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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


On January 12, 2016 - at City Hall in Room 400 -  Juliet Ellis in front of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - introduced an agenda item for approval. It read:

"Item Number 14: Approve Agreement No. CS-1018, Project Learning Grants, and authorize the General Manager (Harlan Kelley) to solicit applications, negotiate and execute  approximately 30 Project Learning Grant Agreements with selected local community-based nonprofit  organizations and/or educational institutions, to support disadvantage youth and young adults, who will engage in project-based service learning  opportunities; the grants will have a cumulative not to exceed amount of $400, 000 and a duration of two years per agreement."

Without proper notice the above agenda was amended - increasing the amount to an amount of $800, 000. 

Without any discussion - except a convoluted explanation - where Juliet Ellis - mentioned the Mayor's Summer program - offering jobs to the youth.

As if the matters right now - where the Mayor Edwin M. Lee has lost respect - and most people in their right mind - do not respect him. Much as they do not respect - Juliet Ellis - who has proven to be corrupt - and act like a weasel to get the way and things - done - corrupt to the core.

The motion was moved by Commissioner Vince Coutney and seconded by Commissioner Anson Moran. This tag team - did it on a number of other agenda items - all recorded and seen by thousands - who know - better.

 Commissioner Francesca Vector who is the Chair - is a very good friend of Juliet Ellis - and from all appearances - no one seemed - to be troubled - by the quick approval  of this - " very sordid action" - increasing the amount - without proper notice - from $400, 000 to $800. 000.

I have explained several times - the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - which is a $6 Billion dollar project.

The community and the Task Force backed by the community  - has set aside 5% of its budget - some $300 million - half of that amount vetted  Community Benefits - and half for Work Force programs.

The Task Force that worked to make this possible - advocates such as Espanola Jackson and others - saw that this was made possible.

More - to fund the pressing needs - in the Southeast - aid and help organizations that have professed Accountability and Transparency - who today are facing extinction - they cannot pay their high rents - the City and County of San Francisco - use the Community Fund - for trivial and mundane activities and program - more to prop the Mayor - Edwin M. Lee and some lackey - who should be charged using the RICO ACT.

Never ever did we think or envision - a corrupt person like Juliet Ellis would be in charge - of the Community Benefit Fund -  her first action - was to send $200, 000 to Green For All.  A non-profit that she worked for - before taking the job - as Assistant General Manager for External Affairs.

A job that she has no training - and again and again falls to the tactics and unsavory programs - that she handled working for a non-profit - receiving grants - pandering to Foundations and the corrupt.

Again and again money from this fund - more meant for Community Benefits - has been given to the Ambassadors  - who try to maintain law and order on our MUNI transportation system - and often - flee the scene - where there is some real - trouble.

The " yellow hornets " also patrol the streets with their " Yellow Jackets " - often seen at fast food joints - whiling away their time.

Most of the time on the cell phones - and why are we wasting our tax payers money - on such mundane and trivial - matters.

Juliet Ellis is the Assistant General Manager for External Affair - she should be dealing with policies, bills from the State of California - other pertinent Federal legislation that impact Clean Drinking Water - and adverse impacts - linked to the sewer pipes.

All of the above needs to be addressed in San Francisco.

Millions of gallons of sewer water - untreated - adversely impacting our  once pristine -Watershed.

This is the land of the Ohlone and not the land of those that think - they can make money - pander Community Benefits - never mind if they are - curse of the Earth - House Negroes - that have caused so much hurt and harm to innocent people that need - help and support.

Secondary effluents - half treated sewage is pumped into our Bay - and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - looks the other way.

As I have stated before over 80% of our clean water drinking pipes - and the same with our sewer pipes - are leaking - the content leeching into the ground.

Clean drinking water leeching into our Watershed.

It is the same with our sewer water - most untreated - leeching into our once pristine Watershed.

We once had a Assistant General Manager Laura Spanjian who did her job - she left for Houston and did very well there - before moving to some other job.

Juliet Ellis took Laura Spanjian job - and messed things for all - thing to change the Organization Chart - hiring some corrupt folks - that do her bidding - wait until she is charge for the second time - this time she must go to JAIL.

Juliet Ellis has been charged by the Fair Political  Action Committee  and she paid a hefty fine.

Juliet Ellis has been charged by the San Francisco Ethics Commission - and she paid a fine. 

So why is this woman still around - and this latest sordid action - this latest amendment - without proper vetting and deliberation - is totally uncalled - for.

These grants  involving  some activity that has little to do with the principles and standards - linked to the Community Benefits - fought by the Task Force - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project.

Those Commissioners who propose and second actions that encourage such sordid actions and programs - handed to Juliet Ellis on a platter - and run by Juliet Ellis - should be ashamed of themselves.

We will see this happen on a wider scale in the Bayview.

Plans are afoot to demolish the - " Green Houses " - the Green Houses were built to - gather some revenue from the rent - and build a scholarship fund. The Green Houses by the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - 1800 Oakdale in the Bayview. Go visit the site and see things for yourself.

Each of the three Green Houses - paid $10, 000 a month. The person in charge of the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant - received the money.

Little if nothing was done for those that paid rent - lacking no toilets - no shower rooms - nothing that respected the owner and the many employees. 

The hard work - in humid conditions - lacked the basic amenities - restroom, clean drinking water fountains, shower rooms, recreation facilities - the roads outside the premises - never repaired - and the SFPUC should be ashamed of itself.

The Green Houses - with many employees - many employees who were people of color - found work - and enjoyed working - and more were treated - well.  One of the owner Mr. Goldman and his son Eli Goldman.

Juliet Ellis started messing with the Green Houses - conniving to bring in a non-profit - Girls 2000 - to take over the Green Houses. Ridiculous.

Had Girls 2000 use a trailer by the Southeast Community Facility Commission building - paid by San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Why this favoritism - when there are other organizations - doing good work - honest and hard working organization- with transparency and accountability - that are shunned.

The Contractor's Center has yet to have a " community meeting " - complete with a - " power point presentation " - on the digesters - a $2.6 billion dollar project - that was given to a firm from Norway.

The above project is part of the $6 Billion - Sewer System Improvement Project  (SSIP).

The Sewage Treatment Plant - in close proximity to thousands of homes and thousands of San Franciscans - has adversely impacted the Bayview and constituent by the hill - by Hunters Point.

Foul smell and methane gas spews from the operations - keep adversely impacting thousands - and not once - has there been a hearing on the adverse impacts.

Thousands suffer from respiratory diseases - Juliet Ellis would do well to have a hearing - with City and County of San Francisco - Toxicologist - revealing the results - from the air - the many respiratory cases - well known by Barbara Garcia - the Director of Health for San Francisco - and the Environmental Division - headed by Stephanie Cushing.

We need to bring in the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and  Jack Broadbent - to give us his take - on the many adverse impacts.

 The contaminated air - that Juliet Ellis has not addressed - and has been pussyfooting around with trivial matters - pandering to non-profit organizations - that are mostly sell outs.

Some Chinese group that has made its home in the Bayview - just to receive some grant money. What a shame!

This matter increasing the amount from $400, 000 to $800, 000 without any meaningful discussion and more without proper notice - will be sent to the Sunshine Ordinance for review - and more the Fair Political Action Committee - for action.

Enough  is enough. I get so many telephones calls and emails - from decent, hard working - San Francisco Public Utilities Commission  employees - contacting me - and complaining about Juliet Ellis.

She is arrogant and has disdain for anyone that fails to listen to her rabid ass concepts and plans. Who the hell does she think she is?

San Francisco should have nothing to do with her - and she should be fired.

Using our Community Benefits that we fought for - and Sam Murray should stand up and speak to the TRUTH - Juliet Ellis must go.

This is a clarion call - and do not think - I am playing- our community in the Bayview has suffered a lot - and more from House Negroes - who pander to the crooks.