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Sunday, April 23, 2017


We once had great regard for those countries - who purportedly practiced - " democracy " - all of its citizens having " freedom " - to live a life - where standards, ethics, and of course morals - prevailed - by large measure.

Check this out:

Another perspective of what is happening in our world in recent years:

Today - we have some semblance - and can check on the scores of some nations - fortunately Great Britain, Canada, the Scandinavian Nations, Germany - few other Nations - allow us to breathe a little better - for now.

Turkey, France, and the United States - have thrown this large wrench - " the Johnson wrench "- in the moving spokes of Freedom.

There is Freedom and there is License - abuse of Freedom is License.

When one gets an opportunity to travel - and see what is truly happening - worldwide - we  clearly see some elements - that help Democracy.

More - a viable and sustainable shade of Democracy - the true, present - " middle class " - use to be - that one segment of the population - that held the - " glue ". No more.

Education is another.

We clearly see it here in the United States of America - the one percent that control the 95 %  of our Nation. 

The Middle Class in the United States is eroding - and with it opportunities for our children, our youth, our young adults, our adults - have less and less opportunities - to uplift themselves - in this case quality - education - that makes a huge - difference.

The level of our understanding - linked to world politics - the things that count - the ability to discern - to comprehend better - and most importantly act to bring about - solutions, progress - more and more - are relegated to the back burner.

When good, decent people gather - to make a real difference. More and more we see - those that with ulterior motives - a false sense of standards, morals, ethics - think they can muddy the waters - create divisiveness - and more try to control the individual present - think they can fool all the people - all the time.

Our politicians look at us in the eye and lie.

Most of us curse them - but do not care to take them on - and what is more expose them.

The RICO ACT an take them down - more with empirical data.

It is the same with our Government - the millions that work for our United States government - pushing paper - following the well know Standard Operation Procedure  (SOP ).

This model - that serve to maintain - some semblance - but in today's digital world - we need to move faster and better - create vetted models - that include all - and more empower as many as possible - from all walks of life -   by thinking - " smarter ".

Our Health Maintenance Organizations that provides health services and benefits - the  entities we call Hospitals - work with Insurance Companies - to rape those that make up the millions of clients - by charging " premiums " - that seem to go up - yearly becoming more and more - expensive.

It does not matter - what Health Insurance - one has - the individual - must analyze, ask questions, and most importantly deliberate with one's doctor - primary or otherwise.

Women more - as they are bearers of children - and deserve better - when it comes to health care.

Our infants, children, youth, and young adults - deserve the best - as their good health - that contribute to better contributions - to make this world a better place. Health counts.

Here is San Francisco - we jump started  the Nation - with our HealthySF - health program that was very innovative and more needed - at a time when many were suffering.

San Francisco - looked into ways of linking with MediCal and Medicare - other health insurance entities - to address - Preventative Care - Basic Health Services and more -  which lays the foundation - to any type of Health Care.

I am old enough - to have had a Doctor visit my home - and take care of my health needs.

Then moved to a system - where I went to a clinic and had to meet and more trust - many doctors, many nurses, many health technicians. That was a task to endure - but worked in the long - run.

In recent years - I had to join a Health Maintenance Organization - that is tied to Insurance Companies that demand - huge premiums to " Insure us simple folks - more - who are preyed upon " .

I worked for the Federal Government and was deeply exposed in the working -  how our United States Federal Government works - mainly paper pushers - very few wanted to  - " think outside the box ".

For sure very few - wanted to upset the apple cart.

Still fewer - pushed for innovative measures and positively impacted those that that count - in larger establishments and some impacting our Nation.

I did that in great measure - by gathering like minded people - and finding solutions - helped bring about changes - progress - that a " group of people could claim was their own success - in which they were vested  ".

Never mind who originated - the spark that led to our common success.

Here is San Francisco - the Legislative Branch our SF Board of Supervisors - are JOKERS. Most of them talk from both sides of their mouth.

On another level - the ignorant more arrogant - pushed for giving Twitter and other large corporations - huge tax breaks - at the expense of of San Franciscans - decent, tax payers. 

Never mind - some learned from the mistakes backing " Twitter " - for all the wrong reasons.

Never mind - we have Supervisors - that were so dumb - that all Eleven of them - in toto - recently - voted for Lennar Urban - a rogue developer - that is known Nationwide - as a corrupt and a developer - that preys on its - clients. The project situated at 1515 South Van Ness in San Francisco.

This project will speed up " gentrification " is a big way - pushing out those that pay decent rents - the " techies " - willing to pay - $3500 for a one bed room - $5500 for a two bed room and more.

Never mind that our Mayor Edwin M. Lee works with some of the SF Board of Supervisors - wheeling and dealing - pay for play - working with large Property Managers - making Real Estate deals - to the detriment of the tax payers.

More, citizens of San Francisco - San Franciscans - who once trusted their Representatives - but now - NO MORE.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People - that have patrimonial jurisdiction over San Francisco and the adjacent areas.

We exercised our Right of First Refusal over the Presidio of San Francisco, and other areas - in 1991.

More - when the Department of Defense (DoD) - declared Base Closures - and found out more about the many politicians - the scum of the Earth - who put many impediments in our way.

The San Francisco County Central Democratic Party - is ignorant about the First People of San Francisco.

By saying ignorant -  I am being polite - they have no clue - about the Muwekma Ohlone at all. 

They could gather some basic information by visiting the Muwekma Ohlone website - to be better informed : 

Today the turmoil we are having in Syria, in North Korea, in Libya, in Yemen, in Iraq, in many other places - is because of our lack of comprehension.

Lack of the finer aspects - lack of communication - and for sure totally lack of   " Cultural Competency " - the deep hatred and growing concern and witnessed - daily in our life- looking at us in the face " Implicit Bias " - for those that are Indigenous.

Closer to home- we travelled to North Dakota - to personally witness the " discrimination " - " double standards " - linked to Lakota Tribes - the people that Chief Sitting Bull led to battle and won. In a city called Bismark - in other town near by - Racist who are a disgrace to the human race.

Today nothing much has changed - in our Nation.

From the day of Andrew Jackson - the Donald Trump looks at - as his hero - and more we are falling into the trap - laid by those who are NOT indigenous.

The indigenous find it difficult to unite - more because of the many sellouts - who will  fall for - " stale bread crumbs "  offered them.

The sellouts - straying from " unity " - keen - " purpose of mind, body, and soul " - fortitude - their heart NOT - in the right place - to take us all to a better place.

Time is running out - and we still have leaders of color - who are NOT educated on issues - here in San Francisco.

More  - who have fallen for conspiracy theories  - work for the "enemy " - while all the time - pandering to those that must stay away from - SF Board of Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen and London Breed to mention - two Supervisors among others - but the worst ones - all the same.

Our Representatives - Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congress Person Nancy Pelosi - are pathetic - today, they chide Donald Trump - at least we see him - and witness his sordid actions - in the open for all he is.

His " twits " reveal more - he is trying to say something - and some of it - be is " very little " - makes sense - he now is seen in some quarters - representing the " frustration " - stemming from the Democratic Party - that has an opportunity to shine - but chose to dive and swim with the pigs - in that stinking, dirty - puddle that brought about their - demise.

No one can trust Nancy Pelosi and less Dianne Feinstein - and their day has come.

The recent Town Hall meeting - revealed how - out of touch with reality - Dianne Feinstein is.

Dianne Feinstein - should step down now - waste no time - and fade into oblivion.

Nancy Pelosi is a JOKE -  continuing to back Hillary Clinton - a consummate LIAR. 

Hillary Clinton is a LIAR - both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton - thought  - they could establish a family dynasty -  the Clintons - for sure - having no standards, no ethics, and absolutely have no morals.

Those trying to resurrect Hillary Clinton - must have lost their mind - Corporations sending their employees - in the hundreds - to listen to a good for nothing, consummate LIAR - when Hillary chose to address some here in San Francisco.

Hillary Clinton -  must be ashamed of herself - for disgracing - anything " Democratic ". She is NOT welcomed here in San Francisco.

The Democrats created this vacuum - permitting - some one like Donald Trump to build his " fiefdom "  - fostering a shade of  sordid " dictatorship " - that will harm us all  - in the short and long run.

Shortly Donald Trump will FAIL - he will try to use the Federal Budget - as a ploy to build his WALL - those that know better will not vote for this ploy - he will threaten to " stall the upcoming Federal Budget " - be it interim - and FAIL.

Donald Trump failed to stall the Affordable Care Act -  will Fail to bring changes to any worthwhile Tax Reform - so far - and closer to his 100 days in office - he gets a Royal - " F - " - yes, F minus.

We must unite and fight this " dictatorship " - that is going viral on -  all over our Nation - the United States of America - and worldwide. Time will tell. Aho.