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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Conceptual Plan of the proposed 1515 South Van Ness
project - without an Environmental Impact Report -
it will bring in " gentrification " - and further 
adversely impact - the Mission - a unique neighborhood.

Lennar Urban LLC is a rogue developer that has adversely impacted thousands and is posed to impact thousands more.

San Francisco is about our neighborhood - built over years - only for entities - evil entities aided and abetted by SF Supervisors - to adversely impact thousands of innocent - San Franciscans - who pay their taxes - and get nothing in return.

More congestion - more crooked developers like Lennar Urban LLC - 5 Points Holding LLP - same snake - different head.

Lennar Urban - has failed on Mare Island - forcing Vallejo - to declared "bankruptcy " - promising this, that, and the other - and failing to deliver.

It promised to build 10, 000 units - and failed - leading the City of Vallejo to declare - " bankruptcy ".

It is the same on Parcel A at Hunters Point - recently the contractors backed off - stating the sordid way - Lennar deals with pertinent issues - but more the contamination and pollution - adversely impacting the health of the workers - working of that failed project.

Those living in the brand new units - built on contaminated ground - and more surrounded by contaminated  ground.

Innocent people led astray by this City and County of San Francisco - more the Mayor's Office of Housing -  coming down - with all sorts of illnesses - cancer of all types, respiratory diseases - that are a result of very poor - abatement and more mitigation. 

Lennar has failed in Miami, Florida building thousands of units - using contaminated Chinese made Sheet Rock - imported from Mainland China - Lennar -  had to tear down the building.

Lennar Urban LLC and its many fronts - that its uses to do business - have put thousands of innocent people in harms way - all over the Nation. The list is so long - that it is a shame that this City and County - still does NOT - get it.

The project at 1515 South Van Ness may promise 25% affordable housing - but affordable to whom ?

As the day come to cut the ribbon - Lennar will come with all sorts of excuses - to keep those deserving housing - out.

Even as today's economy will spiral - and most people will not have good credit. Good credit is a ploy and a trump card - Lennar holds in its hand - as do the other developers the John Stewart Company, Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing - one worse than the other.

The Eastern Neighborhood did insists on not paying to much attention to an Environmental Impact Report - and this one point should not be touted as a ploy.

 We know better that  to maintain a high standard the SF Planning Department - can and must address Cumulative Impacts - and thus an EIR and the use of the California Environmental Quality Act  - and other standards - one of them
the Precautionary Principle - that is an ordinance.

After all San Francisco and more the Bay Area is listed as one of the most polluted places - when it come to high levels of very dangerous particulates more 2. 5 - in the entire Nation.

Lennar Urban LLC may tame and placate the SF Board of Supervisors - portending to put some $1 million into some Fund.

No one knows how the $ 1 million - it will be used - accept some SF Supervisors - who have made a sordid deal - selling out the community.

I hear the money will be deposited with the SF Foundation - the Director Fred Blackwell - has sound connections with Lenanr Urban - well, there is Karma - who goes around comes around.

The crooked so called non-profits - are lining up to receive the blood money - and those that receive this money - are creating - divisiveness - more fostering - gentrification.

Lennar Urban has NOT paid Community Benefit linked to Parcel A at Hunters Point since 2013. Go Figure? 

This one facade may look good as a concept -
but it does not " do justice " to the neighborhood -
at all - it will foster - gentrification.

No sooner this building is in place - all the adjacent homes and buildings - will be severely impacted by " gentrification ".

The poor and those that built our neighborhood - are mostly impacted by such facades - such buildings that cater to the "techies " and other wannabes -  more by " rogue developers ".

Rogue developers - who contribute to the " campaign coffers " - using blood money to buy some of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - who all voted - all Eleven of them - shame on them.

In the past Lennar Urban has harmed our children in the Bayview Hunters Point and not a whimper from the worst crooked SF Board of Supervisors - more London Breed and Malia Cohen. 

Review their sordid events in the year 2004 - the many meeting we had - at the the SF Redevelopment Agency. London Breed was on the SF Redevelopment Agency Board - and today is a worse crook than ever she was - her side-kick Malia Cohen.

This is Ohlone Land and we do not want these type of very evil developers  - the worst among them - " LENNAR ".

More - on Ohlone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone land.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone of such matters Planning, Transportation, Safety, Land Use, Education, and so on and so forth. Lennar Urban is a rogue developer.

How many times must we state - and put forth " empirical data " - explaining that the congestion in our great City and County of San Francisco has reached - saturation point.

Lennar  Urban with intent contaminated and polluted large areas  - on Parcel A at Hunters Point.

Then was so bold to remove " batteries " from the equipment that was placed by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District -  to register Asbestos Structures.

Lennar Urban was fined over $515, 000 which Lennar Urban paid - and what else do the SF Board of Supervisors - want to know - about Lennar Urban.

Advocates are fed up - I repeat fed up - coming to City Hall and trying to drill some sense into the SF Board of Supervisors.

 Recently some advocates have chided the SF Board of Supervisor - some even using the  "F " word - but some of you SF Board of Supervisors are worse - and steeped in scum - have become it. 

For sure Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang and London Breed.

The SF Planning Department has failed San Francisco - very poor planning.

No one is paying attention to the increase of Market Price units - and how  people and families have been priced out.  This nonsense happening daily - with those who are suppose to represent us - looking the other way - with disdain. 

$3500 for a one room bed room for rent - and $5500 plus for a two bed room for rent. 

For sure Mayor Edwin M. Lee  - does not care at all - talks from both sides of his dirty mouth - and has BLOOD on his hands.

In the last 5 years over 15, 000 families have left San Francisco - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - does not seem to care.

Well Edwin M. Lee - you are asking for trouble - he cannot roam freely - because too many constituent of San Francisco - hate this jackass. Ready to pelt rotten tomatoes on him. Scum bag.

Lennar Urban is a rogue developer - that should not be given free reign - just because it has the ability - to fill some campaign coffers of some very evil - SF Board of Supervisors - who promise one thing and do another.

Once bitten twice shy. Your time will come soon - you evil crooks - the scum of the Earth. Aho.