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Sunday, April 2, 2017


If over the years - those of us who are comfortable - having good jobs - others who have been to educational institutions - who have failed to join in the deliberations - that are linked to Quality of Life issues and more.

 We all would have been - better off - and most of us would have gone to a better place - had we through out the many years - contributed our best - to the welfare of all.

The matter of fact the majority of us have NOT participate - with a vetted plan - and instead of finding solution - many have chosen to make " loud noises " - that have taken us no where - no where what so ever.

San Franciscans we must do better - more those of us who have stake in San Francisco - we cannot have outsiders - come here and rearrange the furniture in our living rooms - without our permission.

Protesting for the sake of protesting - running ones mouth - with any vetted Blue Print - bringing people together who mean well - and trying to convince them - of concepts and some ideas - that simply do not work.

 Forcing others -to listen without any meaningful solutions,  failing to abide with models that embrace team work - actions where all have a role to play - children, women and men - as one large - family.

Our Elders must be at the table - it is with them - the Seniors - where lies the WISDOM - that spiritually speaking - good things happen.

And one may find it hard to believe - our children, our youth, our young adults - are vital and critical to anything happening - good.

Our youth and young adults are fed up - I repeat fed up with some who talk too much - waste people time - more because they have have failed - to incorporate the youth, the young adults - more those in our colleges and universities.

Those that corral  - who they want - who they have in mind to order around - stick to points that are mundane - dealing more with conspiracy theories - such a modi operandi - will NOT work ever, in today's - digital world.

Time has been wasted - the many Communist and Socialist theories have failed - Capitalism is not prefect - but it is better than dealing with dictators,  the likes of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Adi Amin  - you get my drift.

The result more confusion, more pandemonium , more distrust - and finally the end result - in many cases - divisiveness of the worst order - as we have seen with Donald Trump - and the many egoistical maniacs - we have all over this Nation - leading people astray.

Most of these group will keep the youth out. They will keep the young adults out. They will keep women out - saying they cannot contribute and so on and so forth.

On Turtle Island - women and the matriarchal system  - have played a role - the Founding Fathers - learned much from the Six Nations, the Long Cabin, the Iroquois Tribe - incorporating much in our Constitution - that many of us are ignorant about.

Our women played a key role at Standing Rock in North Dakota - the Oceti Sakowin camp - much as they do daily in their homes, in the offices, in the business many of whom are run by women - at board meetings and other meeting - women bring consensus quicker - and with men  - both working together - can take our Nation on this common journey - to a better - place.

Personally I listen to children - they have no barriers - so if you are keen - your heart in the right place - it take time to be patient - but the results will be many and what is important - blessed.

Thirty, forty years ago - I mentored children - today they are spread all over the world.

That torch we lit - at the many schools, the many playing fields, the many plays that we performed - the many events we organized - we teamed with the best - and did more - sometimes with nothing - in terms of spending - money.

Those Nations - as does the United States who invest in our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults  - are better off - and we have taken our models for granted - and in the last 20 years - not kept up - with the latest information - as practiced in South Korea, in Japan, in places like Denmark, Sweden, Norway -  in Germany - how does the Bay Area and the Region fair on this one?

Some of us advocates have been on the frontline - in the trenches since the early 60s - many of us baby boomers - other older and wiser.

We fought very hard and diligently - we educate ourselves more with " cultural competency " - overcoming " implicit bias " - other parochial hurdles, obstacles, impediments  - to make San Francisco a " Sanctuary City " - succoring those who were victims of the Banana Republics - more with El Salvador - Guatemala, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Peru - we have all seen it happen in our life time.

Today the present White House has target Muslims directly - without having a clue - about our Constitution and our Judicial system.

 Astute and stellar Federal Judges - look at the law and then - the so called present shallow Executive Orders - that are produced by the current White House - and Donald Trump - and adjudicate the issue case by case - and so far so good.

The result the present Judicial Branch - has ordered the Executive Branch - to STOP blatant discrimination - and STOP targeting any one segment of the population - in this case Muslims - based on their religion, and where they come from. 

Donald Trump does not like it - but tough luck - he better learn to live with the " Judicial Branch " - and we the people can and should remove him from office - he has had sufficient - notices that he has failed to ponder - less adhere.

Further the many Executive Orders - have not been vetted - and most have NO detail plan. Such nonsense could only come from some one who is sordid, evil and deranged - those in this category are called - " egoistical maniacs ".

Our Nation is not perfect - the Affordable Health Care Act was not perfect - we had to start some where.

More by giving impetus to Medical, Medicaid, Medicare, other health programs - HealthySF in San Francisco -  working with the Insurance Companies and Exchanges - the previous  Barack Hussein Obama Administration - who took the time - made room - embraced and covered those with pre-existing chronic health cases.

The previous Administration - did not have the vision to permit Insurance Companies and Exchanges - to market plans - across States - thus bringing down the premiums - that have caused many Insurance Companies and Exchanges - to get out of the business.

Simply put if the demand is there - if the accounts increase - it simply stands to reason - the many growing accounts - across States - make premiums - affordable - you pay less and live within your means - you have peace of mind - and hopefully enjoy - good health.

Today the premiums are high - and the clients fewer - there is less demand to pay  -as people cannot afford the high - premiums more those that need health - more. No one should spend in access of $600 and now many pay in access of $900 a month - and that is simply unfair.

 If one pays $1200 and more - that is simply uncalled for - and some States - force those that simply need the Health Insurance - those with pre-existing cases and hold the gun to their heads. This again is plain wrong - and must NOT to tolerated.

As the weeks go by - weeks turn to months -  we know in a year's time - we could easily see - a complete " shut down " - of what we know as the Affordable Health Care Act.

The Insurance Companies and Exchanges - do not find the Affordable Health Care Act - workable for those that  pay out more - and many have just cut out their losses - and jumped ship.

The present White House - as with any other White House - is mandated to represent the people and find solutions. " We the People" come first - not the crooked, lying politicians and we have them in San Francisco - too.

The many shenanigans, ploys, and machinations - filibustering - being one of them - must STOP - both the Democrats and Republicans have failed on this issue.

The people are fed up with those that waste time - and put the majority of the constituents in harms way.

Today hundreds with existing chronic conditions are dying - right now - and some have NOT thought hard enough - about this dire situation -  life and death. More politicians who think - we the people - will go with flow - enough is enough. You all are put on notice.

There are Republicans right now - and there are Democrats right  now - that can tweak the Affordable Health Care Act - and take our Nation - to a better place. Both parties can earn some Browny Points.

On the confirmation of a Supreme Court Judge - the Republicans should not have conducted themselves - as they did the last time around - Barack Hussein Obama - and the Democrats picked their candidate - only to be filibustered.

A solution must be found - to bring a drastic change - how and why we conduct ourselves - meaning our Representatives - when it comes to " representing " our Nation. 

Both Democrats and Republics must learn to be respectable and  " represent " - for one simple reason - you all work and must represent the people. " We the people " - read the Constitution.

It is the same with the Environment, Safety and the Department of Justice, Transportation and Immigration.

 The Department of Transportation and Homeland Land Security - the other many shallow Executive Orders - including the one ordering the Assistant Secretary of Defense - to permit the North Dakota Access Pipeline to go ahead - that the Lakota Nations, and other Tribes - and millions of other all over the Nation and the world - oppose.

The world is going one way -  embracing Solar and Clean Energy - the world is wondering - why are we going the other way.

We have a " maniac " who had NO clue what he is saying - less what he is doing - time and time again - he has exposed himself - as one who is NOT a leader.

Good leaders show the way, know the way  and most important go the way.

The daily tweets are an embarrassment to our Nation - the many fake headlines - that force those who are NOT educated on issues - to divert their mind - and make them dwell in some doldrums of a situation - this is becoming - so common - that undoing misinformation and disinformation - will soon be a business .

Ploys used by Television Pundits - to hoodwink the people - sound bites that sound good - but mean - nothing at all - that Donald Trump is a Master of such ploys and machinations. 

For him to continue to be the President of the United States - and continue to behave in the manner he is living and acting, daily - will hurt this Nation for a long, long time.

 An animus - an anathema- that has hit this Nation - in the gut.

The many clock and dagger actions of Lt. General Flynn - will slowly but surely - erode - the shaky foundation - based on "business operations " - there has been less vetting, lack of vetted protocol -  running our Nation - as if we are deep in a corruption - never seen before.

This  is not a sit-com, some shallow Television Show - and signing shallow Executives Orders and playing to the Camera -  does not do this Nation any good -  the fake Executive Orders without detail plans, with goals and timelines - must and should come to a - halt. Now. 

We the people have pulled ourselves together - united - and addressed  some of the pressing issues of our time.

The Women's Million Plus a day after Donald Trump was sworn in - sent a sound message - all over the world - pointing in the right direction.

Such protests are needed - because it reveals - what has been hidden and is evil - it unites people - it sheds light where there has been abject - darkness.

Such public actions - the deliberation that are done in the Open - moving  the Public - to embrace all  - women, men, children, youth, young adults, seniors and more - does great justice to any cause and more to humanity.

Here in the Bay Area - with the San Francisco Democratic Central Committee - still pondering and in limbo - it has NO spine and less vision to see beyond the beyond - it lingers and will die a slow but painful - death.

Their Slates of  the SF DCCC are worthless - the candidates those in power back - are crooks of a kind - except those who stood up Tom Ammiano, Eric Mar, David Campos, others for right - you get the drift.

The Senator Dianne Feinstein still in limbo - she talks a good talk but has failed our Nation.

The Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - is fully responsible for the present situation - even today with all the lying and cheating - Nancy Pelosi knows about Hillary Clinton - she still backs the sordid liar,  the cheater - who worked to Donna Brazile to get the questions from CNN who she worked for - gave the questions to Hillary Clinton - before the debate - and lost that debate.

The lackey Mayor Edwin M. Lee who went to bed with AirB&B,
wheeling and dealing with Big Developers, has taken our City and County of San Francisco - down the drain and in the cesspool of his own making.

Some one like Malia Cohen now wants to run for the position as the California Secretary of Equalization - the audacity to announce and run for such a position without any experience - except being the leading " sell out " in the Southeast Sector and in San Francisco - is more than mind boggling - despicable.

Gavin Newsom  - simply does not get it - he is not fit to run for Governor.

The first time around - we got him out - he had to run for Lt.  Governor - playing second fiddle - in his two terms the only good he did - voted against raising tuition fees for those students - in the University of California system. 

I know the rascal well - well enough to write and reveal in a book - the many sordid actions of this spineless metrosexual good for nothing - individual.

His first wife said many things about him - she did not like him - but left one quote that many repeat - " Gavin is well endowed " and that may be a poignant quote - that points in the right direction - for all the wrong - reasons.

San Francisco - has been wallowing - with cheaters, liars, and crooks from the Democratic Party - having a - " gala time ".

Candidate after candidate - visited our State - the Great State of California - to milk the resources.

We have in San Francisco -  the billionaires and millionaires who have  stashed money and shared some of that loot with the candidates - to fill their campaign coffers.

 All were promised - dividends - until Hillary Clinton lost - Barack Hussein Obama termed out - the timing could not have been worse - the debacle with the Affordable Health Care Act - Donald Trump has NO desire to do business with these charlatans. Time will tell.

California named a Black goddess - be it mythical - the many Native American Tribes - here, in California that are NOT put on the Federal Register - the indigenous people - are not given any consideration.

Reminding us of another time - Andrew Jackson - who cause so much harm - Donald Trump's hero - the more you study Andrew Jackson - the deeper to see the association - two maniacs who share so much - so much that can do so much harm - time will tell.

Thieves stole the land - the likes of Christopher Columbus and others - one worse than the other.

The Bay Area should wake up - and learn the history of this area - the many Shell Mounds - the acupuncture needles - Sacred Remains - that have been desecrated by the " greedy ".

The desecrations cry to heaven for justice - here in the Bay Area.

All over the Nation - and more with the injustice done in North Dakota - where we went to see things for ourselves. 

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - and on the issues that matter we have spoken again and again - more, I as the representative - on Quality of Life issues - the lack off - adversely impacting so many. Aho.