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Thursday, June 11, 2015


In San Francisco it is NOT going to be business as usual - anymore - not with all the utter, nonsense going on.

More, as the Mayors from all over the United States are coming to town - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee thinks - he can lie to the Mayors - much as he does to the constituents of San Francisco.

Soon the City will celebrated the 100 year anniversary of City Hall - and this Mayor Edwin M. Lee and this minions - have brought disgrace to City Hall and more to San Francisco.

We now see many seniors, the physically challenged and the mentally challenged - other vulnerable folks - who cannot read English - evicted - using the sordid Ellis Act - but also plain - intimidation.

Some landlords use "thugs" to intimidate and I have some and told them to back off. Recently a Google executive - bought a Victorian house - and just like that thinks he can evict those renting his house.

Money cannot buy anything - more in San Francisco - if anyone wants to target the vulnerable - we have folks who will stand our ground - and win.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee at the many press conferences he attends and forums he participates - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee keeps spewing toxic diatribe - that he is doing this and that - that our economy is booming and what no.

The main issue we are facing is suffering.

Infants, children, youth, young adults, senior others most vulnerable are suffering - and the Mayor does not utter one single word about these facts - he likes to paint a rosy picture - he has no heart and he has no compassion.

Not once does Mayor Edwin M. Lee address - suffering - thousands suffering - no food in the house.

The children starving - no money for bare essentials - while we pay the Mayor of San Francisco - in access of $300,000 plus perks.

All this in San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the world.

What the hell is happening? Where is the compassion - the City is named after Saint Francis of Assisi!

The Mayor makes more - wheeling and dealing in Room 200 - some cameras must in installed in that room - for all of us to see - what really happens in Room 220 at City - and consequently - and adverse impacts - all over San Francisco.

This boom is soon turning into a bust.

There are International and National forces - many artificial factors - the problem with this current artificial economic - is that it will spiral down.

It wills spiral down and drown in the "cesspool" of those entities - evil to the core - who have never thought of "shared equity" - selfish to the core - as is the Mayor and his minions.

The BUST will come suddenly - and hit everyone - badly.

God sees everything - more when this land all of it was stolen - from the Ohlone.

The thieves who stole the land, the greedy developers - the now pompous mayor  - has the audacity - again and again when - the Native American celebrations are held - to keep out the Muwekma Ohlone.

The Muwekma Ohlone have the Patrimonial jurisdiction over all of San Francisco and beyond.

I know that Mayor Edwin M. Lee knows well who has patrimonial jurisdiction - over San Francisco.

When he greets me - he will mention the Native Americans - knowing well that he knows - who I am and what I have done for the Muwekma Ohlone - whom I represent and have spoken on their behalf - many, many times.

Well, the Mayor Edwin M. Lee also knows that I defend the Seniors, the physically and mentally challenged. He knows this but he continues to play with fire.


The money he sets aside for whatever he brags he says - he sets aside - are controlled by his minions - very corrupt to the core.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee talks about "shared equity" - it is but a cliche - and means nothing at all - this corrupt man would not know that - not as he is ignorant and not educated on issues. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee's pathetic past working record - when he worked for the SF Human Rights Commission, the Department of Public Works, the SF Contracting Office, as the City Administrator - pushing the policies for the two Mayors he served - Willie L. Brown Jr the Black "thug" mayor of San Francisco.

The Metrosexual Mayor of San Francisco - Gavin Newsom - despicable to the core - and one that one has to watch out - a person who cannot be trusted.

Other Mayors before that - working and acting like a lap dog.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee keeps bragging a lot about housing - the fact of the matter is - the result can be seen - in the lack of Quality of Life issues.

Two and three families living in a one and two bed room units. Children going to school hungry - many cannot get a good night's sleep.

Youth and young adults - truants all over San Francisco.

Queer youth hit most - their plight is worse than the others.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee knows about this - but prefers to speak in "cliches" - painting a rosy picture - about this temporary BOOM that will go BUST - within two years - if not sooner.

The true San Franciscans that made San Francisco are leaving in droves. 20,000 have left in the last 5 years - according to the empirical data - we have collected - not the the one published by vested - interests.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee thinks the techies, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, the other sordid developers will stay in San Francisco - and bring about permanent stay of this on going - artificial, sordid, so called BOOM.
 - let us see. Time will tell.