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Thursday, June 18, 2015


We are living in the days of "deceit" and one has just to listen to our Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - look at you in the eye - and lie.

When he says - "shared prosperity" - that is what he wants you to hear.

It is what he wants you to hear and make you feel good - for a second.

After that to hell with you - he will promise you the world - and give you - peanuts.

He is in bed with Salesforce, Google, Facebook, Robert Obayashi, Nibbi Brothers, Swinerton, other dubious and nefarious entities - who contribute to the campaign coffers - of the the Mayor and SF Supervisors for favors - aid by Platinum Consultants.

Our City and County of San Francisco is gone down the drain - and into the "cesspool" of the Mayor own creation.

A toxic, foul smelling, hazardous pool - never, ever seen - before. The stench strongest around Room 200 at SF City Hall.

The Mayor is playing with fire.

The homeless now live on the streets - and joining them - many families - and the Mayor per se - does not give a rat ass.

Our streets are congested - and the Mayor thinks nothing of that.

It takes half a hour - many a times - to cross two short City blocks.

You could walk - but, what can one do - if you are driving and need the car - for other errands and so on and so forth.

Our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors - others who have compromised health - are suffering.

The mentally challenged are on the increase - and the paradox is that today in San Francisco - the Sheriff's Department and our elected Sheriff - Ross Mirkarimi - takes care of those mentally challenged - and this as a last - resort.

Truancy is on the increase - and there is no plan to deal with the youth and young adults - skipping school.

More - getting into  trouble, getting charged - spending time in jail -  learning the worst things from the other - jail birds - and then going - down the drain from there.

Families cannot stay in San Francisco - it is becoming too expensive.

Young women are falling prey to prostitution and other vices - just to make ends meet. Often involved in such nefarious activities - to help their families.

In short on many fronts - Quality of Life is compromised all over the City of San Francisco.

The techies have changed the character of our neighborhoods - they are all over now - even in the Portola District - where you hardly saw any - buying homes - right, left and center and bringing their sordid ways with them.

At San Francisco City Hall - our mostly drab and shallow San Francisco - Board of Supervisors - are fast asleep - in the cockpit.

Talking in circles - and dealing with mundane stuff not worth the salt. No one seems to care and less represent. All the want is to make money the fast way and the evil way.

Leading the list of the worst corrupt - in bed with developers - amassing illegal wealth - Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell.

Recently we had an opportunity to teach and educate Oracle and companies like Oracle who force the City to buy their software and hardware.

They then stay in business - using their software and hardware - tied to Master Agreements - milking the City - which means the tax payers.

Millions of dollars for software and hardware that does not even keep up with modern and contemporary technology.

When it came to voting to make changes and permit other smaller and better companies to offer better products.

More - viable and sustainable - only two SF Board of Supervisors voted for what is just and fair - and makes sense - Jane Kim and David Campos.

The others Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, John Avalos, Norman Yee, Mark Farrell, Julie Christensen, and Eric Mar - voted for Oracle and the on going ploys and shenanigans - why?

The people united cannot be defeated.

Watch for the fireworks - you will not be given notice.

At short notice a smoke signal will be sent - for all to watch and take through - notice.

We have done it before and we will do it again, and again and again.