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Friday, January 22, 2016


The City and County is now controlled by Nero - I would say more like Caligula - the worse of them - two.

 " The Super Bowl Fifty is here " - a new City created by Justin Herman Plaza - named after the man, himself - who destroyed the lives of thousands - mostly people of color. Redevelopment and Gentrification.

Now, on that piece of plaza - where thousands of  people pass - on the way to the  Ferry Building.

In close proximity - the homeless and the vendors who have been there - have been told - to take a hike.

The San Francisco Planning Department - brags about NOT warehousing people.

 But, now - exactly that is being done. Warehousing - without proper amenities - less heat - the most vulnerable - of our population - ware housed.

Much is made about the " navigation center " - it is run by a faith -based organization - the Episcopalian Church - and caters to a measly 75 homeless.

We are experiencing - El Nino - and those that understand this phenomenon - comprehend - the strong winds - the heavy rains - the cold wet weather - can play havoc - with a normal, healthy person.

The homeless - most with compromised health - are slowly left to die - facing the adversities - that are put in their way - hurdles cast in their way - and now told to go - to some far off place - to fend for themselves. 

There is a God - and those that harm the poor and those that need help most - will fall flat on their face - they will be judged by their actions. If anyone with intent harms the poor - they will bear the wrath - and have to pay restitution - here on Earth.

The required permissions - to warehouse the homeless and the indigent are NOT in  place - at this late date.

The homeless - have not been given - sufficient notice - but those in charge - think that - using such tactics.

The homeless have been evacuated - and now at this late date - some temporary respite put in place - far away from where they camped before:

Making decision - " remote control " - the homeless - who are  human beings - instead of being treated like human beings - have been treated - like a dirty rag that can be thrown - away and discarded like garbage.

Barbara Garcia the Director of Health - must be held responsible.

Trent Rhorer who knows better - better stand for those that need help most.

Our infants, our children, our youth, young adult, seniors - those with compromised health.

Where is our Controller on this - Ben Rosenfield - where is our City Administrator on this issue - Naomi Kelly. Where is our Toxicologist on this issue - where is Thomas Argon - where are our City Department leaders  - who must are for San Franciscans.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee much like Caligula - has lost his mind.

The Mayor  thinks he can twitch his mustache - spew some diatribe - and his will and evil dictates - will be followed.

This time around - he will witness - " fireworks " closer to where - he would not expect it.

These Super Bowl Fifty festivities - do not belong in San Francisco.

The brand new  49er Stadium is in Santa Clara. Some fifty miles away from San Francisco - let those - so enthused - with the festivities - far removed from reality - take their " evil ways ' - drown themselves - in Santa Clara.

The paradox is Santa Clara - is being paid for all the expenses - that Santa Clara spends - on Super Bowl Fifty - festivities.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys decided to make a " secret deal " behind close doors - to foot the bill for all the festivities - held in our City and County of San Francisco - more,  with decent San Franciscans - tax payers - footing the bill.

I hope Jane Kim, John Avalos, Aaron Peskin, David Campos, Eric Mar and Norman Yee - stand united and force Mayor Edwin M. Lee to change his dictatorial - ways and sordid manners.

The ire of the people knows no bounds. 

This time around - thousands can be rallied - and there is not a force that can STOP - the people united.

More determined and  focused - and willing to fight for what they believe.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - have abused their power - so have some of the City heads of department - that do not have the guts - to tell the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - what is right and what is wrong - he must change his ways - drastically - or face the music.

The Mayor lacks a conscience that matters - for all his vain talk - he lacks transparency and accountability.

Now - for the first time - Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those that blindly support him - will be taught some lessons - a 101 in Accountability and Transparency.

A lesson that he will remember forever.

Enough is enough - and all these side meetings - placating the people that matter - putting forth fake policies - speaking from both sides of ones mouth - does more harm than good.

Amos Brown is NOT to be trusted - and anything he touches is Evil to the Core.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - must know that we have a plan - everything spelled in detail - that puts forth a sound " Community  Policing Plan ".

I guarantee you the Mayor and his lackeys - have not read the plan - Diane Aroche - others who know - who they are - I have named them before - have not read the plan.

There is a PERF report - and no one want to read this report - collecting dust on some shelf.

For the longest time - the " people that matter " -  the people who pay their taxes - the people who work hard - have suffered and can suffer - no more.

 The people that matter - the ordinary San Franciscan - the supporters who are with us all - we are fed up.

We the people - now want results - we want to fight for our rights - laid down in our Constitution.

Last time I read the Constitution - it gives every citizen rights - as far as I know - dictators - those who act like Nero and Caligula - are not people - we tolerate - less condone. 

If it is too hot in the kitchen - time to move out - in fact you should - Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - think about that call made to you in Hong Kong - where you took the call - and just wanted to be an interim- Mayor of San Francisco.

As things stand today - it will recorded in the annals - that Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is one of the worse Mayors, ever - to occupy Room 200.

For sure - Mayor Edwin M. Lee for all his talk - does not have the ability to walk the walk. Aho.