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Sunday, April 2, 2017

New-Zealand and India - have declared rivers as living beings - the famous Ganges and Yamuna in India - and the Whanganui in New-Zealand - I have seen them both - of course the Ganges and Yamuna - need some cleansing on a War Footing.

The pristine Whanganui River -
declared a " living person " -
by the government of New-Zealand -
honoring the Maori - for all their diligence when it comes 
caring for Mother Earth.

Mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes are living - where they strive - where we can say clearly their are " pristine " -  we see frogs, insects, birds, fish and all other living species - thrive.

Declaring a river such as the Whanganui the third largest in New-Zealand seem to be a bold statement - but, it is not so - when it comes to the indigenous people.

The value system of the Maori when it comes to Mother Earth - is second to none. Their love to bring justice to the village and down to earth - " Restorative Justice " - has been respected and is in practice - all over the world.

The Maori have done - what they possibly could do to send a message to the world - work with indigenous people all over the world - including our own Native American tribes - here in Northern California.

The Maori Queen who has since passed away visited San Francisco - and participated at ceremonies - that took place off Crissy Field - when I visited New-Zealand - it was my honor to meet the Maori - but also members of the Polynesian community - more the Samoan community.

the Maori are the indigenous people 
of the land - God bless them all.

New Zealand is beautiful and so are its people - my wife and I travelled all over the adjacent places - bordering Auckland - took the ferry boat to near by islands - and met as I said some great people.

The Maori have power - and are well represented in the New-Zealand Parliament - and treasure their land - and more the traditions of their ancestors.

They even sit a side a day - where the Maori language is spoken - the TV stations taking great pride - and so on and so forth.

The United States of America

Here in America we declared " Corporations are people too " - which complicates laws that the White Men - writes to serve his own needs - mostly favoring " greed " - and creating laws that foster greed.

The indigenous people here of Turtle Island - have always honored the streams, the rivers, the lakes - fresh water that gives life. We saw this in North Dakota - and how the " protectors of the water -  put their lives on the line. 

For the indigenous people water is likened to " blood " - blood run in our veins and nourishes our bodies - so does water - more pristine water - and all that nourishes on the banks of rivers - all over this Earth.

May the Great Spirit - bless those that genuine respect and care for our rivers - for the land, for the air - for all living beings.

Here is San Francisco we have a law - and Ordinance - it is called the Precautionary Principal - laid out in detail - it prohibits - any project to go forward - if any " life " is harmed - be it  frogs, birds, fish - however, this law is not enforced - what is obvious to those that know about this law - most people have not heard of it - and even less could care less.


The banks of Ganges - seen here -
is crowded in places - with people bathing -
others performing the last rites of those that have passed away -
pyres lit and bodies burned with ceremony - that ashes immersed
in the Ganges - and for the once that witness all this -
it is alarming - life goes on - and the filth that is there now -
will be addressed - and India has taken a right step - be it the
walk will be long - the people support the measure - and that is all that counts - in the final analysis. Namaste to those that have taken a bold step - I often think of my first impression - 
on the banks of the Ganges and is linked to the Yamuna.

New-Zealand - a beautiful Nation.

The land of the Maori - God blessed them with more.

In New-Zealand the land is mostly pristine and as one may assume the rivers,  forest, and the air.

Not so India - and the factor that creates this situation - India has a large population over a Billion people - 1, 338, 526, 591 - this population forming 17. 86% of the world population as of April 1, 2017.

There are areas in the deep North of India - Darjeeling - other areas far and between - that have places pristine - now bombarded by tourists - who leave rubbish - and are not environmentally friendly.

The other river that enjoins the Ganges is the Yamuna - below is a photograph of the Yamuna - be it that it is less polluted - and needs dire - attention.

The Yamuna River that joins the Ganges -
is less polluted but polluted all the same -
as are many other rivers in India - because so many 
people thrive and make their living - and have
for thousands of years.

New-Zealand  has a population of only 4, 594, 848 as of April I, 2017.

By comparison the Untied States of America - has a population of 325, 880, 446 about 4. 3 % of the world's population as of April 1, 2017. 

Wonder of wonders - much as we hear Donald Trump - thumping his nose -  proclaiming that Barack Hussein Obama - has NO clue about environmental issues - while he Donald Trump - keeps on thumping his nose - and makes a fool of himself.

China has a population of over a billion too - 1, 386, 733, 815 forming18.4 % of the world population.

While China after being the world number one polluter - has in recent years - realized - the stench of Sulphur is too much to inhale -  all those burning eyes and throats - adversely impacting many millions - now, China will take what is takes - to turn things around. 

China is taking real steps to clean their air - plant trees, have recently built over 200, 000 Electric cars.

Leads the world in the production of Solar Panels - while Donald Trump thinks little of the progress made by the Environmental Protection Agency - under Barack Hussein Obama.

The Chinese Flag -
a world power - its President will visit 
the United States - but before any  time now -
the Chinese will say what they have in mind -
they do not believe in loosing - and may challenge -
the "egoistical maniac " in the White House.

China is trying to clear the air - so that its citizens - having the world largest population - enjoy some standard of Quality of Life issues - what we take for granted here on Turtle Island - now called the Unites States of America.

The world is calling upon to do the right thing - and as far I am concerned - it is left to us individuals - one at a time - human beings for a better life - respecting Mother Earth - and moving in the right direction.

Mother Earth will be here for much longer - than the two term of Donald Trump - who already has clearly demarcated clear lines - Donald Trump is a loser - and will NOT leave a legacy.

America now is our turn to practice what we preach - after all we are the second most polluter in the world.

San Francisco is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohlone land - where once dinosaurs roamed freely - an eco system second to none in the entire world. We enjoy micro-climates that few enjoy - and a few miles from San Francisco - we can go to the Redwood Forests, one of kind views of our Earth - valleys, lakes, rivers, and more. Aho.