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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Way back in the year 2000 some of us revealed to the San Francisco Planning Department - that the then - Housing Element was full of loop holes.  A document brought out every 5 years to give - direction to the SF Planning Department. Since then the last 3 Housing Elements - have all landed in Court.

This says a lot about SF Planning Department.

To date the thousands of units - converted to dormitories by the Academy of Art University - that the SF Planning Department purports to adjudicate - has been a very slow process - already 15 years have passed. For the last 15 years - I have brought this sordid crime to the attention of those that can hear.

All these buildings - most of them under Rent Control - all taken from the market - and not a word by the SF Planning Department and Mayor Edwin M. Lee who is purported to have taken money - to fill his sordid - campaign, coffers.

The Academy of Art University established in for a long time - is a den of crooks - cheating the mostly foreign student and was recently - fined and most of its certification of classes and certificates - revoked. What a shame - for San Francisco and all things - decent.

The SF Planning Department then and now -  has chosen to look the other way - waste the people time - with hearings at the SF Planning Department.

Long, drab meetings on issues that are mundane - that are meant to divert the mind of the constituents of San Francisco - with Negative Declaration and other ploys and machinations - wasting the time of the constituents of San Francisco.

Today our City and County of San Francisco is in a mess - more when it comes to housing for the low income and no income. In fact for anyone that makers below $40,000.

This land  we call today as San Francisco - was stolen from the Muwekma Ohlone - not a word about the Native Americans who took care of this land - for thousands of years.

They Ohone kept - all that we know as the Bay Area and beyond pristine - only for the strangers who landed here with greed in their hearts and all sorts of diseases to contaminate all that was good - we call them generally - Whites.

Corrupt and greedy to the core - these vermin did all in their power to steal the land, rape the Native American women, scalp the Native American men - and up until 1927 - one could fetch $5 for a Scalp.

As before to this day they continue to build a concrete jungle - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - just cannot get it. Spewing thousands of tons of Carbon Dioxide and pollute everything - that adversely impacts all life.

This City and County of San Francisco has the " Precautionary Principle" on its book - but not once will you hear the crooked the likes of London Breed, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell, and Katy Tang - mention the Precautionary Principle - the reason is simple - all the above are Spiritually, bankrupt.

Where will one get all the drinking water - today clean drinking water in the millions of gallons is used to flush the toilets. What Harland Kelly and Juliet Ellis his corrupt side kick doing about this situation?

All new building should be charged more - forced to have dual pipes for plumping - one for grey water - recycled water and one for clean drinking water. If you use clean drinking water - the rates for these buildings - should be be 40% more - the same with electricity - forcing them to go for clean power.

Just the other day we found that the Bayview Hunters Point Core Community Benefits Agreement (CCBA) - has failed to use millions of dollars - that the groups formed - linked to the CCBA - created, to help the people of the Bayview Hunters Point.

These funds are not used - the groups  are fighting one another - the vacant seat meant for a resident in not filled - for a long time now - another dysfunctional entity - with a "crab mentality".

The most important element to note - no meaningful outreach is being done - and no one knows - where, when, and who truly conduct this meeting - if this is not corruption at its highest level - what is?

 Mayor Edwin M. Lee is in bed with Lennar Urban - it in on very contaminated land - that the Mayor is touting he will build 30,000 unit - hogwash.

The mostly Black sell outs who once touted Lennar Urban as some good entity - are now saying the opposite.

The  many who were bused to fight and confront the advocates - bused to City Hall to attend meetings in Room 400, 250, other rooms at City Hall  - decent advocates who way back in the year 2000 - revealed to all - that Lennar could not be trusted.

Lennar, could not be trusted in the year 2000 and it cannot be trusted - today in the year 2015.

Lennar promised the city of Vallejo to build 10,000 housing units on Mare Island - it did not keep its promises.

Lennar, declared bankruptcy - and brought great hardship to the City of Vallejo - which declared - bankruptcy and suffers to this very day. One of the first decent cities to declare bankruptcy in Northern California - not far away from San Francisco - and few know about this glaring, fact. Wake up San Francisco.

Today Lennar Urban  - keeps changing its corporate name - this is the sixth name since its first incorporation in 1998 in Sacramento.

Today, it files its corporation papers in Delaware - the site where the devil makes his abode - better known as the devil's workshop headquarters - Delaware.

Where, the majority of the Credit Card companies make their home.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee that created a mess when it comes to addressing Quality of Life issues. He thinks he can throw money to pacify the people of the Mission - no way.

The people united cannot be ever, defeated. You want the Mission to get back on track - fork out $2 Billion - or shut up or better still F*** Up. Enough is enough - we are fed up with your stupid and vain tricks and ploys. We the people of San Francisco - be it from China Town , the Western Addition, the Bayview, anywhere in San Francisco.

Wait till the people rise up in the Bayview Hunters Point area - it will not be pretty.

That day is coming and those Black sell outs the likes of Dwayne Jones, Angelo King, Derf Butler, Doris Vincent, Linda Richardson, Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle, Sophie Maxwell, others too many to mention - will be taken to task - make no bones about it.

Depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point in the early 1950s. The entire shipyard is contaminated and has been declared a Superfund Site - only the worst contaminated sites are declared a Superfund Site - what does Mayor Edwin M. Lee think of this - nothing!

Willie L. Brown Jr - the former "thug" major of San Francisco - has led the pack of other thugs - to sell EB-5 visas to the Chinese from Mainland China - for $500,000 a pop - these visas give the Chinese an opportunity to stay in our land - the land of the FREE.

Of course Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is a puppet - always has been a puppet -  speaks from both sides of his mouth - not one speech is his own - the Zionists who support him have backed him - but his days - will come to an end.

The suffering  Mayor Edwin M. Lee has created and meted out to the decent constituents of San Francisco -  his unfair policies - cries to heaven for justice.

The increase in Ellis Act cases, the high rents that have put families sleeping on the streets of San Francisco - facing the inclement, weather.

Under the bridges, the bushes, in cars, in buildings that are vacant - living in filthy conditions - the suffering knows no bounds.

The Queer youth  - those that need help - the truant youth - all left to fend for themselves. God is watching - and those that played a role in this mess - will have to pay - retribution.

There is not a City head of Department that I do not know for years - some for as many 30 years plus - and the includes Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Not long ago I invited Mayor Edwin M. Lee to my office at Executive Park, 5 Thomas Mellon Circle - to parley a little and speak my mind - and give him some good  advice.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee  has failed - miserably and the wrath of the people will be on him.

Now as many a crook who has been caught with her or his hand in the cookie jar  - Mayor Edwin M. Lee resorts to -  buying favors.

Spreading blood money to pacify - but, this will not happen in all of San Francisco.

For sure not in the Mission and not anywhere else - be it the Bayview Hunters Point, South of Market Area, the Western Addition, the Exelsior - China Town - all over - people are DISGUSTED - with Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his ploys and machinations.