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Friday, June 19, 2015


Once San Francisco was known for its compassion - and more for embracing its people - tourists and those folks like queer folks - who wanted some succor and peace of mind - and found it on Ohlone land.

This is Oholone land - stolen by the Whites - who up until 1927 - could "scalp" a Native American and fetch - a measly $5 - that was not long ago.

We must know history - and understand that restitution is not a "cheap" word - the time for "restitution" and honoring the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone - is now.

Native American children were taken away from their parents and put into boarding schools to be brainwashed.

The Hetch Hetchy Valley some 180 miles away from San Francisco was stolen - the Valley damned so that San Francisco - could get clean drinking water.

We fail to mention the Miwoks, the Piutes, other Native American tribes that were abused their land stolen - and the tribes abused. All by the makers and shakers - "the evil politicians of the day" - from San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed us all:

The Whites called the others who deserved respect - the Native Americans - savages.

The Whites - the strangers - realized their "greed" and their arrogance - and now comprehend full who were the real - savages - the Whites, themselves.

Today, the politicians - fondly called "political whores and pimps" are just that - be it Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Other politicians - folks like London Breed, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, and Mark Farrell - are just that - nothing less and nothing more.

Does Mark Farrell ever reflect and think for a moment - how is worked against Janet Riley to steal the election from her. Breaking laws and failing to provide the Election Commission with the right - documents.

Katy Tang - getting her "senior moment" and shredding documents that she has to maintain - in her archives. For all her talk - she is shallow, inept and a liar.

Instead of doing her job - she is after "massage parlors " - the many prostitutes in District 4 - mostly Chinese who ply their trade - not being able to get a decent job - not speaking English - and offering their "claps" - for a price.

London Breed for all her talk and trying to intimidate the "public at large" is as fake as they come.

London Breed - a sell out - who is in bed with the "developers". Making deals behind close doors. Her toughness is shallow - and her time will come - sooner nor latter - when those that vote for her - will disown, her.

It is the same with Malia Cohen - as political whores go - she is there - right on top - making the honor list. She has no soul - she is - "cardboard".

Malia Cohen- amassing - all the money she can - while failing to represent.

She is against the poor, the indigent, those homeless that she has done nothing - but look the other - way.

Malia Cohen - talks the talk -  she is as fake as fake can be.

Malia Cohen cannot possibly walk the walk.
She is spiritually bankrupt and in bed with the devil - she is "evil" - if you get my drift.

Scott Wiener - truly thinks the more he talks - those long speeches - shallow - a broken record - boring.

Scott Wiener - wants to be the next mayor of San Francisco - but as you may guess - we San Franciscans know better.

The San Francisco politicians have failed to represent in a big way - shown disrespect to thousands of decent, hardworking, tax paying - San Franciscans.

More, Mayor Edwin M. Lee a transplant from the north - Washington State - who has gone - south.

San Francisco has been very good to him - but he has turned his back - on those that have helped him.

Today, as the Mayors meet from all over the Nation - he will be lying, again.

The Mayors know well - that Quality of Life issues - have been compromised in San Francisco - and they can see for themselves and more listen to those that will speak the - truth.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has increased the divide - between those that need help - and have to work two and three jobs - to make ends meet.

We have three and four families - leaving together - where just one family should live - this is a crime - crying the heaven for - justice and fair play.

Our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, others that need help most - are left to defend themselves.

Thousands of decent families - cannot take it anymore - and so have left San Francisco - and this loss - is something that will haunt this City and County of San Francisco - for many years to come.

Hundreds of homeless - sleeping under the bridges, under the bushes, - here, there - everywhere - facing the inclement - weather.

It has become fashionable for some politicians - to seek politics not so much to serve the people - listen to them at Public Comment at City Hall - but to fill their "campaign coffers".

They use their sordid positions to dictate and be dictatorial. Making tall speeches - without any content - failing to represent - and pushing the agenda - of those that bribe and pay them.

On the frontline exercising their "sordid ways" - London Breed, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell, Julie Christensen, Katy Tang, and the Zionist - Scott Wiener.

We the people united - will never, ever be defeated.

In the past we have brought Lennar Urban to their knees. Lennar Urban has no place in San Francisco.

In the past we have gone in the thousands to Sacramento and expressed our views.

We handled the logistics and we made good things happen - we represent - where our politicians - sold out.

We have thousands of photographs, videos, and documentation - to prove - what we did and what we can.

Recently, we shut down City Hall twice - and the corrupt politicians - had nothing much to say.

Those corrupt politicians - like London Breed, Malia Cohen, Julie Christensen, Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang - other minions who work for Mayor Edwin M. Lee - have failed - San Francisco and more San Franciscans.

The politicians must understand that our United States Constitution backs the constituents of San Francisco. 

There is no one  - among the San Francisco politicians who has served the Nation in any capacity - in the Armed Forces.

It is this lack of experience - this lack of sensitivity - that brings about the shallow experience - the sordidness - and lack of comprehending the rights of those that supposedly voted for these folks.

Folks who should represent - representatives who should deliver, representatives who should listen - the arrogant representatives, inept - buffoons - the ones that I have mentioned above.

In the past we have mentioned do not play with fire - but these buffoons - continue to play with fire. 

Time is running out - and we the people - united will never, ever be defeated.

We are watching you "vermin" - the heifer London Breed, the most corrupt and fake Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell who illegally won the election.

Katy Tang who talks a good talk - but is insincere and was anointed, the same with Julie Christensen - using phrases like "those people" - while addressing - " the public at large " - in Room 250 at San Francisco's City Hall.

Scott Wiener - the Zionists whose aspiration is to become the next Mayor of San Francisco - keep on dreaming.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee who has been an utter failure - digging his own grave - and thinking that his Press Conference, the fake forums, his fake speeches will take him somewhere.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who I have known for many years - his actions are shallow.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - must be sincere and listen to the people.

Mayor Edwin M. lee listens to the crooks - the likes of AirBnB, Salesforce, Twitter that get "tax breaks' and do not have the best interests - of good, decent, hardworking - San Franciscans.

This City and this land - we call San Francisco and the Bay Area - Ohlone land was stolen.

We mention often that this City is named after Saint Francis Assisi.

Also for thousands of years - the Ohlone took care of this land. No kudos - no mention - of that glaring fact.

God sees it all - and God is a witness to the sordid deeds - of our politicians.

The many minions who get fat salaries - and are lazy - have disdain for the decent constituents of San Francisco - tax payers - who pay their fat salaries. Aho.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed San Franciscans: