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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Each of leaders who heads some major City Department in our City and County of San Francisco are known to me personally.

We know the ability of the leaders - but, I also know - those who take the easy route - and abide by the norms of filthy, dirty, evil - politics. The time has reached to do right - and neutralize all that is - "evil".

Both the Chief of Police here in San Francisco - Chief Gregory Suhr and our Sheriff - Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - are my personal friends. I have know them for a long time and keep in touch with them - from time to time.

Both of them are decent men - who have the best interests of San Franciscans.

We, the community leaders, more the people united - the youth and young adults - can approach them with viable and sustainable ideas - for the good of the community.

They both have an open door policy - and will listen - first we must start with communication - there is nothing like communication - and we can do a better job - here in San Francisco.

Most of you will remember - that on April 14, 2015 we shut down City Hall and sent a message to all those that underestimated our capacity.

In all things that work well - capacity building is what counts - if we say - we will do something - believe me we will do it - and have nothing it.

Of course our Mayor Edwin M. Lee was in Sacramento on April 14, 2015 - he knew about the protest - through his informers - but he never, ever expected - that City Hall - the "palace of the people" - would be shut down - and it did.

After all what counts for him to know - is that City Hall belongs to the people - it is " the palace of the people".

Since that time on four occasions San Francisco - City Hall has encountered protests - that in some fashion - has disrupted - " business as usual".

This will continue as I said on April 14, 2015 at San Francisco City Hall - until we all see change - the needs of the people are addressed - more our infants, children, youth, young adults and seniors.

As far as the April 14, 2010 episode was concerned - the parties were fully informed about the protest - and that includes the Mayor Edwin M Lee - the other heads of Departments - we wanted full transparency and also sound accountability.

On that day - there was no major incident - and I did participate in that protest - as I do sometimes - with my head on my shoulders.

I do not believe in "violence" and I do not believe " in defacing, breaking, looting, and others such methods that destroy property".

Those that know me - know me, well enough - suffice to say - we have a right to protest - and are protected by our Constitutional rights.

While most people are afraid to write about the protest as we had on April 14, 2015 I did write about the protest - and also provided some photographs - to keep this one protest - well documented - for future - generations to ponder and more - reflect.

Since that protest occurred - I have mentioned that April 14, 2015 again and again several time - and more protests will follow - if those in power do not change their ways - and help those that most need, help.

Our youth and young adults - as is with our infants and their parents, our children - their parents, teachers, love ones, our seniors and their loved ones.

All of them - have all been adversely impacted not only in the Mission - but all over San Francisco - the Bayview, Western Addition, Excelsior, the Sunset, North Beach - you all get the drift - they all are suffering.

Our heads of departments be it our Controller, Ben Rosenfield, our Chief of Police Gregory Suhr, our Sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi.

Our elected Public Defender Jeff Adachi, our City Attorney Dennis Herrera, our Chief of the Fire Department - Chief Hayes-White, our District Attorney George Gascon.

Our head of the Department of Public Works - Mohammad Nuru, our Chief of the Health Department Barbara Gracia.

Our head of the Mayor Office of Housing - Olson Lee, our head of the SF Port Authority Monique Moyer, our head of the SF Public Utilities Commission - Harlan Kelly.

Our City Administrator, Naomi Kelly, our Mayor Edwin M. Lee are all known to me - personally. We love our City - the question I ask - is how much?

I will not fill the pages of this article with all those I know - but the ones above I mention - right from the top of my head.

I know each and everyone of them personally - and each one of them bears some responsibility to serve our City and County of San Francisco - as best they can - and they must ask themselves - have they done that to the best of ability.

Today, at this time my heart is very heavy - the infants, children, the youth, the young adults, the seniors are suffering.

Some of us are taking these sufferings - cries to heaven for justice, lightly - looking the other way - being nonchalant.

Do not mess with the youth and the young adults.

Many of them have reached saturation point - I know this because I listen to them - they know I listen to them - but I do no say - much. I believe in action - and less, talk.

We all are pained when incidents come to light - where victims are killed.

In recent time this City and County of San Francisco - and folks like Malia Cohen, London Breed, and Scott Wiener in particular - think they can spew diatribe - and do nothing much - about representing right and helping the people.

We will NOT tolerate such - nonsense.

No way - you three are put on notice.

Change your sordid ways - now.

We know who is behind you all and support you all - we will investigate - remember the RICO act - we are gathering - empirical data. Do you say - we did not warn you three!

Initially the Controller, the City Administrator, the Chief of Police, the Sheriff, the head of the Health Department.

A Point of Contact from the Mayor's office - a representative from the Youth Commission, three or four proven leaders such as Robert Hernandez from the Mission - can meet to create a list of priorities.

Not to many - for example housing, education, incarceration, health issues, truancy, and bring about some consensus with proven goals and time-lines. 

We talk too much - and the politics of the day centers on "greed" - we need to remember that we are running out of time - on many fronts.

The on going drought in its fifth year, an impending Big One the earthquake, God forbid a large Tsuami, our failing infrastructure - the poor health of our schools - are all glaring at us.

The drop out rates linked to our Public Schools are very high.

Our infants and children - not given sound health care - and there is more.

two and three families live in a one and two bed room homes - the children deprived of sleep, many go to school hungry.

Still many cannot even do their home work. All this has been going on for years.

We must address these concerns with compassion, in a holistic manner, we can do it - we have done it before.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - once was an advocate - but now he has chosen to be a pompous politician.

I have spoken to Mayor Edwin M. Lee before on these issues - and I am prepared to do so again - only if he acts.

I have NO time to waste - every second of my time - is used to help others. Even as I am nearing 70 years.

Politicians - mostly lie, spew diatribe, and Mayor Edwin M. Lee knows very well - what I am talking about.

Our neighborhoods are changing for the worse.

The various neighborhoods in San Francisco have character - that character is fading before our eyes.

We, decent hard working, tax paying San Franciscans cannot sit by and let the sordid, the crooks, the greedy, the evil - do as they - please.

Finally, this is Ohlone land - in San Francisco - the land belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

I do represent the Muwekma Ohlone - on Land Use, Planning, and a host of other issues that come under Quality of Life issues.

The Muwekma endorse Quality of Life issues - helping those that most need help - our immigrants and those that are poor.

This is our land and we have NOT been compensated - yet, we see the concrete jungle expand - and we see the greedy get richer.

Our air compromised with an increase of the Carbon Footprint, our watershed polluted, our resources once pristine - now contaminated - we know this to be true.

What are you strangers - polluters - doing about it?

The poor are forced to leave San Francisco - and this must stop - now. Aho.