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Thursday, January 21, 2016


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Agency is an Enterprise Agency - that generates its own income - from the payments it receives - linked to providing - clean drinking water services - sewer services.

 Selling electricity and collect large sum of money - from the hydro-electricity it generates from the Hetch Hetchy - operations.

Leasing properties - huge properties - and a list of other unknown agreements - that have never ever - been disclosed to the tax payers of San Francisco.

The $4.6 Billion tax payers Bond - was put in place to upgrade the Water System Improvement Project - this project that started in the early 2000 and is now at its tail end - many elements have failed - and at this late date - issues like what we have found at Mountain Tunnel - that need to be addressed.

Initially - we were told that Mountain Tunnel - in close proximity - to the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir - had been inspected and that most everything was in place.

Now, we find out Mountain Tunnel - has serious problems - we San Franciscans - can be put in jeopardy.

We may have to fall back on our Reservoirs for months  - so we must demand a hearing - to find out how much more - tax payers money is needed to fix this glaring problem.

I hope NOT $150 million! With the San Francisco Pubic Utilities Commission- laughing like and act like jackasses - thinking nothin much of the situation at hand.

Will Tunnel Mountain - need,  $50 million or more like $100 million - and those that are responsible for this situation.

Will they be called out - be it Julie Labonte - some consultant - some Prime that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission choose to do the work - one worse than the other.

Most of them backed by Platinum Consultants - you pay to play.

Also, who really is responsible of this abject failure - and how are we the people - we the tax payers - addressing this situation at hand.

We need to have a " hearing " - the people need to know - what really is happening - and why do we pay these inept,  sorry ass individuals - large sums of money - for doing a lousy - job.

Why should we the tax payer pay more - for projects already funded  - but now more is needed - more in millions - to complete the job at Calavares.

Mountain Tunnel, Irvington Tunnel - at the many smaller projects - $2 million here - $10 million there - all adding to hundreds of millions - all - tax payers money.

Who is fooling whom - and to see the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - proposing - seconding - approving - with little or no discussion.

No - meaningful dialog - and who do these fools think they are fooling? Time will tell.

Hetch Hetchy was stolen from the Piutes, the Miwoks, the Pomps - other tribal tribes - from the region - the once Hetch Hetchy Valley flooded - millions of acres - from Yosemite to Calavares to Sunol - to Crystal Springs - stolen - all in the name of providing San Franciscans - clean drinking water.

San Franciscans have been fast asleep and all sorts of businesses have been created - on lands that come under the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

The Silva family has large areas leased to it - where a quarry is in operation - not once have we had a hearing on this - sordid quarry. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission receives - millions - and we want to review this line item - there has been something fishy - literally going on with these - operations.

Large areas of land are leased to farmers - land that is used to graze their cattle - San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - receives millions for leasing these lands.

We must made fully aware - we the people - must have a sense of what is happening on this land - we the people - but investigate - if we can use it - to place Solar Panels - and use it for other Eco-friendly purposes.

We could use land closer to Crystal Springs - to plant -" Native Plants ".

Train  our young adults - and give them - " Career Jobs ".

Instead, Juliet Ellis and her lackeys - expand thousands of dollars - pushing for the Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee's  - Summer Jobs for the Youth - promising the youth the world and shafting them - each and every Summer.

It is the same when the SFPUC funds BAYCAT and other organization - all dubious in nature - to push a hidden agenda - that does not truly benefit the community at large - using tax payers money.

The Water System Improvement Project once led by Julie Labonte - who jumped ship - as I said is at its tail end - and we have yet to address - serious issues linked with Mountain Tunnel.

Irwin Tunnel, Lake Merced and the surrounding areas, Calavares which has serious issues linked to fissures and other - infrastructure problems.

Once four huge pipes brought clean drinking water from Hetch Hetchy all the way to Crystal Springs and then to San Francisco where we store large  amount of clean drink water - at our huge Reservoirs the University Mound situated in the Portola District and the Sunset Reservoir beings two of the largest ones.

Today, after all these years - one Al Williams raking in thousands - faking to provide Community Benefits -  the Water System Improvement Project - failed to provide - viable and sustainable - Community Benefits.

San Franciscans - need to have a hearing on this issues - and hear first hand from Al Williams - who has hid behind the scenes - raking in thousands - as a consultant.

Having raked millions with the Water System Improvement Project - he has decided to make more with the Sewer System Improvement Project  - putting some dog and pony shows - not worth the salt - being paid for nothing at all. A hearing must be held - and more light - can be focused - on the many sordid - so called outreach done - by Al Williams - who is a consultant.

On our streets - the 80 year old clean drinking water pipes some 1100 miles long - have NOT been replaced.

Lots of talk - San Francisco - decent, hard working tax payers - need to know the quality of water delivered to our homes - more millions of gallons - that still pass through - lead pipes.

No one seems to pay attention to the health and safety of our constituents.

The talk is always - about the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - patting their behinds.

Proposing and passing agendas that have not been vetted - other large sums of money, expanded  - rubber stamping -  anything in sight.

Shame of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Former Mayors of San Francisco - be it Willie L. Brown Jr. - after him  Gavin Newsom - and now Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - have used the San Francisco  Public Utilities Commission - as a repository and job heaven  - to help - those close to them - nepotism.

With all the talk - that jobs have been frozen - not so at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Juliet Ellis has created fake Full Time Employment (FTEs) to help her friend - all dubious in nature - carrying on nefarious - activities.

In the Interim in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - most of our clean water pipes are over 80 years old - leaking and contaminating the once pristine - watershed.

Also - the sewer pipes - that have not be replaced - we are told one thing and the progress replacing the sewer pipes - has been very slow - again the sewer pipes leaching into the ground. Tons of talk but NO - walk.

Every San Francisco Public Utilities Commission meeting - is a circus.

More - a dog and pony show.

In the interim - for months - during the "drought" - millions of gallons - spewed out and were wasted - valves bursting - many of them brand new.

Pipes broken - bursting more because of differed maintenance.

Other major repairs made - on brand new infrastructure - because of inferior work. So, what is happening?

The entire San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - must be revamped.

On course - those that are lazy - crooked - have not performed - must be let go. Aho.