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Saturday, January 9, 2016


Mayor Edwin M. Lee - his long hair -
when he was young - who - chose to be an advocate -
today he is wheeling and dealing with the developers -
he has single handedly - created congestion -
all over San Francisco - our streets filthy and contaminated -
 adversely impacting - the lives of thousands of 
innocent people - he has BLOOD on his hands.

San Francisco is Muwekma Ohlone Land - all of it - every square inch - in and around San Francisco.

It is time the City and County of San Francisco - comprehends this fact - if they do not - this City and County of San Francisco - will - fall FLAT on its face.

Land that was stolen - the land all of it - once pristine - contaminated, polluted - and now so dense, now - congested - most everything that was pristine - contaminated and foul.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - in the short period - he has been in office - using his office - pandering to developers - encouraging corruption.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has single handedly - fostered corruption of the worst kind.

His office at City Hall - Room 200 - wheeling and dealing with the " devil " - himself - he looks at you in the eye and lies.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee who I  know and have  met face to face - failed to take my advice.

I told him in very clear terms to serve the community at large. Mayor Edwin M. Lee has chosen to serve the " devil " - very corrupt entities who do not pay their taxes - AirB&B and Twitter - Zynga - developers like Lennar Urban, Forest City, AECOM, URS, Webcor, Nibbi, Cahill, Tutor Perini, and the list goes on.

With intent the Mayor Edwin M. Lee chose to ignore the poor - thousands of indigents sleeping on our streets. Creating some programs that are superficial - NOT one of these programs - have proven upward mobility.

Not one of his programs - operated by his lackeys - who spend in excess of $30 million a year - have solved the problem - not 5% - not 10% - and yet the Mayor lies - that these programs are - " model programs". Not so.

Let us have one important hearing - with experts who know what truly is having at ground zero. Let the Mayor be present and if he wants - participate in this - very important hearing.

We have heard Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who started as an advocate and today - represents the " devil " - supported by the most devious entities - in the world.

When it comes to Quality of Life issues - Housing, Hospitals, Transportation, Safety, Education, Childcare, Homelessness, Immigrants treated with disdain, senior left to languish in the many filthy Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) hotels.

The poor Chinese who go all over the City - collecting food donations and selling them on our streets - mini-markets - more resembling - the Third World countries. 

In our neighborhood - petty crimes - home invasion, car thefts, assaults, other crimes all available in the many incident reports created by the SF Police Department.

The " stress factor " has reached an all level - in our MUNI buses - tempers flare and often we witness - assaults. On our roads - " road rage " - in our neighborhoods - all sorts of divisiveness - and the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - uneducated on issues - having no proven leadership - a panderer - is hold a empty bag - promises made and never, ever kept.

I have been monitoring the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee for many years - as head of the Human Right Commission - before that a housing advocate - then at the Department of Public Works - heading Contracting and having cases in court - that still have to be adjudicated. Then as the City Administrator of our City and County of San Francisco- and now as Mayor of San Francisco - for the second term.

I do my homework - and the Mayor gets a -F - for performance - if he is man enough - if he has the balls - he should get out of the way - for he will - face the wrath of the people. You ain't seen anything - yet.

Selfish to the core - he talks a good talk - but fails to walk to walk.

His supports the metro-sexual Gavin Newsom, the like of Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - stale and old - who are clueless - the former - Black " thug" Mayor of San Francisco - Willie L. Brown Jr,  others that I know advice him - are entities that are selfish - and do not have the best interests of the our great City - the City and County of San Francisco. 

The Mayor now is the BUTT of jokes and there  is NO one worth the salt - that respects him.

His mantra to build 30, 000 units  - all of them in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - where I have my office - and have worked tirelessly for so long - land prone to liquefaction and flooding. What is it - that this stupid Mayor does not comprehend - about build such units and putting innocent people in harms way?

The land that the Mayor Edwin M. Lee is talking about - once was under the Bay - in other words - under the water - and here is the Mayor - talking from both sides of his dirty mouth.

At Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - some 900 acres plus - where over 20, 000 are planned - land that is contaminated - land on which Depleted Uranium was tested. 

What element - does the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee not understand.

He has a Department of Building Inspection that is inept and has done nothing to address liquefaction, flooding, and has absolutely about readings - of Radioactive Elements - and the many adverse impacts.

From 4th and King to Geneva Street - over 500, 000 tones of Methane Gas spews into the air - one tone of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons - of Carbon Dioxide.

What part of this equation - coupled with the factors I have mentioned above - the tip of the iceberg - when taken as Cumulative Factors - this dump, idiotic Mayor, twitching his mustache - has no clue what is happening - right below his nose.

The present SF Planning Department and SF Planning Commission, the Commission on Infrastructure and Investment - the Mayor's Office of Housing - none of these entities - can challenge themselves - to represent the people of San Francisco.

What the above entities do - is represent the crooks and fill the pockets of those that create divisiveness.

Create, the worst type of corruption - now we have the filthy rich - without any conscience and no heart - less compassion.

The poor - who are left to die - it is becoming the survival of the fittest - and the state of affairs on our streets and in our unique neighborhood - is pathetic to say the least.

Bragging - that he can eliminate homelessness - a feat that is next to impossible.

He should know better - each time he makes those shallow statements to help the homeless - the Mayor shoots himself in the foot.

Care not Cash - the City took all the money from the indigents - gave them a measly $55 and some food stamps - some poor shelter - and Care not Cash - has failed from the inception - because such programs or plans - do not elevate anyone that needs - " wrap around services ".

Other programs - where people are herded - with their pets - some who take a " shower " - others who stink to high heaven - they brings their belongs - their filth - and the Mayor brags that - just because these few renegades like such programs - where they do as they please - the program works. This is a JOKE.

The Muwekma Ohlone have jurisdiction over all the land that is San Francisco and beyond.

The Muwekma Ohlone - have been the care takers of this land - for over 15 thousand years - all Carbon dated - from remains and artifacts found.

In 1991 the Muwekma Ohlone exercised their right of first refusal - not the other tribes - not the lackeys - who fail to follow protocol - and acknowledge the true - care takers of the land - the ancestor of the Muwekma Ohlone in this region - we deem and call San Francisco - each and every square inch - stolen.

The women raped, the children taken and put into boarding schools, the men killed - no question asked - and up until 1927.

Edits were sent by the Governors of California - one could fetch $5 for a scalp - of a Native American - no questions - asked.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior.

In this case a Ohlone, a Miwok, a Pomo, a Paiute - the Mayor is aware of this history - but keeps - spreading the lies of the White men - a scourge on this Earth.

Yet again and again - you have  City officials from the SF Public Utilities Commission, other mundane City Department leaders - who have lost their sense of decency, are not educated on issues - many immoral, lacking ethical values - and having no standards - what so ever.

Every year the Mayor  Edwin M. Lee - and his cronies invite some Native Americans - to celebrate some event that the Mayor purports is right - fostering, pandering - and insulting those who land this is and belongs.

Failing to follow protocol and failing  invite the Muwekma Ohlone - the true representatives - of this area we call San Francisco. 

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is Chinese - and if he had any idea about " cultural competency " - he would understand what I have pointed out above.

He has been told - he knows and has read - commendations given to the Muwekma Ohlone before - but he does not have the courage and more the  " balls " - to do the right thing.

Mayors follow protocol - and those that follow protocol who know about good manners, etiquette, and of course protocol - none of which this Mayor and his lackeys - comprehend.

It is the same with the City Administrator - who should study the protocol - and do right - instead of pandering and thinking that all is well - while the " devil " - is at work.

We have had hundreds of innocent San Franciscans - many of them middle class who have fallen into bad times - some illness, some hardship that can befall anyone - be their plight - their destiny.

Many of die a slow death.

I have seen people suffer on the streets of San Francisco.

Many know that I have expanded my own resources on many fronts to make our City and County of San Francisco look good.

The Mayor does not get it. 

He loves to talk - about issues - in  a nonchalant manner - he is not sincere - and when he is under pressure - he simply quits.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is not a leader - he is a follower - and he loves following the wicked - the crooks and the corrupt - I will not name them - because I have named them before.

During the time Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been the Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco - he has destroyed the many values that were in place - in our unique neighborhoods.

Over 80, 000 families have left San Francisco in the last 10 years - and the Mayor does not comprehend that that is a large number.

He wants to build 30, 000 units - when today in San Francisco - greed land lords - have over 30, 000 units - vacant - shut down - for reason must know to the land lords.

The Mayor has encouraged AirB&B to rent units - and conduct themselves illegally - without paying their taxes.

AirB&B has expanded money - to back Mayor Edwin M. Lee - in his sordid election.

There is not a thing viable and sustainable - worth the salt - that Mayor Edwin M. Lee can be proud off - in his quest to make as much money - and keep most of it for himself.

The people are fed up - and it is time for the Mayor to do into retreat - and come out a changed man - or forever remember - the evil he has inherited is of his own making.

The Mayor sooner not later will down in the cesspool of his own making. He has a very narrow window to improve himself and change his evil ways. Aho.