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Thursday, April 20, 2017


Senator Dianne Feinstein

Congressperson Nancy Pelosi

San Franciscans by large measure are all embracing - permitting our aged and senile Senator and Congressperson - represent the City and County of San Francisco - to wheel and deal - pay to play.

While all the time purporting to fake " representation - in Washington DC - where as we know that " swamp " - must be fully " drained ".

This pertinent issue - of blatant corruption - must be addressed on a War Footing.

It is despicable how these two politicians have amassed millions - doling favors to those that contribute to their " sordid campaign coffers ".

More - wheeling and dealing - pay to play - while here in San Francisco - thousands of people - indigent, poor, but human beings - are living in tents - facing the inclement weather.

In the morgue - bodies lie - waiting to claimed - and the Mayor brags that San Francisco is a " world class city " - while failed miserably to take care of the poor, the indigent, those with compromised health - more the mentally and physically challenged.

The above two politicians - Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - have acquired million dollar homes - large homes not only in San Francisco - but in Napa and Lake Tahoe - living a fabulous life and having a gala time - while a huge percentage of their constituents are suffering.

One bed room cost $3500 to rent - a two bed room $5500 - Go Figure! 

Recently - Senator Dianne Feinstein held a Town Hall meeting - in San Francisco - and the crowd shouted at her.

Told her that she was doing a very poor job - this was her first Town Hall meeting after years - she got here - " reality check ".

Diane Feinstein - she did not like this display of non-confidence in her - and tried to defend herself - but to no avail.

At second thoughts - the person accompanying her on the stage - Bevan Dufty - should have told the crowd - that Senator Dianne Feinstein was a recent recipient - of a " pace maker " - advising the crowd to go easy on her - but failed to do so.

This may also be a time for the Senator - who has several failed terms under her belt - to call it quits.

Time to limit the terms one can serve - especially since Senator Diane Feinstein - has not realized she in NOT in sync with today's world.

She has no email for example - to reach her directly. 

She has NOT had town hall meetings on a regular bases - and so was ticked off - that the crowd in San Francisco - were so angry - and must have realized for the first time - in over 28 years - that she is out of sync - Smithsonian.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - to this day - continues to support the " lying Hillary Clinton ".

Hillary Clinton who received the questions before the National debate with Donald Trump - questions - given to her by Donna Brazile - who was the newly appointed Democratic Central Chair - and also worked for CNN as a commentator.

The number of junkets to San Francisco - were many Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, other candidates - millions poured into campaign coffer - Political Action Committees - having a field day.

Both Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - have NOT take a stand to support - Native Americans.

This land Turtle Island - that was stolen - every square inch.

The United States of America - 3, 717, 812. 8 square miles - all of it stolen from the Native Americans.

Today most Native Americans live on Reservations - most far away from the original homes of their ancestors.

Many Native American Tribes are not on the Federal Register - treated as second class citizens. Shame on those who conduct themselves - without respecting the Native Americans.

If you pay attention to history - the Six Nation - more the Iroquois Tribe - these tribes practiced Democracy - Democracy was practiced for thousands of years on Turtle Island.

The Founding Fathers studied the happening within the Long Cabin, the deliberations of the Six Nations - and incorporated a lot of those vetted elements - into Our Constitution - the Constitution of the Untied States of America.

I have paid attention to this one singular fact - for over 40 years - other relevant factors - and know what I am writing and talking about.

As Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco's last Congressional Liaison - I had to opportunity to inter-act - with all the Congress women and men - Senators - Chairperson of various Committees - and understand how corrupt those entities are - who are suppose to represent us in Washington DC - instead wheel and deal - and daily participate in " pay to play " - sordid, deals.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
The First People of San Francisco

The world is NOT cognizant of  one fact - that all of San Francisco and the adjacent land was stolen - each and every square inch.

The thieves that stole it cannot produce one single document - that shows that the Native American Tribes - signed off on any legal document hand over the land. NOT one single document.

In other States the Representative will get to know the First People better - not these two women - Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - one worse than the other.

These two women have no compassion.

They  know how to address and manipulate certain chosen crowds - more crooks and corrupt - everything orchestrated to cater to the needs of these two women.

Things have changed drastically - and at any meeting hence forward - these two - Dianne and Nancy - will have to deal with reality check  - will have astute and stellar individuals - challenging these two women.

Asking them - pertinent questions that - these two women have failed to address.

Failed to address the woes of the people - while all the time - amassing millions of dollars - Real Estate - and more.

Senator Kamala Harris - 
has decided to play the fool -
challenging Retired Marine General John Kelly -
in charge of Homeland Security.

Senator Kamala Harris just become a Senator - replacing Barbara Boxer - who stepped down - before she was named at antique.

The newbie Kamala Harris - has a history of arrogance - and not representing the people in California.

Kamala Harris was here in San Francisco - where she was a District Attorney - before that some Attorney in Alameda County - and then became the State of California Attorney General - and failed us all in California.

We do not wish to go too deep - into the many - shady deals Kamala Harris was involved in - backed by Willie L. Brown - well known for wheeling and dealing - pay to play deals.

When the Democrats were in power - propping up folks like Kamala Harris - for ulterior motives.

It was despicable for newbie Senator Kamala Harris - to challenge Retired Marine General John Kelly - on issues that Senator Kamala Harris - new little if nothing about - at a recent Congressional hearing.

We know for a fact that Kamala Harris did a poor job - here in California - her main office headquartered in Sacramento, California.

As I said wheeling and dealing -  at one time vied for the position of  U.S. General Attorney - thank God that did not happen.

Retired Marine General John Kelly is a person who is admired - smart for sure smarter than Kamala Harris - has a sense of decency - more having interacted with all parties - South of the Border - I know that for a fact.

Retired Marine General John Kelly - understands the people  - immigrating from the South - El Salvador, Peru,  Guatemala, Nicaragua  - he has had first hand knowledge about the many and different " Cartels ".

The cartels - killing, abusing, trafficking - he knows the bad guys - and he fully comprehend the trials and tribulations - of those that need help.

Kamala Harris may be focused on the " Dreamers " - and a few other mundane cases - but has no clue - nor can fathom the logistics and strategies - put in place - to address a very convoluted situation - the immigration situation and all its many aspects.

It might be noted the Barack Hussein Obama - sent back more immigrants - back across the border - and did it - without making any noise - a despicable act - any where you look at the situation.
Millions of innocent immigrants - many could have been given succor in the United States.

The House Negro failed - today - whiling in time - on  a  yacht - belong to some White millionaire.

Not a whimper from folks like Dianne Feinstein - Nancy Pelosi or Kamala Harris - about the evil deeds of Barack Hussein Obama - when it comes to our immigrants.

The - many infants, children, youth, young adults - single women - lingering in - " holding cages " - and these innocent  human beings - treated with disdain.

The Democrats have BLOOD on their hands - and some of us who have the empirical data - know this and have exposed - politicians who have FAILED  to represent. God sees it all.

This egoistical  maniac Donald Trump -
was created - because the Democrats -
did not represent - were so comfortable with -
wheeling and dealing - that the people were disgusted -
the Democrats opened the door for Donald Trump.

In order to analyze the situation at hand - we all must be educated on issues - just google the attendance record of Senator Dianne Feinstein and make up your mind -  about her performance - in the Senate - the number of times - she is absent.

Diane Feinstein has been removed from some Committees because of conflict of interest - her husband Richard Blum a billionaire - has made a fortune using her connections. Closer to home URS.

Her office was wire tapped by U.S. authorities for a reason. Most people are not cognizant of this fact.

It is the same with Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi - wheeling and dealing in Samoa - controlling the fruit canning and tuna canning industries - paying the Samoans - below minimum wages - while laughing all the way to the bank.

The terms to represent - given to these scum bags - must be limited to two terms each 4 years.

 The most 3 terms - anything above that - makes these folks too cozy - they lie, cheat, deceive, do anything to make a fast buck.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
this man has set our City and County of San Francisco -
on fire - and thinks nothing of it.
Corrupt to the core - and very close to Diane Feinstein 
and Nancy Pelosi - these crooks must be charged and
sent to prison for long - very long terms - under the RICO Act.