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Friday, April 14, 2017


Muni Buses stacked at SF China Town -
packed like sardines - the stench unbearable.

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) spokesman - looking at the camera - states that  "safety " - on MUNI - our Public Transportation - has improved - for sure this man - must be living on another - planet. Liar!

It is the same when you attend the MTA meetings - the Commissioners listen - but do nothing about the pertinent issues that need to be addressed - on a War Footing. 

Crime on MUNI has increased, more filthy stinking bus, crowded buses - shoving and pushing - seniors deprived of seats - while some adults will seat two or three children - on seats reserved for senior - and think nothing of their - foolishness.

Recently a woman was ganged upon and beaten - what is happening to San Francisco? 

Why should not these " young thugs " be treated as adults?

For sure we have cameras and can locate these "thugs" - and if they can get away with murder in broad daylight - believe me - copycats are many - some quick and drastic action is called for.

The F Market - on Market Street -
Vintage Light Rail cars that many tourists love to ride.

Again and again - on SF MUNI - unkempt most homeless - who have NOT taken a shower in days, some in months - enter the buses and light rail cars.

Many of them should not - for they can spread diseases and for sure - once some areas are contaminated - MUNI may take days to clean the buses - and MUNI sanitation is NOT of high quality.

Recently sample of swobs were collected and analyzed - the results are in - and some strange and very rare - contagious and dangerous to public health were noted.

What is SF Health Department and Director Barbara Garcia doing about this? What about Tomas Aragon? Do we have a Toxicologist on board at the SF Health Department - can we put her or him to work?

What the hell is happening?

These cars are packed - 
and as they climb up the hills -
passengers fall on each other -
more when the cars are crowded.

SF MUNI takes advantage of indigent and poor people - to do the clean up on our buses - at minimum wage.

In return SF MUNI - pays for their lodging - in some facilities - that provides sleeping facilities - much like homeless - shelter.

It is the same with our youth and young adults - who are sweeping the streets -  facing the inclement weather - and no one ever - has taken time to interview them and find out - if they want to improve themselves - upward mobility.

Our Mayor loves to talk about the work force - the work force - that is paid less - and made to live on starvation wages. Millions raked in from the Federal Government, the State Government - salaries paid to City employees in access of $200, 000.

 The Mayor himself claiming a salary of $400, 000 with benefits - for doing a lousy and poor job.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee open his dirty mouth and spews hot air - this Summer as part of the circus operations - Summer Jobs for Interns - Citi Bank noted for its shady deals, other big corporations who wheel and deal with the Mayor.

These entities and more that the Mayor  doles out favors - others with ulterior motives - the SF Public Utilities Commission - that has donated money for 2000 Full Time Position -  more, temporary jobs - many some fake " Internships " - none of which lead to Career Jobs.

The shenanigans, ploys, and machination linked to Summer Intern Jobs - is more fluff and less sincerity and commitment to Quality of Life issues.

As I said - far away from providing our youth, young adults, and those that need good jobs - permanent jobs - this is a crying shame.

The crooked Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
as Mayor this City has gone down the drain -
corruption reached all time high -
the stench of Sulphur has increased at City Hall -
more in and around Room 200.

On one side the Mayor Edwin M. Lee has chosen to dole out 5000 jobs - San Francisco City Jobs during Summer - to those he favors -  looking at the camera - without blinking an eye - he will bark - loud and clear - that Citywide.

More - " there is a freeze " - on jobs - when it comes to City Jobs - that people have applied - passed the test - Waiting and Waiting - Waiting for Godot!.

When will Mayor Edwin M. Lee - do good with less fluff - with the $500, 000 plus check from Citi Bank - given to him and the others all rejoicing - with great fun fare.

The man was salivating all over the place - the man is a chronic  " crook " - that is Mayor Edwin M. Lee - with offshore accounts - he has been charged - receiving illegal money - and there are court cases  pending against Mayor Edwin M. Lee - pathetic to say the least.

The stench unbearable -
here is one example - for all to see less to smell.

London Breed and Scott Wiener two of many who have expressed concerns about MUNI - mostly because on some bus and light rail lines - the cars and buses are over packed.

Not once have these two SF Supervisors - dealt with and addressed - pick pockets, assaults, stabbing, shootings, and beatings.

These so called Representatives and others who do nothing - are focused more - on their campaign coffers, taking free junkets, wheeling and dealing - talking too much and doing nothing at all. 

Adding fuel to fire - are the  "Yellow Hornets " - none of them stay for long - the turn over is pathetic - but more these so called " Ambassadors " - can be found more at some " fast food joints wasting their time " - some coffee stalls - and less on the streets and on the SF MUNI bus - doing their jobs.

Far from addressing Quality of Life issues - these " Yellow Hornets "  - have failed - stopping or reporting assaults.

They flee from incidents - more on Market Street - leaving the SF Police Officers to come to the incidents - by others - rather then them - reporting to 911 or some other entity such as 311.

For the longest time ever - the SF MUNI drivers were told NOT to call the SF Police Department - when there was a fight -or some altercation. 

This nonsense was discussed at the SF Board of Supervisors - and to this day - we do not have a " clear decision " - as to what is the protocol - when it come to - assaults and other crimes on MUNI in San Francisco.

We have no protocol - as to who should be called - if there is a situation where innocent people - especially infants and children - and put in harms way - from the filth and stench - and contamination - being some of the factors. Health concern.

Often time some one urinates - and the bus or light rail operation does not stop - it is business as usual.

Where is the Quality Control - who in in charge of standards ?
The Federal government gives MTA millions, so does the State of California - grants and so on - millions come in - the general standard of operation and maintenance - by MTA has gone down - many give them a - " - F " - that is a minus F.

Many of our hubs on the Light rail - have garbage all over the place - more on the Third Street Light Rail route.

The same people that clean the Bus Stops - the ones that change the advertisements - the same company that has a contract - rakes in millions " Clear Channel " - is mandated to keep the hubs clean, the bus stops clean, the areas they are paid for clean - and have failed to do so.

Much as SF MUNI brags that they have used the many and efficient  " digital tools " to inform us about MUNI bus arrivals - and there has been some improvement.

We need real time reporting - on the hubs - which ones have been cleaned - which ones have been repaired.

Other announcements and results and empirical data - that we can visit - in this " digital world " - some website -  where SF MUNI can keep us citizens, tax payers - informed.

The opposite is true today -  concerned SF MUNI customer are with intent - kept in the dark.

The millions acquired in Bond Measures - passed by San Franciscans - linked to SF MUNI improved services - are dubious in nature - when we call for some decent accounting and due diligence.

For sure - one of them Van Ness Bus Rapid Transportation - the landmark lighting - once in place - has been removed.

 The mature trees uprooted - and this supposedly State High way - with some Memoranda of Understanding - where the SF City and County says they have " jurisdiction " -which is something - that no one is clear about - tons of hot air - and no action - worth the salt.

We saw the Central Subway - Phase One from Visitation Valley - a hub in the middle of nowhere to 4th and King - that cost us over $800 million - $200 million over budget.

Phase two from 4th and King to China Town -  budgeted at $600 million now costing us over $1. 6 Billion - the ploys and machinations are too much to bear.

For anyone that knows about budgeting, line-item budgeting - nefarious entities Tutor-Perini - other crooks of the highest order - raping the SF tax payers.

All the while the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - blows hot air - the most corrupt Mayor - ever to step into Room 200 at City Hall. Shame on him.

People carry knives, people carry guns, people carry sticks, on SF MUNI - and the spokesman - keeps lying - that SF MUNI is good and well.

We the citizens, the tax payers - have to believe his lies - the empirical data reveals - an increase in crime, an increase in assaults for sure. Clear points that things are going - south.

Filthy buses - an increase in riders who are unkempt - forcing many to board down from the MUNI buses - and exit the SF MUNI buses - I have seen one person vomit - she simply could not bear the - stench. 

Where is SF Municipal Transportation Directors on this one ?

Where can we find in this digital work - real time incidents and pertinent information - on clean buses - complete with Bus Serial Numbers and who has inspected them.

Repairs done to bus hubs and stops - repairs to the bus signs - the electronic signs that do not work for months.

Many bus stops and light rail hubs - do not have " do not smoke signs " - all of them should have these signs -  two or three - if not more - placed at the bus hubs and stops - for all to see.

Most important - where is the enforcement - how many times - do we see - three and four people - in the middle of a bus stop - blowing their smoke - in our faces. What is MTA doing about this? At least place the signs - the stickers - for all to see - so that as least we can point these stickers - to the culprits.

Garbage cans should not be over full - with garbage over flowing and spilling and spreading in the wind - some of the SF MTA folks see this - and simply walk away.

The operators, the useless Ambassadors, the many Ticket Enforcement Officers - targeting the poor - should all pitch in - and represent. Put their best foot forward.

What most of them want is some money - laughing all the way to the bank to - cash their pay checks. 

Time for a change - and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - should lead the way - the sucker is shit scared to come out in the open - always surrounded and accompanied by - law enforcement - the man has NO balls. Go Figure.