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Saturday, April 15, 2017


Conceptual Plan of the homes - at Hunters Point - you wake up -
and it could be your worst - nightmare -
the area where these homes are built is the most contaminated -
the new name - Hunters View.

Those of us who have lived in San Francisco - and know well the Hill as we affectionately call it - are amazed how outsiders come in and name sites like Middle Point and others - as Hunters View.

The view is fine - the land contaminated - where is the standard abatement and mitigation - where money has been set aside - and crooked entities the likes of Tectra Tech, Nancy Pelosi, Edwin Lee, Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen - have filled their pockets - the politicians their campaign - coffers.

Rogue Property Managers like the John Stewart Company - who once worked for Fanny Mae and was fired - is well versed - in hoodwinking the community - much as he did at Geneva Towers - before moving to San Diego - before establishing himself in San Francisco - on Muwekma Ohlone land.

The John Stewart Company has  worked  with officials like Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - whose family has keen ties - with the Mafia - on the East Coast.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - who has 
long worked with the John Stewart Company -
corrupt to the core - and not to be trusted.

Where does Nancy Pelosi live most of the time - in Napa? Why?

We once had HopeSix - it addressed  housing issues - more what we call Public Housing. Residents were incorporated using RAD - to bring about change - it was short lived.

Try as it did - it failed. It is always about politics.

Folks like Mayor Edwin M. Lee - steeped in corruption - much like Nancy Pelosi - dethroned - with Donald Trump in the White House - continue to hoodwink the ignorant - while those advocates who truly love the community - must watch these thieves - pander.

Talk from both sides of their mouth - and lie.

The Muwekma Ohlone -
every square inch belongs to the Muwekma -
ignoring them - is a crime - and the crooks know -
their pandering can take them only - so far.

If anyone wants to talk about land and equity - in San Francisco - one must begin with the Muwekma Ohlone - whose land this is.

The SF politicians rarely will mention - who stole the land - who are the real owners of this land - every square inch - and therein lies the fate of the very corrupt City and County of San Francisco.

The land on which Public Housing once stood - was good housing - built by the Department of Defense. Mostly to accommodate workers and families - who worked on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

We once had good Public Housing - having large rooms - where one could accommodate two if not three King Beds - no more.

Each unit had well kept gardens, laundry rooms, there was a store, even a theater, church - all that and more who removed - by deferred maintenance - by the SF Housing Authority - created by the City and County of San Francisco.

The present high density housing - have small rooms, poorly built - the details of these poorly built housing are well known and noted. Those living in the brand new housing - are not satisfied - beggar cannot be choosers - and there you have it - in a nut shell.

The Department of Defense (DoD) decided to turn over all their housing thousands of units at Potrero Hill, Oakdale, Sunnydale, Hunters Point - to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

HUD managed the housing well until politics entered and the City and County of San Francisco - decided to form an entity called the San Francisco Housing Authority - who took over all Public Housing.  From this point the rest is history,  deferred maintenance, let the housing run down - to implement a sordid - " hidden agenda". Those who are intelligent know this - those who are ignorant and want to remain ignorant - wallow in the cesspool of their own creation - it just so happens - most of them are Black.

Then with intent - let Public Housing - fall in disrepair - well known among the crooks at " deferred maintenance ".

You let the properties fall into disrepair - and then tear it down - remove the people - they consider unwanted - it is well known to us advocates the modus operandi.

We advocates see mostly Blacks  - sell outs - talking from both sides of their mouth and facilitate - " gentrification ". In recent years some Polynesian individuals too - time will tell. Selling the community is called bad - you " rat " - and karma will be come to bit you in the butt.

We do have contractors of color who can build good housing - architects too - Black and Brown - who can do a great job.

No opportunities are given to them - some landscaping, some minor projects - and these contractors - are NOT paid on time. Why?

The contractors of color - play second fiddle - Cahill, Nibbi - the Property Mangers be it Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers, the John Stewart Company - who have their own contractors - all Whites in Public Housing - to keep most of the money in house.

Blue Prints of a few block -
match boxes - not meant for families -
more large families - Black and Brown.

Huntersview was built with tax payers money - the John Stewart Company - using Nancy Pelosi and the folks at the State - to rake in millions - Community Housing Development Funds - we went to Sacramento and saw the shenanigans for ourselves.

We also saw the sell out doing their thing - Linda Richardson one of them - and there were others.

For sure we  know when Phase One was built - the John Stewart Company used State funds - to tide over it own fiscal woes - the years 2007 - 2008.

Jack Gardner knows this and so does our Controller Ben Rosenfield, Olson Lee, the other corrupt individuals newbies Joaquim Torres, Theo Miller - others - who have played a major role - fighting against - for Quality of Life issues.

Another angle - conceptual plans - 
high density housing - packed in close proximity -
public transportation is horrible -
no supermarket, no clinic, no quality and affordable childcare -
more Latinos, Whites and Asians - will move in - as they
have the ability to pay - and have good credit.

Few remember the John Stewart company and all of its nefarious activities - the infamous Geneva Towers - of course London Breed and Malia Cohen - two political sluts - would not know that. They are busy -  pussyfooting around - have no desire to serve - less to represent - they will get their reward - here on Earth.

Both Malia Cohen and London Breed - have been involved in criminal  activities -  receiving money - bribes for favors - and continue to do so - today.

Taking junkets paid for favors - and using debit cards - handed by crooks the likes of Derf Butler - money they use to buy clothes and jewelry. Follow the money.

When you represent - you have to have character - and when these two jackasses - mentioned above represent - Malia Cohn and London Breed.

 In the manner they talk - in the manner they address any issue -  you can clearly see - they are shallow, spineless, not worth the salt.

For sure - they have NO respect in the Bayview Hunters Point area - and may I say - the Western Addition. Two negroes selling out the community - they should be ashamed of themselves.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - 
will look you in the eye and lie -
but, all that and more will come to an end -
what goes around comes around - make no bones about that.

People have forgotten that the Pacific Electric and Gas had a power plant that spewed contaminants - at Hunters Point - we fought to shut it down - Dr. Espanola Jackson, Micheal Boyd, Francisco Da Costa, Len Brown.

The near by land and more the surrounding area has seen no standard  abatement and mitigation. The City and County does not care - and more the Director of Health - Barbara Garcia and her side-kick Tomas Aragon. For sure not Stephanie Cushing from the SF City and County - Division of Environment.

A stone's throw away the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is very  contaminated.

Deemed a Superfund Site - a list on which the most contaminate sites are listed and more registering high levels of radioactive elements.

The pollution and contamination - contributing to asthma -  chronic respiratory diseases - all sorts of tumors - and the residents of the Hunters Point Hill - Middle Point - Kiska Road - Mariners' Village - all have suffered, continue to suffer, and many have closed their eyes and died.

At this fake ribbon cuttings - no  mention is made of this fact - and therefore - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Malia Cohen, London Breed - Theo Miller have BLOOD on their hands.

Be cognizant when you open your mouth - you do not shove your dirty foot in - more if you are Blacks - should know about suffering and have no clue - that the crooks got the land for free - unlike other areas - where they have to pay millions.

The land belong to the Muwekma Ohlone who lived on this land for over 13, 000 years - all Carbon dated - you ignorant Negroes.

To the left Dr. Espanola Jackson (RIP) - 
to the right Francisco Da Costa -
we both spent - thousands of human hours -
educating the residents - to form Tenant Associations -
educating the residents - about their Housing rights - 
their Health Rights, rights to Education - Transportation -
Safety - represent the residents hundreds time over at 
San Francisco City Hall - in Room 250 - many have
died and gone - most of the residents who died living in
Public Housing - from pollution and contamination -
 but also deferred maintenance.

When no mention is made of Dr. Espanola Jackson - who passed away and is no more - it saddens those that respected her and know.

Dr. Espanola Jackson gave her all - and the SF City and County knows about this - the two Supervisors London Breed and Malia know this - and should be ashamed of themselves - more being Black.

 When no mention - what so ever was made - about Dr. Espanola Jackson - more about her tenacity and fortitude - this one fact will stand about the fake ribbon cutting on Phase Two Housing at so called Hunters View. Time will tell.

The 257 units being built - this is just -
a small percentage - 20, 000 units  planned -
the most important factor to note the contaminated ground.
Recently contractors who had signed to build the units -
have decided to pull out - because of serious health issues.

On Phase I - the homes that were built - were of poor quality - reported in the press. The units are too small - and those trying to rear a family - because they are hard pressed for housing - will move into any housing.

It must be noted that the land is contaminated at Hunters Point also know as Hunters View - and no mention is made about this. 

The Director of Health - Barbara Garcia and Tomas Argon who aides her - have not addressed the many chronic diseases - that have ruined the lives of thousands - all these many years.

Once bombarded by the PG&E power plant and the sordid activities at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Near by you also have piles of dirt and sand - that the high winds with speeds up to 50 mph - on an average 40 miles per hour - bombard the community - with.

In the conceptual plans and units look good -
but you have to talk to those that live in them -
more residents from Phase One -  then realty sinks in -
the people - mostly ignorant of the contamination -
are played upon - and are living surrounded by the worst
type of pollution and contamination.

Aunt Bea - I had many long talks with her -
her spirit will live forever -  (RIP)
 those today trying to hoodwink - must remember -
we are watching you crooks - like a hawk -
Mayor Edwin M. Lee who cannot be trusted -
and more sell outs like Malia Cohen and London Breed.

I remember visiting a Community Center - named after  Julia Be a Middleton - she was affectionately called " Auntie Bea ".

Aunt Bea as would Dr. Espanola Jackson - as would many others - would turn in their grave - to see all these newbies - Malia Cohen who is not respected in District 10 - more in San Francisco - the same with London Breed - the less said the better - wheeling and dealing - pay to play - at the expense of the indigent and the poor.

Why do we have in charge White Property Managers - with Blacks such as Theo Miller - acting as a conduit - having no idea what so ever about Cultural Competency and Implicit Bias - building Public Housing - why not give opportunities to others - the Black and Brown?.

Right now Blacks are a minority - not only have the Asians and Latinos and Whites been kept out - at these ribbon cuttings - the old way of doing business - will never work.

Malia gave a shout out to Donald Trump and requested Donald to work with her.

Such statements betray the ignorance of Malia Cohen - Donald Trump would NOT give Malia Cohen a second look - and for that matter Nancy Pelosi - much less London Breed.

 Malia Cohen - openly called London Breed - her partner in crime - that is very true - " partner in crimes - I would add ".

The 20, 000 units planned to be built at  Hunters Point  - the " Hill " - that is what we call it - much like we call Visitation Valley " the swamp ".

We know what is happening in Oakdale - with the SF Police on surveillance - paid surveillance - afraid that another John Stewart Company - White Supervisor - does not get - what he or she deserves - when they open their mouth - and bad mouth of youth and young adults. And there is more - that the sell outs - have no clue about.

The steep terrain - public transportation -
unreliable - I had to step in to help the residents -
not Theo Miller, not Malia Cohen, not London Breed,
not Jack Gardner, not the others - that think they can 
hoodwink the public at large - and get away 
with murder in broad daylight.

As Fred Blackwell the Director of the San Francisco Foundation - the former Director of the SF Redevelopment Agency - who worked for the Alameda County as the City Administrator - before taking his present position - states and it makes sense 
 it is all about uplifting those who have not been given - opportunities. 

I would add  - not given opportunities - by corrupt folks like Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Malia Cohen who talks the talk but cannot walk the walk - London Breed who loves taking junkets to Canada but could do nothing to save the life of Canada the 100 year old Black woman - who was evicted and died - in San Francisco. God is watching and knows a crook from a mile away.

Conceptual Plans look good -
they are like a dream - you wake up -
and one may realize it is your worst - night mare.

There is not a day - where I am not called to address - crime, the poor evicted - people who want jobs - people who are harassed by our City and County of San Francisco.

Crooks like the Apartment Investment Managing Company (AIMCO) - that controls thousands of units - and treats the tenants - with disdain on the Hill.

Now, we have with the John Stewart Company - a rogue Property Management Company that controls thousands of units at the Presidio of San Francisco.

Hundreds of housing units at Treasure Island, all over the Tenderloin, Hunters Point aka Hunters View - Phase One and Two, Oakdale Public Housing, Northridge Cooperative Housing on the Hill , Kiska Road Public Housing and more.

I am calling on Herm Lewis, Maurice Tatum, Derrick Toliver, Pastor Jeff Branner, Fred Blackwell, Jamo Muhammad,  Archbishop Franzo King, Daniel Landry, Majeid Crawford,  Jeff Adachi, Roberto Hernandez, Oscar Grande, Sam Ruiz, Dennis Herrera, Scott Hanks, Steven Gruel, Larry Welch, Leo Cassidy, Larry Bush, Bruce Giron, Naomi Kelly, Alicia Schwartz-Garza, Shannel Williams, Immam Abdul Azeez, Pastor John Weems, Ann Williams, Nadia Sesay, Tyrone Jue, Bill Lee, Calvin Louie, Vincent Pan, Bishop Ernest Jackson, Cedro and Elder Joseph, Gaynor and Ann Siataga, Danny Glover, Kevin Williams - a host of other women and men - to unite - to receive a briefing to expose the corruption going on - with the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - fully cognizant and with intent - adversely impacting - those that need help most.

If the " Democrats " were in the White House today - the rampant on going corruption - would be unbearable.

Millions of dollars of Community Benefit Funds - which the John Stewart Company, Bridge Developers and Mercy Housing had access to  - are now STOPPED.

The minute you invite  " so called private entities " you invited nefarious activities.

Where is the Blue Print with time lines and goals - to address Career Jobs - for those that have been treated with disdain - for the last 40 years in the Bayview Hunters Point Area?

We had the " Unfinished Agenda " -  some years ago - collecting dust on the shelves.

 The crooks  created the  " Out Migration "  - a few years ago - two documents linked to the Black community in San Francisco - what are the out comes - where is the analytical empirical data - what about next steps?

90% of the homes - once owned by Blacks - in the Bayview Hunters Point - have been sold - mostly to Asians more.

 Less to Latinos and Whites - this fact has been hidden from the public.

Homes not rental units - count - in any economy - worth the salt. And there in more.

This City and County of San Francisco in recent years - has been planting Black sell outs - who are selling out the Black community - we call them " RATS ".

We know this - as we keep and retain a large data - empirical data - that does not hide but reveals - sheds light where there is abject darkness - the many - shenanigans, ploys and machinations.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and I know what I speak off. Aho.