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Saturday, January 9, 2016


The New Year - the year 2016 - is here and everyone is concerned about holding a good job - a permanent job - with health benefits - retirement - and making a good life for self and family.

The mantra heard - is that our United States unemployment is steady at 5%.

What does that mean in reality?

Over 70% of the constituents - have temporary jobs - and most of these jobs - do not offer benefits - such as health benefits, a sound pension, life insurance and so on.

Jumping from one job to the other - having different schedules - is very stressful. More our students who hold two, three, four temporary jobs - and have to attend mandatory, classes - juggling the basics - and stressing out to the maximum.

In San Francisco we have a rising population of 850, 000.

Over 39, 000 City Employees - most of them failing to produce - and the Mayor of San Francisco - is full of it - he talks too much and does little if nothing at all.

Good leaders show the way, know the way, and go the way. Mayor, Edwin M. Lee must go away - just disappear - he has been a total disappointment - more having been an advocate and learning nothing - from the times - when advocates - worked hard and delivered sound - results.

His inauguration was interrupted - his wife and two daughters embraced - the aged, senile Senator Dianne Feinstein - was present - and those gathered - saw  the charade - and saw for themselves that the voters have spoken and how they truly - feel.

Never before an inauguration was interrupted by protestors - some of them throw coffee and other liquids from the balcony - the liquids lands on the spectators below - who did not appreciate the showers in doors.

So was the Governor of Californian - Jerry Brown  - California - shocked at the behavior of the protesters - who also sent a message to the Governor of California.

The California Governor's - present administration has NOT served our infants, our children, our youth,  young adults.

Our seniors - others needing help - when it comes to childcare, education in general, education in our Community Colleges, our State Colleges and Universities - our hospitals and health care in general - in short addressing Quality of Life issues.

Our seniors and those with compromised health - the so called representatives - the sordid politicians - selfish and out of sync with the lives of the constituents.

Leading the pack - and I hope they pay attention to the constituents of San Francisco - inept, spineless, corrupt, and sordid to the core - SF Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener, and Katy Tang.

In San Francisco we are experiencing heavy rains - the poor, the indigent, the many so very sick - facing the inclement - weather.

Many of them so sick - dying slowly on the streets of San Francisco.

Never before has our City and County of San Francisco been so nonchalant - having so much disdain for the poor and those that need help.

All this in the City named after Saint Francis of Assisi - a Saint who stands for compassion, kindness and succor to those that need it most. 

Shame of those San Francisco Board of  Supervisors hoodwinking the public - pulling wool over the eyes of those that pay them their salaries - our tax payers.

Each time the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee opens his dirty mouth - he spews diatribe.

His inauguration was a testament to the how the public in general perceive Mayor, Edwin M. Lee. The " ire and utter disdain " knew no bounds. The protested so loud and even dared to splash some coffee and other liquids from the balcony - on those attending the proceedings - downstairs - near the podium - where the Mayor was sworn. 

In San Francisco the middle class is eroding before our eyes - the " techies " the new wave of immigrants moving to San Francisco - the land of the Ohlone that was stolen.

Our land San Francisco - has become a den of thieves - corrupt folks wheeling and dealing - so much so - that those in high positions have no morals, less ethics, and for sure no standards.

In the last 5 years - we now know that in excess of over 40, 000 San Franciscans families - who contributed so much to San Francisco and the various neighborhoods have left San Francisco - never to return again.

The assumption that everyone is welcome to San Francisco - that we build " market rate housing " for those unwelcome - to San Francisco - has become a norm - we must stop the building - the skyscrapers  - most of it - " market rate housing ".

San Francisco must - mandate higher fees to cater to our aging infrastructure - the failed mission of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

SFPUC - wasting millions of tax payer money - failing to replace our clean water pipes and less with our aging and polluting sewer operation and less replacing our sewer pipes.

Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - has been pandering to the developers the likes of Forest City, Lennar Urban, Webcor, Obayasi, Nibbi, Cahill, Tutor, AECOM, URS, and others one worse than the other.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - find it difficult to enjoy Quality of Life issues. Many of our youth - especially the immigrant youth - are dropping out of school - creating problems like truancy, crime of all sorts - and divisiveness.

The great divide among those that have - and those that lack basic necessities  - is increasing by leaps and bounds - and the poor are now living their lives on the streets of San Francisco.

In San Francisco hundreds of tents all over the place - you never, ever saw something like this before - over night slums - filthy surroundings - the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee does not comprehend that these sites are prone - to created health issues - compromising health and safety.

Our students attending higher school and colleges - are stressed  -they pay a lot to study - and get little in return.

The curricula is one that portends to offer something for the future - when the fact of the matter is - being a graduate and having a degree - offers one little if nothing.

Who you know - and how you sell yourself - has more to do - getting one a good job - if ever.

I talk to the students all the time - and the stress factor is very high.

On top of that this " dark cloud " - there is NO guarantee - if you receive a degree - it does little if nothing to offer you a good job.

I know students holding three and four jobs - unheard of in years past - how they do it - is anyone's guess. Many of them - do not have a decent place to live - and this factor - contributes more to their stress level.

We are setting up our future graduates for failure - stressing them  out - creating future generations - who are inclined to get into drugs - more to numb their pain and forget their worries.

Many rake up bills and max their credit cards - suicides are on the increase - more among students - and no one is paying attention - to these factors that need to be addressed urgently - with deliberation - on a " war footing ".

Three days in a row the United States Stock Market has hit a low.

The Chinese Stock Exchange - more Shanghai - triggered an automatic - " circuit breaker situation " - bringing a halt to the well monitored " Shanghai  Stock Market " - that is stagnant.

Not once have our local politicians said a word about this situation and how it will affect us. The reason is simple -  our politicians are selfish - they are " the scum of the Earth ".

The City and County of San Francisco - has lost millions of dollars - investing in "hedge funds " - linked to the " pensions of our City employees ".

Many City employees - who are now stressing out - especially those who will retire - years from now - left to face a dwindling City and County of San Francisco - pension fund.

Last year I spent an inordinate time researching how investments were made - how many people have sound pensions.

How many lost their life savings - during the spiraling of the economy in 2008 - focusing more on seniors and more on Federal workers - that I have easy access to. The picture is not pretty.

All said - our students more college students - have the most difficulties - and as I said - a very high of stress - that they cannot cope with.

 At the end of the tunnel - if there is some light - the prospect of sunshine and good jobs - as did those who enjoyed such permanent jobs - in years past - five or ten years ago - this time around - a dream.