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Saturday, June 27, 2015


A.M.E Church in Charleston, South Carolina

The "hymn" Amazing Grace sung by the President of the United States at a moment - we all - were thinking about other important, sensitive issues.

Lyrics to the hymn to - Amazing Grace:

But, just that were brought to one place - to focus on "slavery" and the affects of slavery all these many years.

When the President - Barack Hussein Obama - began to sing this "hymn" - and all of us - just like that - joined the President - wherever we were - cries when to heaven and history was made.

This one moment - will go down in history - a moment that will be remembered - the church situated in Charleston - the South Carolina Church - were this Black United States President - left his legacy - forever.

What a poignant moment - when he spoke to the "TRUTH" - spoke about slavery - and all that slavery and those who were involved with the practice of slavery.

Actions demeaning, disgraceful, full of disdain - something we should put aside - if we consider ourselves human - they come out with excuses - and further demeaning themselves - those that still carry on as if all is fine. It is not.

Here is a article - with the President singing Amazing Grace - what a great moment for all of us - human to appreciate and thank God for:

With this said - the Confederate Flag - for whatever it means and stand for to the racists.

To those that want to preserve the memory of that demeaning flag - the "Confederate Flag" - the many who worshipped that flag - that favors the demeaning of humanity - and for sure - favored - slavery.

Our Black President - Barack Hussein Obama - was voted in - by millions of us.

Many of us independent voters - to bring about change.

To give HOPE - wipe out "student debt".

To bring HOPE to poor families - to give opportunities to those that need a little push - "people of color".

To give HOPE to - single mothers.

To make it easy for - "QUEER folks" - all over this in the land to be free and contribute - just like the rest of us.

To give HOPE and offer "health care" and other opportunities to those that needed it most.

To thank the Native Americans - whose land this is - Turtle Island now the United States - who have so graciously accepted us all.

The most demeaning act any other human being can display - that comes to being a "devil" - which is "evil" is with intent - to slave another human being.

With intent - work against the helping any other human being that needs help.

The worst act one can commit is to take the freedom of any human being - implement and practice - slavery.

It is important for us all - to understand what is "freedom" and what is "license". The abuse of freedom is license.

So, when some politicians the likes of Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang,Julie Christensen, and Mark Farrell - say one thing - and practice "evil" - and that with intent - we need to stand together - and check them out.

These so called politicians work for themselves - and divide people - keep people down - and use forces that we know - who they are - to keep - decent people down.

This is modern day or contemporary - slavery.

Our politicians today - most of them do not represent - they play us - asking us to be "politically correct" - there is nothing wrong - whatsoever - to call a spade a spade.

We have political whores - selling themselves to the highest bidder at City Hall. They even wear make up and look like whores.

Working against the poor and those that need help, most - keeping innocent, hardworking, tax paying constituents down - this is - "modern slavery".

The slave owners used verbosity - calling people names, controlling the slaves by whipping them, hanging them, cutting their limbs and pulling their limbs asunder.

Using other methods - liked tearing their limbs by having drawn horses - move in different directions and more. All this while the other slaves - witnessed these despicable acts.

Today we know who are the House Negroes - and who are the field Negroes. We know their place - and we know - who are the sell outs.

The "Crab Mentality" must ceases - and those that sell out their own - must be accountable - for sure they will NOT escape the judgement of God.

Today, our Constitution lays down what our rights are.

But even in this Constitution - the right to vote was denied to many - to all women until very recently.

To people of color until the early 1960's - not too long ago.

There is still work to be done - when it comes to voting - more to tweak legislation - linked to the Native Americans - many of them are not put on the "Federal Register".

In their own land these tribes - Native American tribes are considered - second class citizens - others, live on Reservations - here on Turtle Island - today renamed the United States.

The Great Spirit watches it all.

Many Blacks in the South - especially those today nearing their nineties and beyond - did not have Birth Certificates.

Many still to this day - do not have Identification Cards.

Many are denied other rights - that most of us on the West Coast of America - and other progressive States - offer our citizens of the United States of America.

The Confederate Flag - anyway you look at it - should be placed in the Museum.

A true description given for what the "Confederate Flag" stands for - pros and cons. It should not be flown -  in public.

What happened in the AME Church in Charleston - South Carolina - during the course of that Bible Study - is despicable.The shooting and killing of nine innocent - people.

Only cowards do that - we know it - and yet, for those church members - to forgive the "devil himself" - speaks volumes.

Hate groups like the KKK, others like those that worship the NAZI flag, still others that target the wiping out of a certain segment of the population - are despicable.

But so are politicians who harm thousands by passing legislation that has not be vetted and adversely - impact thousands and millions.

Politicians - who every second of their lives - are busy filling their campaign coffers - and NOT serving - the people of San Francisco or be it any other local, State, or Federal jurisdiction.

This Captain traded slaves for a long time. Then one one he got religion. If you study words of "Amazing Grace" - it says a lot. He repented, he gave back - he changed his life for the good of all.

The President addressed many issues linked to racism at the AME Church where he went to pay his respects to the NINE innocent - who were killed. 

The President was up front and personal - and by singing "Amazing Grace" - shared with us - his deepest feelings, his thoughts, and his firm intention and aspirations.

More - to deal with blatant - on going racism in the United States of America and here rampant - in San Francisco too.

Politicians who keep poor people down, failing to provide housing, failing to address education and truancy among the youth and young adults.

Deferred maintenance when it comes to Quality of Life issues - all that and more that those who should represent - do not do - and less - represent.

The fluff and verbosity of those that make in access of $200,000 and some $300,000 - and they talk about - "shared equity". Shared equity my foot.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee thinks he can fool - all the people - all the time. He should know better.

Lyrics to the "hymn" - Amazing Grace: