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Thursday, June 4, 2015


San Franciscans have a lot of patience - this time around in San Francisco for all the diatribe coming out of Room 200 and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - we the people are fed up and have reached saturation point.

The "housing crisis" is here and for all the talk - we have thousands of units vacant. While thousands do not have a roof over their heads - thousands more face the inclement weather - under bushes, bridges, sleeping in cars, on the streets of San Francisco - and no one should find this picture - funny.

Many homes left deliberately vacant - by landowners - when we do have an emergency - and thousands need urgent housing - to keep their families safe - and nurture their children.

The  landowners' recite the constitution - that they will do as they please - not knowing the difference between true "freedom" and " sordid license".

The abuse of freedom is license. One has to be educated on issues, have a heart, more compassion - to understand true - freedom.

The thousands of vacant units in San Francisco that come under HOPESF - is a JOKE.

Large rooms - 2 bed rooms, 3 bedrooms and even 4 bedrooms - once sound housing - where many raised many a good family - even though today Public Housing has a bad name.

The sordid San Francisco Housing Authority has failed to do due diligence - but has permitted with intent - to allow once good housing to fail - using the tool of  - "deferred maintenance".

The Mayor is trying to hoodwink the public at large - using the tally of these units -  that he and his minions - the John Stewart Company, Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing - are all busy working out a plan - to use money for the housing and crave a bigger percentage for themselves.

Some others; that partner with these crooks - most that the people did not invite - into their community - and do not acknowledge.

The constituents of San Francisco - were not consulted - we the tax payers who are promised much and given bread crumbs. We pay our taxes and as of today - have yet to see the real benefits.

Be it known - that we the  people even now - can take control of these thousands of units - known as Public Housing.

We the people can  do the rehab, the policing, and take control of our constitutional rights - right back where it really belongs - the people united can never, ever be defeated.

This is Ohlone land - stolen from the Ohlone - not a single document can prove that the land was brought with documents that are recognized - by any sound and legal - entity.

18 treaties signed by the United States and the California Native Tribes - not ratified - such as the gimmicks, ploys, and machinations - of the "living dead" - they steal, rape, do all that is nefarious - and most of all they have - "no heart".

The Department of Defense paid for this housing - know today as Public Housing - much as they did at Treasure Island, the Presidio of San Francisco, else where - where there are Department of Defense connections - once active DoD bases - now deactivated.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is talking a lot about  these large tracts of land - with housing units that have been suffering from deferred maintenance. He wants to do something - some bandaid work - better know as half ass work.

Once good housing - left to rot - with some sordid purpose in mind -  we, who have been monitoring the San Francisco Housing Authority - the former Mayors - including Mayor Edwin M. Lee - watching them all - like 

All of these units - once good housing that needed repair - which Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his minions could have put in place - 
done the repairs. We  could have accommodate a lot of homeless and other needy people - with hundreds of units to spare.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee could have  asked his crooked friends from Salesforce, Google, Twitter, Facebook, the other many filthy rich folks that make their abode in San Francisco to pitch in and help.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee  -  who looks you in the eye and lies -could have done something and  helped - but did not. 

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee looked the other way - not any more - he will be exposed - in a manner - that this City has NOT seen, before.

Right now Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his minions are hoodwinking the present population - living in Public Housing.

In the past  using deferred maintenance - as a "evil tool" - to stress those communities who are at the mercy of the present SF Housing Authority.

The old SF Housing Authority which was controlled by crooks like Amos Brown, Dwayne Jones, Millard Larkin,  others too evil to name - all part of the old SF Housing Authority - now history. All removed from office - because they did a lousy job - hoodwinked the public at large.

Joaquim Torres was put in charge to put the former SF Housing Authority on track.

The novice that he is - he could not figure out - what to do and more where to start. 

The cancer was so bad at the SF Housing - that even today the smell of "sulphur" - is all over the place - when anything remote is mention - anything, remotely connected with the SF Housing Authority and its very sordid - past.

The Public Housing all over San Francisco - legally comes under the SF Housing Authority.

Once - transferred by the Department of Defense to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) who is turn - turned it over to the San Francisco Housing Authority that did a lousy job - all these many - many, years.

When Willie L. Brown Jr was the Mayor - he came into office in 1996 - a woman with her children - were locked front and back door shut close - from the outside by "thugs" - in her home.

This woman  had witnessed some illegal activity - with the Election linked to the Willie L. Brown Jr administration. Her house was torched - by these "thugs" and she and her children died in the inferno.

All this with the SF Housing Authority at that time - looking the other way. This one episode hunts people to this day - more those at Hunters Point - that knew this woman and more her innocent, children.

This woman died with her children - it took years for the Courts to force HUD to pay the family of this woman.

This happened when Art Agnos the former Mayor of San Francisco  - who once was in charge of HUD in San Francisco - was appointed to put the SF Housing Authority on track - and appointed an interim czar.

The SF Housing Authority -  had jurisdiction of thousands of units -  controlled the lives of thousands - and did all in their power - to continue the on going - corruption that the former SF Housing Authority was - well known for.

 Art Agnos was chosen to put the SF Housing Authority on track - which he tried and could little about. Art Agnos did manage to help this one family - by settling the case for a couple of million dollars. He gave his best shot - but to this day no one decent - trust the San Francisco Housing Authority.

The old SF Housing Authority is gone - the new one is a different shadow - not much has changed - this time - much like before - promises are made but no real action - follows.

Recently, the elevators that did not work - at many of the SF Housing Authority facilities -  forced the Seniors and those physically and mentally challenged - to be adversely impacted. 

Some residents living in these facilities - run by the SF Authority - stranded on a floor for many hours - and in some cases - for days.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee was forced to dip into his "stashed funds" of which he has access to - in the millions - to get the sordid money and try to fix the elevators to save - face. 

Some of the elevators now work and many others may  - may be in time - before the Mayors from all over the United States visit - some of the sites that they have heard about and may want to visit.

The facilities that the SF Housing Authority manages;  that house the indigent, Seniors, the physically and mentally challenged - others that need help - but have all been neglected - all these many, years. And there is more ............

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee knew, well about these problems when he was the City Administrator, more when he was the Director of the Department of Public Works - he could have done some - but did nothing.

June 19-22, 2015 the Mayors from all over the United States will come to San Francisco.

The Mayors  will dine, drink wine, and be lied to - and know one can do that better than  Mayor, Edwin M. Lee and his side kick and partner in crime Willie L. Brown Jr - the former - "thug" mayor of San Francisco.

Protests are planned and you will see the likes of things one has not seen before.

For years now - thousands of homeless have spent years sleeping under the bushes, under the bridges, on the dirty, filthy streets of San Francisco - facing - inclement, weather.

God sees it all - and He in his infinite compassion and wisdom - will reveal to the world - the sordid deeds of Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his minions. One of the worst and most corrupt administration - ever, Room 200 at SF City Hall - stinks with sulphur and sordid actions - that have impacted thousands. Aho.