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Sunday, June 21, 2015


This is Ohlone land - all of this land we call San Francisco.

All this land we call the Bay Area - which is hollowed land - it all belongs to the Ohlone - in the case of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has NO clue - what he is doing. Caught in his foolishness and haughtiness of the moment.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is expanding our City's resources - giving them away - to the "greedy" - encroaching on resources - that we must preserve for future - generations.

Our clean drinking water - that we San Francisco have the audacity to have stolen from Hetch Hetchy - bring this water - pristine water - to waste in San Francisco.

This pristine water lies some 160 miles away. We have land that was clean - now contaminated - and our once - watershed - clean but now contaminated.

We build the many sky scrapers - we use millions of gallons of water to flush our toilets - with pristine clean water - more treated and purified. What a crying shame - and we have a on going - drought!

Every new building - should be mandated to have pipes for clean drinking water - and other pipes to flush the commodes and for washing cars - watering our plants and mundane - stuff.

We are in the year 2015 - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee has not enforced - forwarded thinking environmental policies. He should be ashamed of himself - he and his minions.

His actions are few and his ineptness, shallowness and lack of experience and wisdom - is wanting. He is spiritually - bankrupt and to say it this way - is just a slap on his wrist. He will be responsible - and more be adjudicated - for the worse.

The millions of tons of concrete used to build our skyscrapers - skyscrapers, that have completely changed the skyline - for the worse.

The millions of gallons of concrete - emit Carbon Dioxide that have adversely impact the health - of millions and will affect the lives of many, more decent constituents.

The health of our infants, our children, our youth and young adults, our seniors - and mostly those with compromised - health.

The millions of people that come to our City to stay as tourists, stay for short and long time.

Others who we entice to come and live in San Francisco - such as the "techies" - who have come and offer to pay high rents - depriving those that have lived here - driving them away from their abode.

Thousands of of decent San Francisco - have left San Francisco - decent San Franciscans - who contributed to the unique character of our - one of a kind - neighborhood in San Francisco.

The millions of gallons of sewage - generated - that affects our environment.

It adversely impacts our Bay - the Bay water and all life in our Bay and the neighboring areas.

Our Mayor and his Department of the Environment - do not have any clout to mandate the ordinances - that are on our books.

They talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

We have the Precautionary Principle on our books.

A law - an Ordinance that must be enforced.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee had been reminded and warned by me - many times - but no one wants to enforce the Precautionary Principle.

Simply stated - the Precautionary Principle - states that if there is any adverse impact - that any project - adversely impacts - any life.

We are mandated to halt and pause - do the necessary investigation - before we proceed.

Again and again developers such as the rogue developer Lennar Urban have with intent - poisoned our community.

We know of land that is prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee brags that he wants to build 30,000 units - on such land.

Land that was once the Bay - we used poor infill - to fill the Bay and create this land. Land prone to liquefaction and flooding - more contaminated.

In the case of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - with radioactive elements. The empirical data is there - for all the world to read and analyze. 

Today, with the increase of the Carbon Footprint - we have 400% more Carbon Dioxide in our environment in San Francisco.

One ton of Methane Gas emitted from the landfills - composting - producing over 300,000 tons of Methane Gas all over San Francisco.

One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

The concrete and other mixed aggregate - spews Carbon Dioxide in the air - as much as 500,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide - adversely impacting all life.

Today's politicians are "evil" - just waiting to generate money  - filled with greed.

These "evil" politicians are wasting and destroying resources that we need - for future - generations.

Politicians that have a mentality that is destructive - they do not want to hear from those that know - they lack wisdom - they wallow in their foolishness - of the fading, moment.

This is our clarion call - from the many environmentalists and educationists.

Those experienced builders for good.

Be it engineering, construction, our churches, our schools and universities, transportation, safety, running hospitals, operating facilities for good - folks.

Daily these women and men - that contribute their best - address Quality of Life for good.

We are warning those who with intent - compromise - Quality of life issues - you must be ashamed of yourself - change your mentality - before it is too late.

You talk about shared equity - and do not comprehend that if you have no "heart" - less compassion - there is nothing much - you can share.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee spews hot air - diatribe - he talks a good talk but cannot walk the walk. 

This land all of it belongs to the Native Americans - today most of them live on Reservations - in their own land.

All this in the year 2015.

It only takes a moment to realize who is right and who is wrong.

Very "evil" deed is recognized - leaves a foot print on this Earth - there is a God - and in time there must be restitution.

He laughs best who laughs last.

He that rides a high horse - has a steep fall.