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Monday, June 22, 2015


San Franciscans are simply fed up with our San Francisco - Board of Supervisors.Not all of them but some of them - we know not to generalize. 

Leading the pack - lacking morals, spiritually bankrupt, and devious London Breed and Malia Cohen - despicable to the very core - inept, shallow -  and more very "evil".

Why would London Breed agree to place Malia Cohen on the Land Use Committee - and more as the Chair - only for one purpose - to push for the hidden agenda - these two devious women share - make hay while the sun shines.

Some police matter was introduced at the Land Use meeting - a couple of days ago - and the "idiot" who introduce the matter - was Malia Cohen herself - the matter at hand - community policing.

This woman has no clue about Community Policing - her District leads all other District - lacking Quality of Life issues - increase in killings, shootings, and other crimes such as assaults, home robberies, car thefts and so on.

Then suddenly - Malia Cohen who is the Chair of the Land Use Committee - walks away - from the meeting - stating she has yet another meeting - a side meeting to attend - which speak to their lack of scheduling - willy nilly - and she does as she pleases - to the detriment of those that  she supposedly - represents.

Leaving the "agenda item" on policing in San Francisco - in the hands - of her side side - Scott Wiener. Scott Wiener - another one of those Supervisors - who love to wag his tongue.

Pissing off the many constituents of San Francisco - who had some choice words for Malia Cohen - her arrogance - and the nonchalant manner - she conducted the Land Use Meeting.

Malia Cohen has been an utter failure - when it comes to addressing Quality of Life issues - and more sensitive issues - like Community Policing.

She has failed to address the "homeless situation" in District 10 - failed to address the truancy and many youth and young adults - who are suffering - from lack of support and more attention.

Several members of the public commented on Malia Cohen's behavior - childish, immature, arrogant - and simple put - despicable.

Malia Cohen has NO clue about policing - she is "political whore" - in very sense of the word. She has been pandering to the "developers" - stashing as much cash as she can - into her campaign - coffers. Wheeling and dealing - and she thinks - we the people - who cannot be defeated - will give her a - pass.

Pandering to those that do not have the best interests of San Franciscans - is what Malia Cohen does best. You just have to watch and tally the many times she votes - against the decent constituents of San Francisco.

Shame on Malia Cohen. Whoring is what Malia Cohen does best.
Selling herself to the highest - bidder.

She once bought a condominium at Executive Park for over $580,000 around 2008 - and within a short period - she and this condominium went under. Poor judgement and very poor management skills - in all matters - fiscal. 

Yet today this sordid woman - stupid to the core - sits on the Pension Committee - trying to tell us something - and now putting the City's pension assets on the line - she thinks she will get away with murder - now everyone is watching her.

It was just around the time - she ran for Supervisor of District 10 - that Malia Cohen lost her home. She has no other place to go - but go to her parents home - on Silliman Street - in the Portola District - in District 9. Malia Cohen represent District 10.

She had no place to live in District 10 - which I repeat - and she had no home - and so lived for a long time in District 9 - with her parents. This was illegal - something - Malia Cohen will not admit.

When this fact was brought to the fore - she went to live at Potrero Hill - within District 10 - where she make her abode now.

Living with mostly White folks - wheeling and dealing and sell her clap to the highest - bidder.

For months Malia Cohen lived illegally in District 9 - and she should be ashamed of herself. Her campaign posters - and her illegal activities are all documented. From day one - Malia Cohen has not been sincere, truthful - as most chronic whores are - they lie to lay down with the highest - bidder.

Community Policing as we know it - those of us that have experience - does not exist in San Francisco.

One of the reasons is that folks like Malia Cohen - will embrace mostly Black Sell outs - who have no clue - to bark up the wrong tree - talk about "community policing" - but these mostly Black sell outs - do not have the "guts" to do the real, practical - work.

The result blatant and rampant killings - mostly Black on Black killings - and Malia Cohen is intrinsically part of this - acute and inherent, problem.

No one worth the salt - respects Malia Cohen - so it is not even worth to bring any remote - not worth the salt, issue - to the attention of any reader.

Malia Cohen is worthless - and what describes her best - is a "political whore".

June 22, 2015 there were are number of things going on at City Hall - and I have to at least visit City Hall - from time to time - to see things for myself - what is being deliberated and how it is being - deliberated.

I attended some of the deliberations linked to the on going Budget - before that collected my 2015 copy from the Controller's Office of the Proposed Budget and Appropriation Ordinance as of June 1, 2015.

A number of critical issues were brought up - at the Budget Session - by various City Departments.

There is money coming in - and some Departments - are wasting money - and others keep begging for money - but there is "no traction" - in the right direction - mostly because of very poor leadership.

You get to meet and see some of those I respect Jeff Adachi, Ben Rosenfield, Chief Hayes of the Fire Department, the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, others who I prefer to witness state their cases - and see and hear and feel the tension of the moment.

Kathy Tang, Scott Wiener, and Mark Farrell stand out as wanabees who say a lot - but mean nothing at all. Hot air - diatribe that simply spew - toxic air and contaminate the environment. Our City is all the more poor - from the saying and doings - of such - "vermin".

The Fire Chief needs the right personnel to achieve what she wants to achieve with standards - in the short and long run.

As things happen - the short sighted - who have no vision - always have their way. The Fire Chief pleaded her case - but, it fell on deaf ears. Time will tell.

The Mayor wants 30,000 units to accommodate what he thinks he can build - it is mostly talk - and no walk.

30,000 units on contaminated land - prone to liquefaction and flooding - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Some time ago the matter came up - when an entire block burnt down - at Mission Bay - the scaffolding and wooden frames - incinerated in minutes.

The fire fighters did what they could - the wind was blowing hard in access of 50 miles per hour - and there was no pressure in our hydrants.

On another note when Lennar Urban came with some plans - at the Land Use - the newer roads planned for the future - where thousands of units are planned.

These new and very narrow roads - planned with no vision and no sound planning in sight - with absolute - no accommodation - for the longer fire trucks.

Even less accommodation with sound hydrants and more with sound pressure.

What is our SF Planning Department doing? What is our Department of Building Inspection doing? Who is the Chair of the Land Use and what the freaking hell is happening? Who is in charge? One blind person - leading the other?

Good departments need people with vision and sound leadership - good leaders show the way, know the way, and go the way.

Apparently our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - the few I mentioned - have no clue what real is necessary and what really matters.

Mark Farrell from District 2 - the  haughty Marina District - is one of them - he talks a good talk - but he has not walked the walked.

He stole his election in his District 2 - lying, putting down his opponent - Janet Riley - few know about this fact.

Those that know about the fact - accept "Ali Babba"  comfortably -in the den of thieves.

At Public Comment - even before I said anything - Mark Farrell proceed to state what Public Comment was all about.

He, in other words what me to say - what he wanted me to say - and on one dictates to me.
Never has - and never will.

Mark Farrell has joined the ranks of the good for nothing - immoral and devious - politician of sorts. Even with his faulty Jesuit education.

Really speaking I had got my copy - on the Proposed 2015 Budget - and wanted to thank everyone who worked hard - and that was about the gist of what my "public comment" was going to be. My comment has to deal with the matter at hand - the  crazy unwarranted comments of Mark Farrell - the Chair of the Budget Committee.

There is a crazy, blabber mouth, Chinese man - who attends the meetings at City Hall - and utters things that no one comprehends.

Mark Farrell and the others tolerate this Chinese man and the on going nonsense.

We get these crazy folks who I suppose on some level are akin to some of the SF Board of Supervisors - they share the same DNA.

City Hall is not what is used to be - the wheeling and dealing has reached - a saturation point - for the worse.

The folks in the San Francisco Mission have it right - put things on the Ballot - and then let us see who wins.

We gathered thousands of valid signatures twice once to fight Redevelopment in the Bayview - 33,000 signature City wide in 2002.

And then again - over 30,000 signatures - in 2004 - as part of Proposition F - against Proposition G - where Lennar Urban spend in access of $10 million dollars.

As the proponent of Proposition F - we spend a measly 5 thousands dollars.

We need to boot some of these "sordid San Francisco Supervisors - good for nothing - political pimps and whores - kick them out for good.

Use the RICO Act and send some to jail for a long, long time. The empirical data and documentation is there - to bring the charges.