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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Not everyone is following -how the taller 
buildings - are screwing up our San Francisco - skyline.

The skyline is not what is looked some five years ago - you hear it more - when someone who was here in San Francisco before, has been away - and is shocked at what they see!

Mayor Edwin M. Lee caught in the "stupidness of the moment " - now, can take pride that he pushed for a 745 foot building, the tallest on the West Coast of the United States - at 181 Fremont Street.

This tall building will include a mix of office space - residential condominiums in the price range from $3 million to $8 million - and the pricier penthouse units - going for upwards of $10 million and up.

Retail stores - and levels of parking - and more. All for the built for the filthy rich - but let is see come 2018 - who has the last, laugh. Mark my words - better still write down what I predict.

Today, we have thousands of decent, hardworking San Francisco leaving San Francisco for good. The City and this City's Mayor - Edwin M. Lee -his many minions - do not give a rat's - ass. Time will tell.

Others, who are here and very poor - share a one or two bed room - two or three families and sometimes more - living much like those in the Third World countries - even the Third World families -  have better spaces to live.

You can check out the details of 181 Fremont:

Now, daily we hear the Mayor Edwin M. Lee brag about what he has been doing for our great City of San Francisco.

For one thing - Mayor Edwin M. Lee has NO compassion and has no heart.

It does not matter - what he thinks he is doing - as long as daily - thousands are suffering - infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors and those that need help most - are left to fend for themselves - and the Mayor and his minions are responsible for this - mess.

I have been on the top on some of these tall buildings - furnished - lots of space - and more like "adult play dens" - complete with toys that you would desire - but only can dream about - those sordid in their way - wallow and salivate in these dens of vice and more.

It is the "sordid mentality" of the day that rules the norms of the hour.

There is no lack of money - $3 million for a one bed room condominium - on the top of such tall buildings - not right on top - may be four floors, down - just because you have a view!

$8 million for a two bed room - just because - you have a view - now it are more on top - the last three floors.

What has our world come to? Who are these monsters that we are catering to - and what do you think - these monsters have to offer to the world - good - as in wholesome?

Soon, the Mayors from all over the Nation - that is the United States of America - will be coming to San Francisco.

The Mayors will be wined and dined - and lied to - and the one doing the lying and at the frontline will be Mayor Edwin M. Lee a chronic liar - who is having his way - but, not for long.

He better read every line and stop bragging about reading the URBANIST and the shenanigans, ploys and machinations of organizations such as SPUR - funded and controlled by the ZIONISTS.

Recently, the Courts decided that "developers" who confronted the issue about truly building decent affordable housing - more for those making less than $40,000 or even $60,000.

The Court endorsed what some Cities have been pushing for - 15% affordable housing - on anything the developers, build. This case was initiated in San Jose - the adjudication by the Court - affects all cities, towns, and areas in California

For sure if your are low income and no income making below $20,000 - you can forget it.

There is no chance - one can live in San Francisco - if you are poor - and make $15,000 or $20,000 - you cannot even shop in San Francisco - on that meager, income.

Our San Francisco Planning Department has chosen willy nilly - what to do and what not to do - most of the time adversely impacting the tax payers of San Francisco.

Exempting developers from Environmental Review - and creating other sordid obstacles - that are detriment - to progress - for the constituents of San Francisco.

Failing to adjudicate the on going case - where the Academy of Art University with the blessing of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - converted thousands of rental units - into dormitories - for foreign students. Edwin M. Lee was asleep in the cockpit - he was the City Administrator - and did nothing.

It is the same today - as Mayor he has not said a word about the thousands of rental units taken away - by the illegal deeds of the Academy of Art University - that without valid permits - got rid of thousands of rental units - that came under Rent Control.

Truly speaking our City and County of San Francisco - is become GREEDY.

Our City has lost its mind - more its compassion - no one want to to think about the best interests of the ordinary San Franciscan.

No one in the Mayor Edwin M. Lee's Administration - is in favor of decency and fairness - justice and being, considerate.

Values and pertinent factors - that should be viable and sustainable.

Beneficial to all - today, it is all about money - how much money can one make in the shortest, possible time.

How much money one can make by hook or by crook. Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell, Kathy Tang - leading the pack of crooks and the corrupt - all so called Supervisor - not worth the salt.

The SF Board of Supervisors are useless - wasting our time on mundane issues. None of them have vision - because they are NOT leaders. None of them have goals with timelines - because they are beholden to the corrupt - directly and indirectly.

Good leaders show the way, know the way, and go the way.

What way do you think Mayor Edwin M. Lee follows?

He follows the sordid way.

Lying through his teeth - Mayor Edwin M. Lee thinks the many forums, press conferences, his lying will win the people to vote for him - he is mistaken.

Actions count - good actions - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has nothing - to show.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - wants to build 30,000 units - when is fact most of what is wants to build are units he wants to rehab - old public housing units.

Old units - that are contaminated, poor infrastructure and must be torn down.

He does want to build some new housing units - on land that is contaminated - with money from the Federal Government - with crooked developers and Prime who do not pay the sub-contractors.

Primes who do not believe is abatement, mitigation, and proper clean up. We have a Department of Building Inspection - that is lazy and corrupt.

We watch them adjudicate and decided things by talking too much - and none of them have a clear idea - not to they have the right protocols in place.

The blind leading the blind - and Angus McCarthy has been there a long time - and has not managed to change the sordid ways of the crooks and the incompetent. Joe O'Donague would agree with me.

Right now Robert Obiyashi is not paying the sub-contractors - on the many contracts awarded him. Other contractors too - who are cozy with the Contract Monitoring Division - managed by Naomi Kelly - the current City Administrator.

Contractors are suffering - many have gone under - many are people of color - the nonsense has been going on for years.

There are so many contractors that have not been paid for over - 180 days and more - what is Mayor Edwin M. Lee doing about it? Nothing.

Talk is cheap and the Mayor is all about talk - his jokes cheap and shallow - much like his vision - blurred - he speaks with a fork tongue.

All of this is Ohlone land - stolen from the Ohlone - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee is but a pawn - swimming in a "cesspool" - of his own - creation.

Two years from now - in the worst spiraling of the economy - all that you see now - will be standing empty.

White Elephants.

The writing in on the wall - and right now the Zionists are plotting next - steps.

Yes - the EVIL ones are always one step ahead. Aho.

181 Fremont: