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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Dr. Espanola Jackson
May her soul rest in peace

Dr. Espanola Jackson has transitioned to place where she will rest in peace - free from the trials and tribulations on this Earth.

The pain, the tensions of the time, stress and more -  the many hurdles - that frail human beings - endure - she will rest in peace.

In transitioning she has left a legacy - that thousands know about - and she will be remembered - as a woman warrior - a mentor - an advocate - and most of all as a Mother who loved everyone.

Fortitude reigned in the life of Dr. Espanola Jackson who loved her community - often addressing seasoned and not so seasoned politicians -" baby ".

She loved San Franciscans - even as she loved all of San Francisco.

Many of these politicians and others - at SF City Hall  - openly stated in their humble comments  - that term " baby" - when she addressed them - was not condescending - that they accepted it as a compliment.

More,  an affectionate term - that they treasured and accepted - praising Dr. Espanola Jackson - for her well left legacy and sincere love for all human beings.

Two services will be held for Dr. Espanola Jackson one at Grace Tabernacle Church - on Thursday - February 4, 2016 - located at 1211 Oakdale Street - corner of Ingalls and Oakdale in the Bayview - this Community Service - will be from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. 

May her soul rest in peace.

A second service will be held on February 5, 2016 - at 12 noon - at Providence Baptist Church - situated at 1601 McKinnon Street off Third Street. This will be her Home Going Service.

More and more as days turn to weeks - weeks turn to months, and months turn to years - we witness - our elders.

Those advocates who spent - 30, 40 50 years - as advocates on the front lines - pass away - most of them - leaving a legacy - that will be remembered for years to come.

It is eye opening to witness - how people - especially sordid politicians talk about advocates - after they have transitioned.

I am a witness to the hundreds of hours - Dr. Espanola Jackson spent - on the front lines.

I accompanied her and often proceed after she spoke - on the many issues - pressing issues of the day - addressing in general - Quality of Life- issues.

As you can imagine my heart is heavy - but, some how I feel she is by my side.

There is a lot of work to do - the advocates today - do not have the patience of the more seasoned advocates - they want instant - results. Time will tell.

On issues linked to  single mothers, food distribution to the poor, our children and their welfare,  all welfare matters in general, environmental issues, health issues, transportation issues - Dr. Espanola Jackson - addressed them with diligence and a heart.

Safety issues, educational issues - in short all issues that matter - Dr. Espanola Jackson was on the front lines - speaking her mind - and astounding those that could not speak from the heart - others, in power who looked at these human issues - in a nonchalant manner.

People in authority - more in Sacramento  - who listened to her pleas - often worked with Dr. Espanola Jackson to make good things happen.

Dr. Espanola Jackson was on the Task Force - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project. She fought that 5% of the $6 Billion should be set aside for Community Benefits. Some $300 million.

It hurt her to see some San Francisco Public Utilities employees exploit the situation - send over $200, 000 to Green For All - to the East Bay - without proper vetting.

Even today the SF Public Utilities Commission - keeps - faltering, and hoodwinking the public at large.

Many Governors of California, many Mayors of San Francisco, many Senators and Congress person - knew Dr. Espanola Jackson in person. 

The proclamations and commendations were many - and even as she is being remembered - now  - having transitioned  in peace - more commendations and proclamations - will honor Dr. Espanola Jackson after her demise.

May she rest in peace.

Frankly, Dr. Espanola Jackson would shed tears - when she found out some child needed help.

Some one was in prison and needed help.

Some mother found it difficult to meet the funeral expenses.

Some one - some stranger she met -  needed some urgent help.

Mother Espanola Jackson as many called her - had a large heart.

She would call me in distress - and order me to do it - do it "baby" for me.

Now, those orders would come - when I was in the midst of some meeting - some ongoing project - not once did I say no.

You just could not say NO - that voice was unique and the passion behind the voice - disarming. 

Behind the scene she would pray - and it is this unseen force that would spur me to do the what she requested me to do - and most of the tasks - happened - and happened smoothly.

When I was at the Presidio of San Francisco - she suggested - we have a Black History Month celebration - the date was set aside - but no plan celebration had been in the offing. 

" Honey" you can make it happen - I know you can ".

I had three days to make it happen - and it happened - the turn out was excellent and Dr. Espanola Jackson bought her friends - at the event held at the Officer Club - now the Golden Gate Club - at the Presidio of San Francisco - moving from person to person and touching those present.

It was the same with certain things that had to be done with the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone - she was a card carrying member of the Muwekma Ohlone.

Dr. Espanola Jackson had a soft corner for the Native Americans in general - and encouraged me to do my best to help those tribes be they the Miwoks, the Pomos, the Piutes - other local tribes.

Native American  tribes from all over the United States - that have made the Bay Area and the surrounding area their home.

Many of them given a one way ticket to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland - other far off places - a brother sent to one city - a sister to another - the family spilt - and this fact bothered Dr. Espanola Jackson - she deemed it fit to help the Native Americans  and others.

Many folks - from all over the world - who participated in the Shellmound Walks - to honor the ancestors. Together we did what was possible - working with the organizers and trying our best to respect and honor the ancestors.

You would not know that Dr. Espanola Jackson was involved in so many issues - including Clean Solar, career jobs for our youth, being on Boards like the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale - as founder Board Member.

Matters linked to State University and City College - she personally spent hours on end - speaking up - and making good things happen - on that front - sound education for all.

Dr. Espanola Jackson touched thousands - and they are now - speaking up - and doing what they learned - and representing - honoring their - mentor.

We two were friends - but knowing Dr. Espanola Jackson - she had a mind of her own.

In our discussion - we often had to debate - and she loved a good debate - and never kept a grudge - even if you had to tell her - she was wrong.

If she loved you - she really meant it - and stood by you - through  thick and thin.

 She went to battle - and saw to it that - she won - or at least fought so well - that those on the opposite side - had great regard for her tenacity and fortitude - that is what Dr. Espanola Jackson - brought to the table.

We travelled all over - the many meetings to Sacramento and Folsom to shut down the Mirant Power Plant and the Hunters Point Power Plant.

Fought hard to stop the 3 Combustion Turbines - that the SF Public Utilities Commission - wanted placed - closer to the Mirant Plant using fossil fuel.

It would take a lot of writing - this article would run into many pages - to enumerate - the many achievements of Dr. Espanola Jackson - let it be known - she has left a legacy.

May her soul of Dr. Espanola Jackson - rest in peace.