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Saturday, June 20, 2015


San Francisco glorius City Hall

San Franciscans have been asked to join in the celebration - by "crooked politicians" - the 100 years since our San Francisco - City Hall was built.

Other devious minions who do not serve the best interests of the constituents of San Francisco - have joined the party - and are using ploys to pacific the tax payers of San Francisco.

San Francisco's City Hall is the "people palace" - where we the people - have every right - within our treasured Constitution Rights - to the First Amendment and more.

San Franciscans - ordinary San Franciscans - contributed their money - and assets like gold, silver, other precious goods - to built San Francisco's City Hall.

Today our corrupt politicians - many of them not educated on issues - more having no etiquette - some steeped in the "ghetto mentality" in their DNA - are beginning to govern SF City Hall - like a slave plantation.

San Francisco City Hall - is the "palace of the people". You who must represent - must respect the "people of San Francisco - the tax payers who pay your very high salaries - we put you there - and as you may well know - we can remove you at will".

Many of the higher paid City employees - make in access of $200,000 with benefits.

Most of these City employees - talk a lot - make fake promises - fail to represent the real needs of the people.

Many of them live outside San Francisco - they come here - work in San Francisco - take their salaries and spend it elsewhere. We the tax payers of San Francisco - have given them a pass - but, not for long.

Politics is a dirty game - today - no one is their right mind - respects - the politicians.

People, decent people, decent tax payers - do not - respect those politicians in Washington DC nor here on the local level.

Closer to home in San Francisco our - infamous SF Board of Supervisors - nor our lap dog - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who will look you in the eye and lie.

Yesterday, the Mayor Edwin M. Lee joined the parade in Oakland - trying to send some dubious signal - to the Warriors fans in Oakland.

More - that San Francisco is interested in bringing the Warriors to San Francisco - pissing on the parade and showing one ugly side of the Mayor and his ploys.

Let the Warriors stay in Oakland.

Let the well to do -  the many rich in Oakland and the East Bay - gather their resources - and keep the Warriors - where they belong.

Oakland must stand up and keep the Warriors to heal itself - and show the world that Oakland and the East Bay is where the Warriors - belong.

We once had the 49ers football team - our SF City's stupid interaction with the 49er team - led them to leave San Francisco for Santa Clara. After many years - playing at Candlestick Stadium - that the SF Recreation and Park  - failed to maintain - using deferred maintenance - as a devious, tool.

We may bark up the wrong tree - huff and puff  - and cry that the 49ers should have stayed in San Francisco.

The end result - our lack sound interaction - lack of etiquette - lack of honesty - our lack of social skills - forced the 49ers to leave.

We do take pride in the many wins and more the Superbowl wins - attributed to the 49ers.
We called them then - the SF 49ers - but we cannot do this anymore.

We missed the boat, the bus, the train and the plane.

Those were the good times - and we who witnessed the stellar 49er players do well - can keep those memories - close to our hearts and treasure them - for the rest of lives.

The Giants and baseball have done well - and we hope they do well - in the immediate, future.

We miss Panda leaving - and we here about some minor ripples - happening in the Giants team - and hope - all goes well for the GIANTS our base ball team - this season and many more season to come.

It has been 100 years - since our famous City Hall has stood tall - and witnessed thousands - stand before it in awe.

Entering our City Hall - looking up at the dome - higher than any in Washington DC - and built to perfection - by those artisans - one of a kind - they do not make them - anymore.

The material - the Italian marble - the furniture - the Chamber with parts of it - built with wood imported from China - Manchurian Oak - no more of it found today.

The stairs leading up to Room 250 - well spaced - and well built.

Our thousands of tourists that visit City Hall - marvel - how much detail - was put in our San Francisco City Hall - what a marvelous building.

Many a time - I take them around and explaining to the tourists - the real history of City Hall.

Trained well - and having worked for the National Park Service - my experience and know how about the Department of Interior rules and regulation governing Land Mark building - come into play.

The people palace - it was built for the people - the hard working tax payers - San Franciscans - today - the role of the people is - eroding - by those who are - evil and dictatorial.

Corrupt politicians the likes of London Breed, Malia Cohen, Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Julie Christensen, Mark Farrell, and Katy Tang - have cast a dark shadow - on the "palace of the people".

I bring up sports - because they draw the largest crowds at our stadiums - and bring thousands before City Hall - where we gather and rejoice - more when we win the Championships - and we have been fortunate to win so many.

This is the United States of America - where our people - more our Citizens who have fought for our FREEDOM - treasure our FREEDOM of free speech and our First Amendment Rights.

The politician of today - steeped in corruption - wheeling and dealing - in bed with the very corrupt - developers who sell their souls - more, for money and greed - do injustice to the COMMONS.

San Francisco is blessed with "advocates" and I count myself as one of them - we are not afraid - of our lap dog Mayor Edwin M. Lee who has done nothing for the low income and no income.

Today we can say with a heavy heart - thousands of those that made our unique neighborhoods are leaving - we gather - at the "palace of people" to speak to the TRUTH - only for those - evil policy makers - to turn away and give us a "deaf ear". Time will tell.

In the late 1960s a two bed room house in San Francisco - could be purchased for around $60,000 - today that same house goes for over a million. Depending on the location - even $2 million.

Today a one bed room goes for $3500 - and a two bedroom for $4500 if not more.

We go to City Hall to speak our mind - only for the politicians to give us a measly two minutes - where before - we could speak for three minutes.

The Brown Act and State laws are clear about Public Comment - but devious local politicians - fabricate their own laws - and try to defy the public at large - right at City Hall - " the palace of the people".

All of the nonsense the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee brags about - is for nought,

If we the people - are not treated fairly - in the "palace of the people" - more on this 100th Anniversary - most everything - does not count.

This is not China - where some one says something - and one who hears it - has to obey. If not you disappear - your organs sold in the market - your family in despair - we are a Democracy. We will not tolerate - stupid, uneducated, greedy - despots.

The merry making, the feasting, the drinking until one can no longer think - is what the politicians want.

Pretending to offer the COMMONS some drink and food and cheap mementos - not worth the salt.

Trying to fake it - and make the "COMMONS" feel good - while stealing and depriving them of their rights - as Citizens of these the United States of America - to speak at Public Comment to the TRUTH.

The faulty SF Planning, the corrupt SF Board of Supervisors, the other entities making faulty policies.

The failure to abide by Ordinances - such as the "Precautionary Principle" - are methods used to keep the " people down" - more - at City Hall - " the palace of the people".