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Sunday, June 14, 2015


San Francisco has been "nonchalant" when it comes to - seeing things practical - having in mind - a true reality check.

We have a Mayor and his minions - who are caught into some frenzy - bothering on madness - that I liken to - Caligula.

Having a mentality and always picturing themselves in a "party kind of atmosphere" - wait until reality sets in, something really strikes this City - in the ass.

Mention the many faults that can trigger an Earthquake - a Tsuami that has the ideal conditions - San Francisco is surrounded - on three sides by water.

An estuary that can make this happen - easily. They hear but they do not listen.

Closer to the Hetch Hetchy reservoir - we have Mountain Tunnel - that is in very bad shape. The main tunnel or artery that bring clean drinking water from the Hetch Hetchy - reservoir.

Millions of dollars have been expanded - and Mountain Tunnel should have been fixed - a long time ago - but it was not? 

Why not and who is responsible for this folly? Why should we the tax payers - pay more - and why should someone not go to jail?

A big quake - can collapse - this vital tunnel - the Mountain Tunnel.

Not a word from our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who talks from both sides of his mouth - with glee. Has not clue when he brags that we have Hetch Hetchy - that was stolen from the Native Americans - and we stole it - but we cannot preserve, maintain, and protect - our vital interests. Why?

If Mountain Tunnel that is vulnerable right now collapses - we in San Francisco - will suffer a calamity - less water - until our local reservoirs - dry out.

All of our water stolen - from the Native tribes - as I keep mentioning - the Miwoks and the Piutes.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and this minions - would not know that. They are fully satisfied with their $250,000 plus benefit salaries - and give a damn about doing their - job.

During the 1989 earthquake the United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco - came to the rescue of San Francisco.

No City and County of San Francisco - City Department was prepared for any type of major calamity - and I saw that first hand - in 1989 while working for Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

Most of the Department heads today - were peons then - paper pushers - rubber stamping - and most continue to do so - today. Pathetic.

The United States army awarded me the Commander's Award - for my work - during the 1989 Earthquake - that awoke the City and County of San Francisco - in more than one way.

To this day the mostly inept jackasses have NOT learned much - most busy filling their campaign coffers and leading the way - inept, shallow folks like Malia Cohen, London Breed, Mark Farrell, Kathy Tang, Scott Wiener - on the take and always rubber stamping the projects - linked to San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Our San Francisco Police Department lacks air power - I am not talking F18s - but some helicopters - that we need for rescue work - when the Big One - strikes.

Our Fire Department needs rescue boats - not just two - but as many as 20 at least - a baseline number - to address the issues at hand.

Our San Francisco Emergency Management Office is a JOKE.

Tons of talk - mostly behind close doors - always, begging for money - but they do not have the ability right now - to communicate. Lacking radios with clear "bandwidth". As usual tons of talk and no walk.

Noami Kelly the City Administrator has had ample time - to figure out - the needs of our City and County of San Francisco.

However, she has been busy - attending ribbon cuttings, and shallow forums - and has little or no practical experience - when it comes to real Emergencies.

A large Tsuami - will wipe out thousands of homes in the Sunset - most of them sitting on sand - with little reenforcement - worth the salt - when it comes to - "sound home foundations".

The Mayor of San Francisco - for all of his vain talking - less walking the walk.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - wants to build - 30,000 homes on contaminated soil. More prone to flooding and liquefaction - in the Bayview Hunters Point area and Candlestick Point.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee must watch the movie - San Andreas - it will open his freaking - eyes.

The Calavares Dam sits near three faults - the Hayward,Calavares and the San Andreas faults.

A large magnitude Earth Quake - could compromise the Calavares Dam - and flood all of Fremont. Do you think Mayor Edwim M. Lee is full aware of this and the severe, consequences. I bet you no!

If that happens - the City and County of San Francisco bears responsibility - and the entity in charge - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - and its General Manager - Harlan Kelly - who loves to kick the can - down the road - will bear the major responsibility.

Right now Mountain Tunnel, the Irvington Tunnel that should be able to with hand an major earthquake - to provide stability to over 2.6 million Bay Area customers - closer to the Hayward, Calavares, and San Andreas fault - has not been tested.

The tunnel which is 3.5 miles in length - and is situated in tunnels underground - ranging from 30 feet to 700 feet - already has had serious issues - with large steel pipes - the internal diameter 8.5 feet collapsing - under tremendous - pressure.

Several change orders - have made this project so expensive - but, little has been revealed to the public at large.

You would not expect the truth and more accountability with - nefarious and sordid characters like Juliet Ellis - trying to hoodwink the public at large - who is the External Assistant Manager - whatever this sordid title - means.

Incompetent and shallow - Juliet Ellis must be fired - but still continues to hang around - like some raging, cancer.

Charged by the San Francisco Ethics Commission - and the SF Sunshine Task Force - Juliet Ellis still continues - to hoodwink the SF Public Commission.

Others still continue to listen to her - participate in her sordid ploys - a cancer that should be removed from office - more the SF Public Utilities Commission.

San Francisco does not have in place - experienced personnel - well versed with a proven track record - dealing with Emergency situations.

Again and again when we have had a calamity in San Francisco - the Office of Emergency Services Office - has been caught off guard.

It is the same with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - that does not have the ability to address practical issues - if there is a large pipe break - or any collapse of a major infrastructure.

In every case the Department of Public Works - is called - and the process - initiated.

We saw this - when there was a major water break at Union Square - I just happened to be there - to witness the ploys and machinations. Pathetic.

Tutor Saliba the Prime that caused the break - was let go with no serious warning - the near by - high end stores - suffered major losses - Saks Fifth and others.

Right now we have hundreds of major leaks - millions of gallons of clean drinking water leeching. No one is taking this issue seriously - not even in this - current, drought.

The pipes that I am talking about are over 85 years old - corroded - and as I said -  we have no real time ability to monitor the leaks. 

The SF Public Utilities Commission talks about conserving water - it itself waste water - is no responsible - and must be investigated and charged. Some one must be sent to jail.

Again the SF Public Utilities Commission has no practical experience - when it comes - to real time leaks - the SF Public Utilities Commission talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.  

Recently, the Bay Area Clean Water Agency (BACWA) representative mentioned about the Mountain Tunnel.

Lack of serious attention to Mountain Tunnel and any premature major shut down of serious nature - could adversely affect millions of BACWA and San Francisco - customers.

Years after - I brought the serious concerns linked to Mount Tunnel, Calavares Dam, and Irvington Tunnel - before the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Known for its blatant racism and nilly willy - actions. Now others are talking about the above mentioned issues -  linked to Mountain Tunnel and so on - the SF Public Utilities Commission is nonchalant and can remain nonchalant - until they learn their lesson first hand - very soon.

Some of us advocates use to attend the SF Public Utilities Commission meeting - no more.

These racists can drown in the "cesspool" of their own creation - after all our number two is their number one. Go figure!

Let the the racist SF Public Utilities Commission - do what they want to do.

Continue to rubber stamp and waste millions of tax payers money.

More, with corrupt and nefarious people like Juliet Ellis - who are paid over $200,000 plus benefits - are inept - and given free - reign.