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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Willie L. Brown Jr the paramount wheeler and dealer - registered one years ago - as a lobbyist - shocking many - who challenged his many deals in the millions - openly canvasing  - the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

The worst among them the Gang of Six - Mark Farrell, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, and Julie Christensen.

We all remember when the Supreme Court made a declaration that  " Corporations are people too".

Leading thousands of Corporations to  funnel millions - to nefarious entities.

 Throwing all sorts of curve balls - tossing Fair Practices out the door - adversely impacting  many elections on the local, State and Federal level.

We all know this - but who is going to fight the Supreme Court?

 In recent days - the Supreme Court - has had people of all sorts - salivating - but forgetting that not all its past decisions - stand the test of time - one being its decision - " that Corporations and People too".

San Francisco has a unique Ethics Commission - with power to do the right thing - has failed to do so - pandering to dirty - politics.

Again and again when it comes to "Whistle Blower" issues, for example the glaring, the sordid issue - linked to Juliet Ellis - who transferred over $200,000 from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - to Green For All - a non-profit.

Juliet Ellis  was connected to the Green For All - before she took the position of Assistant General Manager - at the SFPUC.

Juliet Ellis jumped from the SF Public Utilities Commission to taking a over $200,000 salary - as the Assistant General Manager - a conflict of interest - but such shenanigans - form the culture of the Enterprise Department - the sordid SFPUC.

The SF Ethics Commission was slow to adjudicate the case. The State of California - Fair Political Practices  Commission (FPPC) - faulted Juliet Ellis - who agreed to pay the illegal amounts transferred to Green For All - all illegal - back to the SFPUC.

The SF Ethics Commission heard the case - and agreed with the superior Fair Political Practices Committee - took no action - such as a dismissal of the pathetic woman , Juliet Ellis - shameless and a disgrace to anything - decent.

Juliet Ellis got a slap on the wrist and today - continues her ploys and shenanigans.

Recently, offering the Mayor Edwin M. Lee over 2000 positions - Summer Jobs - dipping into the Community Benefits - set aside linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - some $300 million set aside - as Community Benefits - by a special Task Force.

I attended some of the meetings - to watch the deliberations of the Task Force - and the SFPUC has used the Task Force like a "dirty rag" - used some public entity - for its own sordid, purposes.

We have seen the San Francisco Ethics Commission have long drawn deliberations linked to Tony Hall and the Triple Play Case.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and the case of Domestic Violence which went south.

John Rhaim and the SF Planning Department and all the ploys and machinations going on there.

Juliet Ellis who actually should have gone to jail - with intent - transferring over $200,000  of tax payers money - and  still involved with nefarious entities in the Bayview and in other - places.

It does not help that those working for the SF Ethics Commission - not a Commissioner - the man sitting with his crutches - over looking him today at the SF Ethics Commission - who is responsible - for a lot of the on going - nonsense.

Lobbyists that we know - the few that are sordid to the core - have tainted the name of San Francisco.

The Fair Political Practices Commission:

 The last three Mayors of San Francisco - have used the SF Ethics Commission - to tarnish - fair play and sound adjudication.

The SF Ethics Commission has hurt and destroyed the lives of many an innocent person.

The SF Ethics Commission has failed to serve its purpose - now wants to put on the Ballot what the previous SF Ethics Commission - changed - watering down language - that was linked to the Lobbyists - that San Francisco must debar from doing any business -  for sure Platinum Consultants.

We have some SF Ethics Commissioners who have no clue - nor do they know the difference - between 501 (c) 1 and the more political prone 501 (c) 4. 

Perhaps, they can call upon Fiona Ma from the  State of California  - Equalization Board - to give them a FREE orientation - on this issue and others.

Simply put if any For Profit or Non-Profit is mandated to report to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - it can and should to a local reporting entity - such as the SF Ethics Commission - monies spent on lobbying that adverse impacts - the decent tax payer.

We do that  now - reporting to the State Attorney's Office - send them a copy of what we duly report to the IRS .

All For Profits and Non-Profits do that -  and I suppose have no problem - what so ever.

When Larry Bush, Patrick Shaw, Marc Saloman, others all decent San Franciscans - attend and speak up -  at the San Francisco Ethics Commission - they do San Francisco - and more San Franciscans - justice.

In recent years under Mayor Edwin M. Lee hundreds of decent, hardworking, San Francisco City employees - have been fired - more those that are whistle blowers. If anyone thinks - this is right - they are WRONG.

Daily millions of dollars are diverted by sordid City employees - who worked hand in glove with Mayor Edwin M. Lee -  recently some audits were ordered by Malia Cohen - only to OPEN a can of worms.

The present San Francisco Ethics Commission must be revamped - and never, ever for a nano second - think or imagine - you are not watched - like a HAWK.