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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
the Muwekma Ohone were here in San Francisco -
for 13, 000 years - all Carbon-dated.

All over this Earth - indigenous people - simply cannot understand - those Nations including the United States of America - who for many years - have polluted the environs - with intent. Greed being their main motive - now after causing great damage - their reflection and more less action - is pathetic.

Even when we had in place Presidents who happened to be Democrats - refraining at World Forums - refusing to curtail dangerous particulates.

Contributing with intent contamination and pollution on this Earth - sending electronic waste to other countries like Bangladesh and other countries - causing more damage to innocent human beings - and their environs.

Daring to be in your face - and voting against the viable and sustainable principles - to address Sea Level Rise and on going - Climate Change - at forum held in South Africa, Brazil and others smaller forum that I attended.

Chief Joseph -
he walked the walked.

Respect for Mother Earth - in deep into the indigenous - because the core of the respect comes from " ceremony " - and spiritual values - handed down for thousands of years.

When the Whites came to Turtle Island - they lacked " spiritual values " - much as they lack it today.

Far from learning and being humble - absorbing the best values of indigenous people - and here in the Bay Area - we have one of the most diverse population - in the world - we could have done much better - and we strive to do so - now.

However again and again - those that worship - the " almighty dollar " - prevail - enacting ordinance and laws - and roll back viable and sustainable - practices - that so far - have maintained - some uneven, stability - but daily we see more has to be done.

 Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
despicable to the core -
written all over his face.

Here is San Francisco the San Francisco Board of Supervisor, the Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the many other heads of departments - have no clue - about this land - and who it really - belongs to. All of it was stolen. 

There is not - one single document - that the SF City and County can provide - that clearly shows - the Ohlone more the Muwekma Ohlone - gave their permission - to sell the land - NOT - one single document.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago - Feb 2, 1848.
Go to your library and read some - to gain
more information - about the - " thieves ".

In the many transaction - to be fair - no one ever mentions - the 
" Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ". Women then had right to own land - and precise language - demarcated land and rights to the California Native Americans. The Americans did not have such rights for women - and despised Native Americans - even to this day.

18 treaties were signed between  the California Native American and the United States government - that purchased the land from the Mexican government - with all sorts of " memoranda of agreements " - promising land and rights to the California Native Americans. The failed as usual to fulfill their obligations - much as they do - today. 

The 18 treaties were never ratified -  on time - and years latter found - hidden by the United States government - only to reveal in its entirety the devious, evil, and contemptuous nature of those Whites - who with intent - broke the law - and adversely millions of Native Americans - to this very - day.

I have attend thousands of meetings - here in San Francisco - and watched the politicians - ignorant and arrogant - and among them the " worst " - who are sell outs. I have named them again and again - so that future generations know more - about chronic sell outs.

There used to be a special bond - between those Negro slaves that escaped - who were protected by the Native Americans.

Today - the many Negros who take their freedom for granted - have no clue - how all that and more - came about.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Chairperson Rosemary Cambra and 
Francisco Da Costa - at SF City Hall.

The Ohlone and more the Muwekma alone that I represent in San Francisco - never, ever imagined the many skyscrapers - one Millennium Tower sinking - the paradox - the piles that the neighboring skyscrapers deemed necessary to go down 150 feet and in some case 250 feet - and stabilize the tall buildings - were considered unnecessary - when it came to the Millennium Building built in the year 2009.

The Millennium skyscraper - a 58 story building - that failed to reach - the bed rock - and is now sinking some 18 inches and more and tilting to one side - some 4 1/2 inches. Right in the middle of the Financial District.

The narrow Salesforce Building -
still under construction is next to the Millennium Building -
the tallest building in the City of San Francisco.

The congestion on our road has reached - saturation point - some time taking 45 minutes back to back traffics - to cross two blocks.

You could get out of your vehicle and walk to and from - twenty times - to your car - and you would still be there - waiting to move a few inches. Surrounded by dangerous particulates - lead, mercury, and other dangerous - chemicals.

San Francisco - has no empirical data - where it comes to the particulates and other polluting elements - registered in real time  - I said in real time - posted on any decent website.

The City loves to talk the talk - there is NO viable and sustainable walk - our City and County of San Francisco - has NOT reduced the Carbon Footprint - in any measurable measure - I want to see the empirical data.  Stop the lies.

For instance - much of the Southeast Sector is poor landfill - spewing thousands of tons of Methane gas - one ton of Methane gas - equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide. 

One year ago a calculation made by experts - easily found some 500, 000 tons of Methane Gas - spewing freely in the air - more, from 4th and King to Geneva Avenue. One ton of Methane gas - equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Added to this dangerous radioactive elements - more in the vicinity of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where depleted Uranium was tested - now registering high levels of cesium, radium.

 Adversely impacting workers who once worked at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - tax payers - living in and around Parcel A - and those on streets such as Cleo Rand in San Francisco - Mariner's Village.

Not long ago - Tectra Tech a rogue company - that has milked the tax payers - filled the campaign coffers of Democrats - the likes of Dianne Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, others despicable all Democrats - faked the manifest - and sent Class One dirty soil - to our Landfills - a crime.

Not a word from SF Board of Supervisors, not a word from Mayor Edwin M. Lee - not a word - about these incidents from the Director of SF Health Health - Barbara Garcia. More Tomas Aragon. They all talk the talk - but fail to walk the walk.

300 years ago- the land was pristine - it was all stolen.

Before that for thousands of years - there was ample Abolone, herring, fish of all types - in the Bay that was three time the size it is now.

Wet lands that harbored all sorts of birds - many migratory birds - from as far as Russia - geese and others - that visited this Muwekma Ohlone land in the thousands.

There was deer, and rabbits and hare, butterflies, and bushes and trees that bore all sorts of berries and there was more.

Then came the Monsters and destroyed all that was pristine.

The Catholic Church and more the Franciscan Friars - practiced " genocide " - with intent - using barbaric tactics in the name of the Sovereign rulers and the Pope.

To force innocent people in their own lands - where they lived for thousands of years - with intent causing them bodily harm - more infants, children, and women. Raping women and murdering children and women. This happened in San Francisco - and in and around Mission Dolores.

The mockery that goes on at SF City Hall with House Negros the likes of London Breed and Malia Cohen - is too much to endure.

Ignorant and arrogant - they talk the talk but have no clue about Quality of Life - all they seek - is money to fill their sordid - campaign coffers.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - talks from both sides of his mouth - having accumulated millions in off shore banks - wheeling and deal with the corrupt - talking vaguely about our homeless and so called " Navigation Centers ".

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - and the ways of the Monsters - and the way they treat the indigent, the poor, the homeless - more those that have fallen on bad times - is to say the least - despicable.

San Francisco use to hav a healthy population of infants, children, youth and young adults. No more.

We have more dogs in San Francisco - leading the National Geographic Mazgazine to produce an article - that the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - has yet to read.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -  has no clue - how corrupt the Mayor's Office of Children Youth and Families is - how they dole out money - with less consideration - to deserving communities - more - Bayview Hunter Point, Visitation Valley, and Exelsior District.

Crime is on the increase in San Francisco - car break-ins, home break-ins, assaults on our MUNI bus, on our streets, the homeless that number in the thousands - 10, 000 according to reliable reports - 3, 000 according to the Homeless Czar - who makes in access of  $220, 000 in salary. Does that say something?

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee makes $400, 000 - and is a abject failure - at all levels. Does that say something? Aho.

Our SF Board of Supervisors - none of them have stellar and astute leadership qualities - not one of them. They talk and talk and talk - and when it come to the community - and more Public Comment - give us a measly two minutes. Go Figure.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and this is our land. Aho.