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Sunday, June 28, 2015



San Francisco has led the way - in bring about - many changes in San Francisco - and many of us "advocates" - have proved again and again - that we can deliver - and that we will deliver.

In 1989 when San Francisco was struck with the Big One - we saw our City and County of San Francisco - FAIL.

We did not have in place any viable and sustainable - organization to deal with the many - emergencies.

Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - was in place - and the many Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) were vetted - giving me and others - an opportunity to go into action - and serve our City and County of San Francisco.

Among others - I received a Commander's Award - which at that time - I did not think much about - but, now I treasure - as one of my best awards. My reason anyone who loves San Francisco - and had the expertise and skills - would have done - what I chose to do, naturally.

Much like I have done through out my life - all over the world.

We went to the Tenderloin and started our operations - the City per se - was no where to be found. The Red Cross came two weeks later - and appreciated what we had done. We handed over our operation in place - and went back to work.

Today, in San Francisco under the jurisdiction of our City Administrator much is made of our Office of Emergency Service - a pathetic department.

Again and again when we have had a major emergency in the City and County of San Francisco - any major congestion on our roads - this sordid Department that receives a lot of money - hard earned tax payers money - no skills, no expertise to address a " real emergency" what so ever.

Today,our City and County of San Francisco is at a cross roads - again, the advocates have revealed to our pathetic San Francisco Planning Department - about the lack of housing for those the need help most - sincere, decent, hard working San Franciscans.

There is dire need for low income and no income housing - but, the San Francisco Planning Department - is no where to be found.

The Mayor Office of Housing - will say some pretty things - but,there is ends.

Few low income people - more "no income" have a sound tax credit, money to put down as a down payment, (even if the City gives you as much as $315,000) no interest loan - for first time home buyers.

There is no - low income no income to be found - and the only place that once it was available - Public Housing - is now the hunting ground of Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing, and the sordid John Stewart Company.

Most Public Housing that we see today - that has long passed it use - was built by the Department of Defense (DoD).

Transferred to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - HUD did a lousy job, only to transfer it to the San Francisco Housing Authority that operated like the Mafia.

The SF Housing Authority used deferred maintenance and other nefarious ploys - much like any Mafia operation - to treat innocent indigent people - with disdain.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee fired the last SF Housing Authority - with Amos Brown as its head - and other devious member like Millard Larkin, Dwayne Jones and others - all were fired.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee appointed Joaquim Torres the son of Art Torres who is my good friend - to try to bring about a change - and put the former SF Housing Authority on track.

That journey has been very difficult - the SF Housing Authority accrued millions of dollars in debt. Had elevators in most of the buildings that did not operate and often broke down and could not be used for months.

Peeling walls, filthy units infected with pests, other despicable conditions too nauseating to describe. For many living in Public Housing has and is still a - night mare.

There is legal language that HUD developed for tenants to own their own units. These plan was never carried through. A plant to bring in private developers - crooks like John Stewart, Mercy Housing, and Bridge Developers - was initiated to hoodwink the public at large.

There was no Ballot - no meaningful meeting to initiate a City Proposition - to hand over large properties to Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company, and Bridge Developers - at Potrero Hill, Hunters Point now know as Huntersview, and Sunnydale.

Deals were cut by Mayor Gavin Newsom with the above crooks - Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company and Bridge Developers.

The so called "sordid developers" got the land for free.

It has been years - Disposition and Development Agreement - the plan that had some goals and time lines - none of which has materialized fully.

Time to legally - make all the Disposition and Development Agreements - null and void - linked to the John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing, and Bridge Developers.

No one has challenged them - and most of them have not bothered to initiate amendments to the DDA - so now is the time - to challenge them in Court - and revert the properties to Community Based Housing Organization - that have the money and the expertise.

Tiffany Bohee, Olson Lee, others know what I am talking about - but, think that we are not knowledgable.

I have know Olson Lee for a long, long time.
Tiffany Bohee a lackey - started with the SF Public Utilities Commission - working as a peon.

Others - who take their instructions from crooked developers - often - hand in glove - with the SF Planning Department.

Within the SF Planning Department - teams - working with several private Project Developers - not so much to help those that need housing - a rood above their heads - but more chose with intent - to facilitate - Market Rate Housing.

Today, in San Francisco we have too much Market Rate Housing - over 500% of the baseline requirement. Much of it sitting there - UNOCCUPIED.

Read this article about Proposition F - and how Lennar Urban and Kofi Bonner reacted to Proposition F - put on the Ballot June 3, 2004:

Over 300% below the baseline requirement - when it comes to low income an no income.

Innocent people who cannot afford a unit for $3500 a month - sleep on our streets, in the bushes, under the bridges - all over our City and City of San Francisco.

In 2004 - I was the proponent of Proposition F - check the facts out with the San Francisco Department of Elections.

I opposed Lennar Urban a rogue developer and their sordid Proposition G - that has FAILED and is failing - even to this day.



Our City and County of San Francisco and for sure Edwin M. Lee who was not the Mayor at that time - Edwin M. Lee  backed Proposition G and Lennar Urban - a rogue developer - for all the wrong - reasons.

We have in San Francisco a hero - one of kind - who has taken upon himself - to be an investigative reporter - second to none.

His name is Patrick Monette-Shaw - he is an angel sent by God - to fight for those that need help most - especially those that cannot .

Again in the trenches I have met him - admired his guts - and the ability to speak to the "Truth" with gusto, accurate, shaming the many City crooks who hold high positions - and are basely cheap, sordid - sell out.

The article below - written by Patrick Monette-Shaw who once run for Mayor of San Francisco - and is a force to be reckoned with.

Patrick Monette- Shaw - has my support - one million percent - the thousands that I rally at short notice to address any issue.

We and other advocates are watching the many sordid action of our City and County of San Francisco - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - like a hawk.

Here is one of many article - not written by me - but, my good friend and admirer - Patrick Monette-Shaw - that gives the reader - some deep, information.

Exposes - all the illegal deeds - that we the people have not forgotten and will not forget:

Right now - since all of the Disposition and Development Agreement - have not met their goals, failed time lines - the City can turn Potrero Hill to local Community For Profit and Non-Profit - not corrupt,sordid developers who fill the campaigner coffers - of the many politicians in San Francisco.

Leading the pack of crooks Malia Cohen, London Breed, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, Julie Christensen and worst of them all - Scott Wiener.

Local - Community Based Non-Profits - all with expertise to build and develop sound housing.

Who can raise they own money - not a penny from the sordid City and County of San Francisco - who use tax payers Bond Money - and claim the City can do as they please - they cannot and in this case - will not.

We local Community Based For- Profits and Non-Profit - as is the Southeast Community Development Corporation (SESCDC) -  can develop - Potrero Hill, Huntersview, and Sunnydale - thousands of units - for the many that really need the housing.

We can fulfill the promises we made in Proposition F - in the Ballot Measure we placed before the tax payers of San Francisco in 2004.

We must expose the crooks - who worked for Lennar - all mentioned in the investigative reporting - done by my friend - Patrick Monette-Shaw.

Patrick Monette-Shaw - who should run for Mayor and clean up the current mess - a cancer that must be removed - by any means - necessary.

We the Community Based Non-Profits - not Mercy Housing, not Bridge Developers, not the sordid John Stewart Company - should be developing our Public Housing.

The crooked developers Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers, and the John Stewart Company - should be taken to Court - and all their Disposition and Development Agreements (DDA) declared - null and void.

Further we may debar these sordid entities from doing any business - in San Francisco. This is a clarion call - going out to all - those who can comprehend - have been taking a back seat - united we can get rid of these scum bags - debar them from doing business in San Francisco.

Today they are helped with the Contract Monitoring Division that comes under the jurisdiction of the the City Administrator - Naomi Kelly. I have given you a pass - not anymore.

Today there are billions of dollars available from many sources - to built housing in San Francisco - we do not have to go to the banks.

We do not have to beg Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company, and Bridge Developers - who want no interest money - basely free money - from the State and Federal Government - and do not want to put their own money down - to help anyone.

I have gone out of my way to meet all the entities that say they can deliver - but are full of Bull Shit.

The John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers - and spoken to them in person - pathetic to say the least - they are into "hoodwinking and less into contributing to Quality of Life issues".

In the Mission, in the Bayview that are still plots of land that we can take over - and build - low and no income housing.

Do not fall for the measly $50 million - bread crumbs that the Mayor Edwin M. Lee is offering - the Mission.

We need the City and County to offer - over One Billion dollars - or shut up - with no stupid conditions - attached to the Blue Print and Agreements we can offer.

Do not fuck with us - we are fed up with your ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

Long before you lackeys developed anything - I did.

I have been observing you all - all fuck ups - crooks of the highest order - enough is enough.

We the people united cannot and will never, ever be defeated.

Time for us to take over the Market Rate Housing that is unoccupied - take it over - and posses it for FREE. Now.

This is the clarion call that is sent to those that know what I mean - and more to those that know - that I have delivered.