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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Homes built on very toxic ground -
with views of the Bay - but no one can step -
on the shoreline - debarred - the shoreline is contaminated.

Lennar Urban is not to be trusted - it has boldly taken upon itself to name Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - " The Shipyard ".

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - that was named and still comes under the " jurisdiction " of the United States Navy.

With the exception of Parcel A - that was conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco - the hastily transferred parcel to the now defunct SF Redevelopment Agency - then to Lennar Urban - a rogue developer in 2002.

Parcel A was transferred without standard certification - it is still contaminated. Homes built on top of contaminated land.

400 mature trees - clear cut - without permits. All sorts of nefarious activities continue to this day.

The turn over of employees working on Parcel A - discrimination against women workers - contracts - taking short cuts - and very inferior work - has been noted and is still on going.

It is not uncommon - for work to be doled out to contractors to come in and fix - poor work - the same work - worked on again and again. Pathetic when it comes to quality work - Lennar Urban is a disgrace when it comes to - quality work - and even less when it comes to paying  - the contractors.

The Record of Decision was not agreed by by the Restoration Advisory Board - way back in 2004 - a body of constituents and others - who took upon themselves - to represent the community at large - and were member of the Restoration Advisory Board - that came under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy.

After Parcel A was conveyed - Tetra Tech a contractor -  was hurriedly called back - to " mitigate and abate " - hot spots - in 2004.

The Main Press did not report - the many adverse impacts - on Parcel A - the SF City and County is and was aware of this facts - but still continued - to permit Lennar Urban - a rogue developer to go ahead.

Equipment with batteries were place to register the level of Asbestos Structures - Lennar Urban with " intent " removed the batteries - these acts were noted by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - and fined $515, 000 the largest fine ever - in the history of the BAAQMD - which Lennar Urban - paid.

Lennar Urban now renamed 5 Points Holdings LLP - same snake different head - continues to call the entire area some 800 acres plus - " The Shipyard ". This land is contaminated and people living in the new constructed housing units - are falling sick.

Well only one parcel has been conveyed to Lennar - the rest of the parcels B, C, C, D, E, E2, G, the many Utility Corridors UC1, UC2, UC3, UC4 and so on - other parcels carved - are still under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy.

Using the name " The Shipyard " -  innocent people are enticed to buy housing units - on water front property - and is contaminated and registering - very high levels of radioactive elements - the many " hots spots " - that have to be abated and mitigated and cleared by the authorities - who are NOT doing their job. Federal, State, and local authorities.

One of many notice posted by the 
U.S. Navy now taken down - 
the U.S. Navy's abate and mitigation -
has failed - with corrupt contractors -
like Tetra Tech faking the manifest - sending -
Class One dirty soil - to our landfills.

Advocates - those knowledgeable, astute, and stellar have done everything - on their own dime - to fight the SF City and County of San Francisco - with many Blacks the likes of Sophie Maxwell, Willie L. Brown Jr, Linda Richardson, Veronica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent, Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Shaman Walton, Malia Cohen, Amos Brown, Dr. Churchwell - others to many to name - selling out the community - on the pay roll of Lennar Urban.

Since 2013 Lennar Urban has not paid up its Community Benefits that it agreed to pay. Those entities that fought Proposition F - and voted for Proposition G - are now licking their - chops.

The Mainland Chinese have been - lied to and enticed to buy homes - touting them with fancy advertisements - that this land and and the brand new units  " so called water front property " - is Prime Real Estate Property " - when in fact - it is not and is truly a " Toxic Dump ".

Depleted Uranium was first test on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - during World War II in the 1950s - and even now - there are many toxic hot spots - that register high levels - of radioactive elements.

Never mind the people that live near by on Cleo Rand and Mariners' Village suffer from all sorts of cancers, tumors, respiratory diseases made worse by Asbestos Dust - that Lennar created by failing to water down - Serpentine Rock - that releases Asbestos structures - too tiny to see - that irritate the throat - and in years - adversely impact the victims - leading to Mesothelioma.

Past Mayors Willie L. Brown Jr - Mayor Gavin Newsom, and now Mayor Edwin M. Lee - have been fighting the advocates - and favoring the " rogue developers ".

Rogue developers - the likes of Lennar Urban - now fronting as 5 Point Holdings LLP - just gone public -  who do not have the better interests of our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Seniors, those with compromised health - and know well that nothing should be built - are building poorly built homes - on very contaminated - ground.

Land prone to severe flooding and liquefaction. Go Figure!

Kofi Bonner the President of Lennar Urban -
struts - on contaminated land - that 
the U.S. Navy must mitigate and abate -
those who continue to allow people to live on this land -
are responsible of the adverse impacts to their health -
in near by places - hundreds have died - fallen prey to cancer -
and other chronic diseases.

The Mainland Chinese have been promised homes - after investing $500, 000 to receive EB-5 Visas - Donald Trump wants to put a cap on this and rightly so.

This filthy rich Chinese - now, at these late date - have fully realized that they no longer will invest on land that is contaminated - we have been saying so - since the year 2000 and before.

The contractors are pulling out - they already have many cases of workers coming down with serious ailments - cancer, tumors, headaches, watery eyes - many these signs our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, others with compromised health - experience in  2002 more in 2004 when the grading picked up - Serpentine Rock crushed - and millions of structures of Asbestos Structures - released into the air.

On an average the winds monitored at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard are registered at 40 to 50 mph - the fine structures invisible to the eye - can be carried far distances  and how many innocent people have been - adversely impacted - no one knows.

Barbara Gracia the head of the SF Health Department, Tomas Aragon, the Mayors Willie L. Brown Jr, Gavin Newsom, the present Mayor Edwin M. Lee - have NOT done due diligence and have BLOOD on their hands.

Amy Brownell and Stephnie Cushings  from the SF City and County Division of Environment - have failed the tax payers, the citizens of San Francisco.

We do not have a Toxicologist on board - for all the talk - that Mayor Edwin M. Lee - speaks - from both sides of his dirty - mouth. A consummate - liar.

Thousands of innocent people will DIE if they live on contaminated ground - in and around Parcel A - by Candlestick Point - where in toto - over 20, 000 homes are planned - without standard abatement and mitigation.

Our SF Planning Department knows about this nonsense - more Direct John Rahaim and others, the SF Department of Building Inspection - is bold enough to allow tall buildings - 5 Point Holdings LLP - put a Proposition to amend the height limits and narrowly won the Proposition - much as we lost to Proposition G - which spent $ 10 million - we introduce Proposition F and spent $5, 000.

Proposition F - truly wanted the entire area Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point - abated and mitigated.

We were ganged upon - by Congress woman Nancy Pelosi, Senator Diane Feinstein, Mayor Gavin Newsom, other very nefarious characters. All of them are now fully responsible - for the mess that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point - where innocent people are enticed to live - and slow die.

All this and more in San Francisco that has targeted and keeps targeting Black and Brown people. There is a God - and this is the land of the Muwekma Ohlone. All we can do - is speak - the TRUTH.

Well,  today - as I said a long time ago:

" no good ever will come on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard " and may I add - " Candlestick Point too - no good what so ever " Aho.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -
build with poor landfill - now contaminated -
registering very high level of radioactive elements -
hot spots found all over the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

During World War II -
the Shipyard built all sorts of ships - 
here is just one record for all the world to see.

This is Ohlone land - each and every square inch - this land of the Ohlone called San Francisco.

Once two hills stood in close proximity to the now Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. They were demolished to use the tons of dirt - Shell Mounds included - containing Ohlone Remains - a desecration that those at that time - did not bother - now haunting them - " no good ever will come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard  and the adjacent areas - no good what so ever ".

Remains of the Ohlone were disturbed - the human remains  - Muwekma Ohlone - taken with the dirt - to create poor landfill and build the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

This desecration cries to heaven - each and every day - make no bones about this cry to heaven - no good ever will come to those that know about the desecration, know about the evils - but still permit " GREED " - to over rule - to build homes on very contaminated - ground. More prone to severe flooding and liquefaction - the BIG one is round the corner.