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Monday, January 18, 2016


San Francisco has always had astute advocates who have spoken their mind - and carried out - " good deeds ".

More - in keeping with Saint Francis of Assisi - our great City and County of San Francisco - bears his name.

It is proven and know fact - many innovative programs, inventions, artists with unique talents and renderings - leaders of all types - had their origins and started - right here in San Francisco.

San Francisco's astute and hard working advocates in recent years have suffered a set back.

The hurdles, the abuses, and the nonchalant manner - in which our Mayor, Edwin M. Lee has handled many situations - the killings and shootings - without saying a word - early on - to the family of the victims.

Aiding and abetting corrupt developers like Lennar Urban, Forest City and a host of others developers.

 Encouraging high rise buildings - most market rate - going from $1 million to $10 million.

The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - twitching his mustache - thinks nothing of those making under $40, 000 and  even those making under $80, 000 - who cannot afford to stay and live in San Francisco.

Over the last 5 years - over 30, 000 families have left San Francisco - never, to return to our beloved City and County of San Francisco.

This blessed land - the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - that I represent.

Today, we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's Jr. day - we honor him for putting his life - on the line.

We honor him - for the Civil Rights Movement.

We honor him for making it possible for all constituents in the United States - to VOTE.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. brought people together - we brought the races together - he did what he could - spoke to the issues at hand - was not afraid to speak to the Truth. 

We know that advocates and prophets who take a stand - are prone to be killed - suffer severe consequences - astute, stellar advocates in San Francisco - most law abiding - have reached the saturation - point.

Our Nation, the United States of America - once witnessed racial  segregation.

The worst type of - discrimination - and abject hatred from one segment of the population - meted out to those of the darker races.

 Deep in the hearts of decent people - from all races - decent people knew something was wrong - in fact something was terribly - wrong.

These folks - one of a kind - did the right things - they did what they could to support the Civil Right Movement - the many events - the many marches - and God has blessed them.

I was old enough to see it all - and so are the many baby boomers - who are now in their late sixties and early seventies.

We saw it all - and many of us - took a stand - and joined the Civil Rights Movement - many here - others all over the world.

Today, unfortunately most of the good brought about by the Civil Rights Movement - all the rights won.

Most - of the good done - slowly but surely - the hands of the clock have been turned - backwards.

Right here in San Francisco - we have stellar advocates - in the Mission, in the Western Addition, in China Town, Taraval - in the Excelsior. 

We see them in the Castro - in the South of Market Area - in the Bayview.

By Cortland - the Pacific Heights - Ocean Beach - Mission Bay - all over San Francisco - every spare inch  - the entire 46.9 square miles that is San Francisco.

Some 18, 300 people living per square mile - this land of the Muwekma Ohlone.

We still have some San Francisco Board of Supervisors - that feel the pain of the constituents of San Francisco - Eric Mar,  Norman Yee,  John Avalos,  Aaron Peskin,  Jane Kim and David Campos.

Today, January 18, 2016 - we had advocates march around the San Francisco Terminal -  announcing - to the many that travel through our San Francisco Airport - the many injustices that must be righted.

Black Lives Matter.

Yesterday, early the morning - Mayor Edwin M. Lee was awakened - protestors invited him to breakfast.

Complete, with a Lion Dance - and the protests mostly Asian American - representing - the values for which our great Nation stands - the United States of America.

Challenging Mayor Edwin M. Lee - to do right - to meet those that want to genuinely help him -  to keep the communication lines open.

To make the way possible for good - by removing those that cannot perform - clear the weeds, open the windows - get rid of the cobwebs - look to the future - make the decisions - that good leaders adhere to.

Good leaders show the way, know the way and go the way.

Again and again I hear - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is a changed man - for the worst.

I saw him first hand on Friday, January 15, 2016 - a day I will always remember - his hands folded around his chest - what was he thinking?

Anyone who does that - is angry - is not in control - and there is no way - any meaningful dialog - can be conducted.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - was once an advocate - he fought hard for the poor and housing and pressing issues - reminiscent of the Internal Hotel and how advocates rallied to the cause.

 In recent years  - something has come over him - wheeling and dealing - with the corrupt - those that can buy and control him - those that have a hidden agenda - working against the poor in San Francisco - these factors and more have tarnished our Mayor, Edwin M. Lee.

I am not one to condemn anyone - I believe in second chances - and I know on that Friday, January 15, 2016 - the Mayor - was suppose to meet Gwendolyn Woods - the mother of Mario Woods.

The meeting did not happen - challenged at the last moment - this incident - may have triggered some ill feelings and anger.

I can understand that - I  know that we can work that out - if all parties - come together - we must keep communication - open.

Decent advocates put the constituents first and work hard.

The consequences are hard on the loved ones of the advocates - long hours, untold sacrifices - advocates are always giving and receiving less.

The necessary funding is not there - to do the necessary work.

The worries can destroy anyone who is NOT spiritually strong.

If one  - does not have good friends and supporters - who care and rally to the advocates - the consequences - can be very serious. 

Thank God I have such good people surrounding me.

All over San Francisco - decent, hard working - San Franciscans who are advocates - some advocating for as many as 45 years - and a few for over 50 years.

One such advocate Espanola Jackson - who is living out - her last years - with whom I have attended - hundreds of meetings - and sat with - on hundreds of meetings.

As we all remember - what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for - let us challenge ourselves to help the poor.

Those that real need help - the indigent, our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors.

Those with compromised health - the mentally challenged the physically challenged - and more.

God will bless those that do right and take their fellow children, women and men - to a better - place.

God Bless You All.