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Friday, July 3, 2015


The United States has doubled our National Debt - which is in the trillions -  since the year 2006.

It does not come as any surprise for our Federal Reserve Bank to print trillions of dollars - to fill any void - print trillions and borrow trillion more - you just have to " google" to find hundreds of articles - on this subject.

Much before the spiraling of our economy in the year 2008.  Many of us predicted the spiraling of the economy - and were laughed yet.

Sub-prime loans and other ploys and machinations - were used to entice and trap people by the United State banks and more by large financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, City Bank, Bank of America and so on.

Most of those who took the money from the evil lenders - landed with huge balloon payments - and even more directly and indirectly loosing their savings, their homes, and more.

It was the same with Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae who controlled a majority piece of the piece - in all of the mortgages - in all of the United States of America - over 70 percent.

An incredible 49% of Americans are receiving benefits from at least one government program every single month - today.

We have a population of about 314 million in the United States. The area we call the United States of America - some, 3,717,812.8 square miles.

On another level - just for your information - we have about 245 million Internet users - and about 152 million Facebook users.

With the current economy woes facing Greece which belongs the monetary group that uses the Euro - the other world economies are looking with fear and more despair.

According to experts now - the experts say Greece has two choices - stay with the Euro community - and live with even deep cuts, sacrifices - and more hostile dictation to Greece - by other Euro nations.

Greece can go back to their former national monetary currency or choose another form of currency and do better.

There are monopolies many of them from outside Greece and many from the United States of America - that played hell with not only Greece and its economic woes - but that of other countries like Spain, Portugal, and even France and Italy. Time will tell.

In the mean time here in San Francisco - trillions of dollars are available for development - the money mostly comes from China - the filthy rich Chinese - want some equity to hold to.

Building and owning sky scrapers is one form of building equity - trading their blood money - here in the United States - with the help of Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his evil minions. 

Much the same as the Japanese spent billions of their money - the yen - in the 1980s. Only for the yen to lose ground - and be devoid of trillions of yen - the Japanese - currency that has not yet recovered - full after all these, years.

As when the economic virus spreads - the poorer countries suffer - known as the - Third World Countries - or as I would prefer to call the - Underdeveloped Countries.

In China there is so much volatility that those who are losing large sums of money - are desperate.

The developers - who have built thousands of units - all empty - entire cities built to units with no humans in them - all standing empty of these - last 5 years.

There is only so much loss the people can deal with - and if we have riots in China - we will have the same elsewhere.

The Chinese Yuan - the monetary standard of doing business - is losing ground. Our dollar too is losing ground - but artificially - propped up.

What helps us in the United States is that so far our dollar has been used as the standard monetary mark - against all other currencies.

We have some clout as long as our dollar is recognized and used as some monetary international - standard. But, for how long?

The other not so well known factor - we can print and we do print - to circulate as much money as we want - to pay our debts and to stash our banks - and artificially prop our shallow - economy.

In 1913 the Federal Bank that we know today - was taken over - during the Christmas holidays.

The take over was conducted by some uncouth characters.

The Federal Bank - has nothing much to do with the Federal Government - our United States Government as we know it - the Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank.

Once for each dollar we circulated in this country- there was gold stashed to give the dollar its real value.

No more - today the dollar - truly speaking is worth less than 4% its normal worth.

It cost much more to print the dollar - and anyone who know something about the monetary workings - will tell you that.

So what is our future - with the economic crises facing so many countries ?

More - struggling against the evil ploys and greed - of the bankers, the large financial institution in the United States that were bailed in 2008.

Why did the United States government do so - bail the many crooked financial institutions?

Other large corporations like General Motors and others?

Who will pay the large losses we all encountered - with our personal savings, our retirement savings, other investments - our United States government looked the other - most decent,hard working tax paying Americans ask way?

When this crisis hits us all - below the belt - who will come to our rescue?

We must remember this and more this Fourth of July, 2015.

We were taken for a ride - not too long ago - in the year 2015 - nothing much has changed.

We the people of the United States - must not be taken for a ride - ever.

We must be united and vigilant.

We already see the high prices of rental units - artificially created - to further divide the people.

The poor hard working people and the filthy rich who spend $5 thousand and more a day - eating and drinking and making - merry.

The poor making less than $12 thousand a year.

San Francisco City employees making in access of $120 thousand a year - and many making over $250 thousands with benefits and perks.