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Friday, January 29, 2016


The people united will never, ever be defeated.

Amos Brown from the Fillmore has been a sell out - pretending to  represent  the Blacks in San Francisco -  more contributing to the "divisiveness " - of the Black community for decades.

Amos Brown true colors have been exposed.

I had warned Mayor Edwin M. Lee that Amos Brown is not to be trusted.

If you have community meetings - have it at neutral places - that have nothing to do with Amos Brown. Amos Brown spells - sordid - " divisiveness ". He dishonors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - by say he had anything good to do with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

He treasures his title as the President of the NAACP - yet had done NOTHING - for those that most need help. He love to jump on any bandwagon - to have his two minutes of fame. Stay away from Amos Brown - a well known - sell out.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee
When will he ever learn
Not to mess with the riled public
You will be disrupted - make no bones about it.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is in deep trouble - broiled with all sorts of corruption issues - all well spelled out in the local newspapers.
Many cases lingering in the Courts.

Yesterday - Thursday, January 28, 2016 - Amos Brown decided to invite the Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee to a dinner and business session of sorts. The called it a " Community Meeting " - with invitation seats to those that sell out the community.

The had posters - calling it a Community Meeting - with the City Logo - invitations sent to  the sell outs - we have been watching them all these years - and we will - disrupt their meetings.

Make no bones about it.

They come to gather - to connive - to hoodwink, to bluff the people. The people united - will never, ever be defeated.

Pay to play.

Invitations to sell outs that could not be transferred. Ha - ha - ha!

The main idea to keep the community out - have a close session cheap dinner - wine and dine - with wine - and sell out the community.

The Mayor of joined by the known sellouts who have decimated the Black community.

 At the table of course was Amos Brown - center of the table Mayor Edwin M. Lee and to side Joaquin Torres the son of Art Torres - who now is in charge of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development  - whatever the means.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee by attending this meeting - proved once again that he has NO judgement what so ever. I saw Paul Henderson and he must have felt embraced and rightly so.

I saw Harlan Kelly - and he was told by a Brother that I know - to back off - and wisely he did so.

I saw Larry Stinger try to intervene - and he too had to step aside.

Suffice to say the sell outs - have no balls - they have no conscience - and it is time the sell outs realize - the time is up.
You will all fall on your face - pathetic fools.

Linda Richardson in the audience - other of like mind - sell out the community. We are watching you all - much like the hawk in the sky. 

We are united - thousands strong - and have our Special Forces - that can go at a moment's notice - and executive any operation - within the law - this after all is the United States of America.

Anyone who joins Amos Brown - in his many exploits - that are no good - will fall flat on their face.

The many usual Black sell outs were all caught on video - so please to not tell us - you are with the community - for now you have revealed your true colors.

Here is a video of the situation at hand:

We lost a great advocate in Dr. Espanola Jackson - and we lost other great advocates too.

The sell out - Blacks have not learned  - that selling out the community - by having such sordid function - with invitation that berate the community - " invitations that cannot be transferred ".

For goodness sake when will we learn about accountability and transparency and plain decency, manners and good etiquette.

Then you have Amos Brown talking about - the " respect ". Who does he think he is talking to?

Amos Brown has been messing with the Fillmore Plaza Apartments.

The Fillmore Garage, Yoshi's, Raassela's - a number of other well known institutions - wheeling and dealing. All these business are so messed up - a disgrace - to what San Francisco is supposed to stand for.

His recent adventure of sorts - to remove the Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church - well known for its jazz renditions  - and a tourists attraction to the Fillmore - from the premises where it is now located.

The institution a well known and respected Church among many circles - an eviction notice was given - without any meaningful discussions.

 The newspaper once known for its articles - today not respected - the " Sun Reporter" - is trying to occupy the place of the Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church.

Such shenanigans will not fly - not as many are organized - and can use - " direct action " - all legal and in keeping with the law -the same tactics proven to work - and used in the Civil Rights Movement - that the sellout Blacks have forgotten.

Who is fooling whom?

The Successor Agency to the former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - its Director - Tiffany Bohee - has been working behind the scenes taking orders from Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

The Commission of Infrastructure and Investment - Chaired by Mara Rosales - has no real clue what is happening - to the entire Fillmore Jazz District.

The Board responsible - that oversees all - Chaired by Nadia Sessay - are trying to adjudicate the many discrepancies - the left hand does not know what the right hand in doing.

Millions have been expanded - to keep Yoshi's afloat - and it has sunk - sunk in disgrace and gone. All tax payers money.

It is the same of the other businesses - who always came before the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - begging for money - and they always got what they wanted. I am talking $300, 000 - $400, 000 at a time.

Today, if any one in Real Estate looks at what is happening with the Fillmore Plaza Apartments - just a perusal of the basic facts of the maintenance, the operation and the fiscal accounting - will astound and confound - any accountant more a Certified Public Accountant.

It is the same with the other business in the Fillmore Jazz District - that has been decimated by folks like Amos Brown - who pities one against the other.

Every time he ventures to San Francisco City Hall - he wants the microphone and the podium.

Puts his pathetic self on display - to spew his vitriol and diatribe - and the time has come to inform him - " Sit down Amos Brown - you are a known sell out ".

You just have to watch the video - to see it all.

What has Mayor, Edwin M. Lee have to say now - this just happened yesterday - and still the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee is wheeling and dealing.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee's days are numbered - and this latest episode says it all - wheeling and dealing is not the right thing to do.

Pay to play must end - now. Aho.