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Thursday, June 25, 2015


We embrace everyone in San Francisco - but for sure not some - sordid and nefarious - San Francisco very corrupt and crooked Supervisors.

The "Crooked Six" - London Breed, Mark Farrell, Julie Christensen, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener, and Malia Cohen.

London Breed - the "ghetto queen" brings nothing good from the "ghetto" - but the ignorance and arrogance - she displays - more she is - in a tight spot. 

Mark Farrell must ask himself - every single day - why did he lie and deprive Janet Riley from becoming the District 2 Supervisor? Why did he break the law - to steal his District 2 - elections?

Julie Christensen is in bed with the developers - she is busy wheeling and dealing - and one has just to check into the line item donations - made to her "sordid" campaign coffers.

Her remarks - those people - referring to people adversely affected - was noted - and during public comment - many reminded her of true San Franciscans - who stand for what is right and decent. She lacks etiquette. 

Katy Tang for all her talk - shredded important documents - and to this day - believes she did nothing - wrong.

She is a weasel not to be trusted. 

Katy Tang is quick to harass - the cottage prostitution in her District 4.
Whoring - prices and all marketed in the local Chinese papers - a budding cottage industry that has been established for years - in District 10.

Katy Tang - is after massage parlors - but she has forgotten that she has no morals, less ethics, and shredded documents that she should have archived. She love to point fingers at others - when she was caught - with her sordid fingers - in the cookie jar!

Scott Wiener - all you got to do is watch this pompous fool.

Scott Wiener - is all over the place - sometimes attending two meetings - going on at the same time. On Monday he was at the Budget Committee meeting - and the Land Use - moving from place to place - just to be heard - at both meetings - and make waves.

Scott Wiener - loves to talk - spew diatribe - and the youth and young adults - hate his guts.

This sordid man who once targeted "queer youth" - gathering in a private park.

Today, Scott Wiener loves to legislate everything - many mundane issues - bothering and pestering - decent, hard working - tax payers.

Malia Cohen the ultimate - "political whore" - to know her present ploys - one must know her past.

Insincere, inept, shallow - she opens her mouth - and shoves her - dirty foot - each and every time.

We love our Crooked Street in San Francisco - the beautiful flowers - the curved streets - with a view.

Many international and national tourists love this street - and it does bring - much love - good vibes - and the right attraction to our City and Count of San Francisco.

We cannot say that of our Crooked Six - the San Francisco - Board of Supervisors - who are nefarious - and have created - divisiveness - all over San Francisco.

It is not easy to represent - and each of the Six Crooked San Francisco - Board of Supervisors - London Breed, Mark Farrell, Julie Christensen, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener, and Malia Cohen - are for themselves, first - selfish to the core.

Each of these "crooked" Board of Supervisors - are not for the decent, hardworking, tax paying citizens - who pay their - huge, salaries.

Today, these "sordid" SF Board of Supervisors make in access of $150,000 plus benefits - with perks that - they do not deserve.

For sure NOT these six - crooked San Francisco Board of Supervisors - Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, and Julie Christensen.

Recently, the above six crooked SF Supervisors - voted against the wishes of the people - when it came to - "Community Policing".

In San Francisco we already have the "empirical data" - we can if we wish zero in on the PERF document.

Read, the salient paragraphs - linked to Police Staffing, Community Policing, Killings and Shooting in San Francisco, home and car break-ins, assaults, petty crimes - and each one can make up their mind.

Here is the Police Executive Research Forum - (PERF) report:

We have similar documents - on the failed City Build and what it purports to be training - wasting millions - and not providing the "needed skills" - for our youth and young, adults.

We have similar documents when it come to housing for low income and no income.

Documentation when it comes to congestion, the increase in the Carbon Foot-print, truancy, lack of child care,Elder abuse - and so on and so forth.

San Franciscans cannot be taken for a ride not anymore.

You crooked Six are put on notice.

We are organized - you seem not to care - and we can - "shut you all down" - at a moment's notice. We have before and we will in the future - makes no bones about that.

We have been watching the "Crooked Six" for a long, long time - especially Malia Cohen,Scott Wiener, London Breed, and Mark Farrell.

Julie Christensen and Katy Tang - are nefarious too - but the first group is worse.

San Francisco embrace all - and we love to give people a chance - but, as we all have seen - again and again - the "Crooked Six" are not to be trusted.

The rest of the San Francisco - Board of Supervisors - have their work cut out for them.

We tax payers - have seen this again and again - when it comes to housing, education, safety, child care, the homeless, transportation, community policing, gentrification - and so on - how the Crooked Six - treat San Franciscans - with disdain.

So David Campos, John Avalos, Jane Kim, Norman Yee, and Eric Mar - have their work cut out for them - as I have said and I will - repeat.

It is not going to be easy - working against the "devils" - working round the clock - to create - "divisiveness".

We the people - UNITED - we never, ever - be defeated.

This is Ohlone land all of it - we know - who we want to embrace and who we do not.

For sure not those who create - divisiveness. Aho. 

Good leaders show the way, know the way, and more importantly - go the way. Aho.