walker, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Doris Vincent, Veronica Hunnicutt - others that we have named before - they are all put on notice.

In the year 2016 - make no bones about it - we are prepared much as we did - what it took to attain and tackle Lennar Urban an evil entity - a " rogue developer " - that we still - have our "eyes " - and are monitoring carefully.

This monopoly of stealing land - all the land in San Francisco - belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

 The First People of this land - and I represent them - on matters of Land Use, Planning, Infrastructure, Transportation, Hospital, Schools - in short Quality of Life issues.

The remaining land - the little that is left - we want as Open Space - you developers who want it all  - buy land and build skyscrapers - that look like match boxes - you can go - somewhere else.

That is putting it mildly - go that go some where else and F*** Off.

The land was stolen, the women raped, the men killed - the children taken by force to so called - " boarding schools ".

Here the children were abused and brain washed - we have it all recorded - and when we read the happenings - we shed tears of blood. We must recognize how evil the enemy can be - those that pretend they want to help - but take advantage of those that are gullible - because they are NOT educated on issues.

This gentrification will not be taken lightly - for some of us leaders - it is a matter life and death.

We are not playing - and we know about the sell outs - the spies that come to the meetings - and report to the corrupt.

They are known to us - and we let them in our midst - but soon it will get - hot in the room.

We are NOT taking blood money - we will not beg - and those that take blood money - know well that they are doing wrong.

It is a shame when our Black infants are dying, our single mothers irking out a living - on a small amount of welfare money - promises - few kept.

No sincere attempts made to foster upward mobility.

Our youth and young adults are targeted - and I know all those in high places - and I am not afraid to speak the truth.

In fact I not only speak the truth - but, have call out their names before and will call out their names - in the future.

Do not ever come in our community and divide the community.

This gentrification is worse than the "holocaust " - the evil forces that be are openly defying the people that need help - putting hurdles and creating adverse impacts - innocent  people are slowly dying - and this is  plain - wrong.

No life should be taken - and no life considered trivial - by those that can and should  do good - but have stirred the ire of the people - forced them to take control of their own destiny.

I have been around the block many times - served and worked with three stellar and astute  Generals - and know what I am talking about.

These inept, weak in the knees, cowards, who conduct themselves like - thieves do - spineless, and pathetic to the core - are put on notice.

Amos Brown must go - he is an anathema to our Society and our community.

How can this pathetic fool - ask respect of others - when again and again he cannot respect himself.

Amos Brown cannot discern - and use cliches that do not work any more.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr - would not approve his behavior - selling out the community - and holding tight to the title of President of the NAACP - that has done nothing for San Francisco Blacks and less for humanity in general.

For those that are fast asleep wake up and do something.

Wake up and speak up - many of your ancestors - were once slaved. We must not be slaved - but that is what is becoming - daily Blacks have resigned to follow the status quo - and work against their own people.

People of color have worked to make San Francisco - what it is - the cuisine, the music, the literary compositions, the dance, the plays - the art - San Francisco has produced and given the world the best it has.

Only for some crooks - some folks that worship "money" and Mammon - to come into our community - and deprive us of our liberty, our freedom, our right establish by law - in our Constitution.

You think you are free - but you are not - because you do not know how to discern and the difference between  - "  true freedom " and  what is termed -" license ".

Abuse of " freedom ' is license.

Time is running out - and we must unite - to work together with sacrifice.

There can be NO love without sacrifice.

We the people united - have done it before - and nothing STOPS us from doing it - again and again and again.

Remember God helps those who help - themselves. Aho.