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Thursday, April 6, 2017


The steps of City Hall - leading to the many
offices - more " den of thieves " -
where the wheeling and dealing goes on -
and has reached saturation point - here,
in the land of the Muwekma Ohlone.

At San Francisco's City Hall - there seems to be NO urgency - to truly address - the " emergency " situation on the ground.

The thousands of homeless - the dire straits of contamination and pollution - the lack of amenities when it comes to Quality of Life issues - and impacts - on thousands of us.

Even, our clean drinking water - has been compromised - and what is more it - stinks. 

No more can we in good conscience say - it is Hetch Hetchy water - mixed with water from near by rivers.

To add insult to the on going " situation " - ground water - has been added without any meaningful vetting from the community at large - further compromising our clean drinking water - that today has - a bad smell.

In a year - when we have had an access of rain fall - after 5 years of drought - and our reservoirs are over full. With intent to save our reservoirs from being adversely impacted - water has been drained - our spill ways seeing this action - after years.

Within sight of City Hall - hundreds of individual - gather to shoot drugs.

In clear open sight of children, decent citizens - while the SF Board of Supervisors - have NOT taken any steps - what so ever - to eliminate - these on going - disgusting and  " very disturbing occurrences daily ".

More - ignoring the pleas of many incident reports made - the SF City and County under Mayor Edwin M Lee - a lap dog - is literally creating a situation - where our City is going to the dogs.

SF Supervisor London Breed -
wants to take a junket to Canada -
to learn how they address - " drug addition " -
there - more those that shoot in their veins -
our junkies - shoot and leave the needles on the ground -
in plain sight - with the authorities - for years looking -
the other way - what is happening to San Francisco ?

Supervisor London Breed made a long speech - more hot air and sordid diatribe - about our SF City now experiencing an increase in drug addicts.

 People who shoot drugs in their veins - in plain sight of everyone. Near our Main Library, the famous Bill Graham Auditorium in and around it - the worst -  by the Children's Play Ground - not far from SF City Hall - everywhere - pathetic to say the least.

Our children see this and shirk and shiver  - our citizens see this increase - of the hundreds of  "junkies "having a field day - and do not know - what to make of it.

London Breed - feels she truly needs to visit Canada - to address this eye sore and chronic situation - that has grown from bad to worse -  in fact it is the worst - we have seen in many years.

We should not go to other countries - to learn to do better at home - when for years -we have done nothing, nothing what so ever - to address the issue of " heroin addicts ".

The on going rampant use of "opioids " - the on going prostitution, the on going increase in alcoholism - all of which London Breed has been close to - living in Public Housing - and learned little if nothing - from what she has witnessed. 

Canada has the money that we do not - Canada has the heart to address the above issues that we do not - Canada is Canada.

We could not help a 100 years old Black woman named Canada -  we did nothing much to come to her aid.

Ms Canada was evicted - and died.

London Breed and her side-kick big mouth - Malia Cohen - both House Negros - better reflect on their own actions - which is wanting - and STOP - take junkets to see stuff - that you two cannot and will NOT - implement.

San Francisco's Muwekma Ohlone -
who have been ignored by the " thieves " -
not once have the SF Board of Supervisors -
in unison have they acknowledged whose land this is -
 San Francisco - named after a Saint who had compassion -
the "thieves " seem to think they own it - when they stole the 
land - each and every square inch.

The City and County of San Francisco - does not have one single document - revealing to anyone - that the Muwekma Ohlone  - signed some document - handed over the land - this land that we call San Francisco. It all belong rightfully to the Muwekma Ohlone.

On the contrary the SF Board of Supervisors - steeped in shenanigans, ploys and machinations - are worried about other issues - be it poor - and built housing - all talk no action, transportation without a Blue Print that works and is less vetted.

Immigration and the issues we saw unfold - before our very eyes for years - but lacked to address for the last 30 years.

Planning an increase of skyscrapers - one building the Millennium Tower - sinking - our skyline changing for the worse - other very important elements - having no morals, less ethics, and for sure no standards what so ever.

Supervisor Malia Cohen -
a House Negro who is a sell out -
she talks the talk - but has failed to walk the walk.

While the deliberations are going on - at City Hall in the Chambers Room 250 - one House Negro Malia Cohen - keeps flirting with the City Attorney, in plain sight of the Controller, and others.

What is happening to this air-head, spineless, ignorant, and what be more - arrogant - Malia Cohen ?.

Some one must take it upon them self - to sit her down - and tell her - to STOP disgracing the process - in the August Chamber.

Malia Cohen a sell out   will never understand - much as those that come from a dysfunctional - environs that they can never, ever - leave that  - what sticks to them like Gorilla Glue.

Of course another House Negro - London Breed is busy pushing her point of view - and as President and Chair - is keen to bang her gavel loud - with more than usual force.

In like manner - London Breed  - should - take Malia Cohen to task - who has failed to respect the August Chamber Room 250 - and the on going - deliberation - where as I saw - due diligence was not done addressing some agenda items linked to large sums of money.

Millions appropriated - tax payers money spent without accountability and transparency - mistakes made by the SF Board of Supervisors - again and again and again.

The citizens who are paying attention - this nonsense has been going on - since mostly crooks - with ulterior motives - their heart far away from the important issues at hand - far away from the decent San Franciscans that truly matter -  pretending they are representing - when in fact - they are a disgrace to the human race.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
has failed us - and in the few years he has -
he should change his ways and be doing good - but continues -
the wheeling and dealing - the FBI is watching.

There are many cases pending in our Court - against the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - never mind someone else would be on their best behavior - this man - keeps filling his coffers - with illegal money - and offshore accounts - he dips into - on his many " junkets " - abroad.

Who is fooling whom.

The many housing units built by Aurelious Walker Street - by Candlestick Point - on contaminated ground - prone to flooding and liquefaction. 

The rehabilitated Public Housing by the John Stewart Company at the former Oakdale Public Housing, the many other public housing - now rehabilitated - more at the expense of those who once lived there - now - evicted - and desperate.

No one is paying to the John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers - all White  Property Managers - corrupt to the core - who are raking in millions - with subsidies given to them by the Federal government.

Poor people are asked to show their " credit report " - so that they can be considered and put on some list - to get so called affordable housing.

None of them have good credit reports - in fact many of them do not have a checking account. 

The majority of them live - pay check to pay check. Many have fallen on bad times - because the SF City and County has not catered to them - years ago - 30 years ago - and deferred maintenance - has been the woes of those living in Public Housing.

More - with leaking raw sewage, broken windows, lack of heat - and the worst infested with bed bugs, mice, and other vermin - disgusting to say the least.

The SF Housing Authority - instead of helping those in Public Housing - with intent - made them suffer - for years - in the end the SF Housing Authority - was shut down - all the responsibilities now taken over by the Mayor of Housing and Work Force.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
shame on him - working against the poor -
fostering - blatant - gentrification - 
while raking in millions - hand in glove with -
very corrupt - Big - developers.

Already it is more than difficult - to rent a unit in San Francisco - costing over $3500 in a decent location - a two bed room for $5500 - and the SF City and County of San Francisco - and more our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is playing with fire. Time will tell.

Justice for Alex Nieto -
Justice for others too many to name -
our District Attorney George Gascon -
has not charged one single " rogue SF Police Officer "
where is the justice - who is fooling whom?

SF District George Gascon -
kicking the can down the street -
NOT one single rogue SF Police Officer 
has been charged - what is he doing in office ?
The man should step down - and fade away in oblivion!

The SF Board of Supervisors do not truly care about Quality of Life issues - they care much about wheeling and dealing - helping aid and abet - pay to play - ploys and machinations - not all of  the SF Supervisors - but for sure - most of them.

However, on many occasions - when some should speak up - and NOT vote for an increase - amounting to millions - those that can speak up - vote in favor - and in doing so - sell their values - and do "injustice" to the tax payers of San Francisco.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - and soon - very soon - you all that are shirking your duties - compromising your "oath " to serve - will be brought to your knees - make NO bones about that.