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Saturday, January 2, 2016


San Francisco's City Hall -
stairs leading to the dens -
where nefarious activities are conducted -
more, in Room 200 - Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
the current occupant - corrupt to the core.

Daily the constituents of living in and around Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - are faced with the possibility of an imminent explosion - the source methane gas - the location Parcel E.

The contents laden with high levels of radioactive elements.

The residents living on near by Kiska Road - have been suffering for years - the residents living at Mariner's Village - on the ridge by Parcel E2 - all suffer from respiratory, diseases.

Cancer is prevalent and affect 80% of the residents - tumors that the local hospitals are fully aware of - and look the other way - because the Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - steeped in foolishness - is bent on building brand new housing units - some 30, 000 plus - and all this in the middle of hell.

Every year over 300, 000 tons of Methane Gas spews into the air - the land made up of poor landfill - much of the content - vegetation - is the ripe recipe need for processing - " combustion " - and methane among other dangerous elements - in one such element - adversely impacting - thousands.

One ton of Methane Gas equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide.
I challenge the Mayor and his lackeys to do the math - and then - address the situation at hand - to the constituents of San Francisco.

San Franciscans are decent folks - many of them highly educated - but when it comes to the - " environmental sciences " - you need  to have the empirical data - to arrive and come to the right conclusions.

The above location - and all the  documents pertaining to Parcel E2 -  which is the location in question - is clouded with half baked facts.

The actual data is available - I have the reports - at my office - going back to 1976.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - some 900 acres plus was taken over by eminent domain - the Government asked for the land - to address an emergency - in this case World War II.

One of the Atomic Bombs left Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - to be dropped on Japan - killing millions of innocent Japanese. We know - the details - and the untold suffering inflicted - who were the culprits much as we know - who are the culprits of the present atrocities committed - all over the world.

Ships were built, all sorts of experiments conducted - " depleted uranium " was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

No one in the right mind - should be living in and around Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco.

Far from this being a fact - the City and County of San Francisco - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the City Administrator Naomi Kelly, the SF Director of Health - Barbara Gracia - all are looking the other way - hoodwinking the public at large - and following the idiots - those SF Supervisors who have failed to represent - Scott Wiener, London Breed, Katy Tang, Malia Cohen, and Mark Farrell.

The all are pandering to a Rogue Developer Lennar - and encouraging innocent - mostly uneducated people of issues - to live on Parcel A - part of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Plans are afoot to expand brand new units - some 30, 000 units - in the next 20 years - on land contaminated - more, prone to liquefaction and flooding.

This conceptual plan is a dream - a dream from which you wake up - to witness your worst - nightmare.

The Porter Ranch gas leak - in Southern California - has been known as a location - that has Methane Gas - and prone to an explosion - such an incident occurred in the year 1968 - a blaze was curtailed after 6 days.

The situation today is precarious - and those in charge very worried - health and safety concerns foremost on their - mind.

The population is mostly White - so the hype is more - sensational. The media pretending to be concerned - more emphasizing about the color of the skin - of those impacted.

 All  fiscal and other -  resources - have been gathered to help the local - population - in and around Porter Ranch:

The same happened in the year 2000 and several other smaller fires - all underground - on Parcel E2 - at Kiska Road by Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Unfortunately, the people happen to be non-Whites - and so the treatment meted out - is one of disdain and what is termed by many - " discrimination of the worst order ".

Today,  methane wells let off the gas at Parcel E2- sometimes the wells emit - flares - all monitored by the United States Navy - that has jurisdiction over Parcel E2.

 The methane gas moving toward the commercial and residential buildings - by Palou Road - hundreds of feet away from a residential population - waiting for a time bomb to explode.

If an explosion occurs - some 300, 000 people will be impacted. Your heard it here first - it has happened before - San Francisco Fire Department - nor any entity has the tools nor the know how - how to curtail such a fire - that is laden with high level of radioactive elements.

The Federal Agency - the Environmental Protection Agency and Jared Blumfeld is fully aware of this fact.

So is the Regional Water Board.

 The Department of Toxic and Substances Control.

 The Bay Area Air Quality and Management Control - several local agencies - foremost the SF Health Department - headed by Barbara Gracia.

We have a Toxicologist who is fast asleep at the cockpit -  and we call ourselves the City that knows how. God help us - when the moment arrives - and we are left to the mercy of luck and happenstance. 

We are living in a world - where "GREED" supersedes what most decent San Franciscans acknowledged - in years past - but, did not worship.

Today, mostly Whites and many Black sell outs - who receive bread crumbs continue to sell the community at large - and more our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors and those with compromised health.

As those of you who know me - fully comprehend - this fight has not been easy.

We have many so called environmentalists and so called folks - who speak from both sides of their mouth - doing remediation of soil and other assets - they are all into the money.

None of them - live in our community - all of them - worship GREED - and they have BLOOD on their hands.

Pier 70 - where thousands of brand new housing units are planned - has serious issues with contamination. Forest City another devious and corrupt developer - want to cap the contamination - such type of nonsense - is tolerated only in San Francisco.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is weak in the knees, corrupt, inclined to sell San Francisco to the highest bidder - and the time has come to charge him with the RICO ACT - it is easy and the time in now.

El Nino which brings torrents of rain - will adversely impact Candlestick Point and Hunters Point - it is already impact an entire area -  floods galore - and the land in being washed away - the sewer pipes backing up - and the brand new infrastructure - failing.

What does the Mayor Edwin M. Lee know about this - nothing.

The developers must pay for the infrastructure - they must pay for all the contamination - the impacts in and around Alice Griffith, Oakdale Public Housing by Navy Road, Kiska Road, Hunterview Phase I and 2 - by Northridge Cooperative Housing - has adversely impacted - thousands all these many years.

Heard of Chernobyl - well, look at the situation at hand - and study the empirical data - you folks that purport to know some - know little - and little knowledge is dangerous. Aho.

This is Ohlone Land - and most of you - conducting yourselves much like thieves  that you are - are NOT welcome to San Francisco. I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and let this message be very clear.