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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Again and again - the San Francisco Ethics Commission has had an " opportunity " to shed light - where there is absolute and sordid "abject darkness " and failed. Some change in the last year - but now beginning to mimic the ways of the past Director of the SF Ethics Commission - who was an anathema.

The SF Ethics Commissions more when the past Director of SF Ethics was ruling the roost - did as he pleased and more.

Putting the SF Ethics Commissioners  in an odd position.
SF Ethics Commissioners -  all anointed by the Mayor and others - and beholden to some who cannot be trusted.

They may be part of the authority -  play some role in the deliberations, operations and organization of the SF City and County of San Francisco - but nonchalant all the same.

The SF Commissioners - from time to time - nonchalant too - choosing with intent to kick the can down the street.

There are more employees hired today to do the work - we need some standards - we need to be fair to the citizens of San Francisco - who have been let down - and demand - justice and fair play.

This " Proposition J " - is full of legalese - convoluted language - that purports with intent to lead the reader astray - here, there, everywhere - in more than a couple of sordid directions.

These legal document do more harm than good - more to those that do not know anything much about " legal terms " - and less about etymology.

Today, these legal " jokers " think they can fool - all of us - all the time. Be aware and walk  - slowly.

 The SF Ethics Commission should take a clue from the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act - used by the Feds but can be linked to Civil Courts by local organizations.

That time has come to take some crooks before the Courts and send them to jail - for a long, long time.

Since 1996 when the Charter was amended to cut the wings of the San Francisco City Administrator - who now reports directly to the Mayor of San Francisco.

We once had the Legislative Branch, the City Administrator who was independent, and of course the Executive Branch - the Mayor and his lackeys - who could be curtailed - some.

The creation of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission in 1996 - where rampant corruption is prevalent.

 The SF Public Utilities Commission employs over 2000 employees. Previous Mayors have used the SF Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department - that brings in the money - charging for clean drinking water, our sewer, and electricity.

Those in power - use the SF Public Utilities Commission - as a place to place their lackeys - one of them using this ploy - again and again - Willie L. Brown Jr - a past Mayor of San Francisco - well known - for his wheeling and dealing - pay to play - ploys.

We had a case of one Juliet Ellis - using her position as Assistant General Manager for External Affairs - taking the opportunity of her position - to funnel over $200, 000 - tax payers money - to Green for All - a non-profit she was part off - before coming to work for SF Public Utilities Commission.

She was found double dipping - taking a salary from SF Public Utilities Commission - while as the same time - getting a salary and other gratuities from Green For All  - a non-profit that she worked for - before - joining the SF Public Utilities Commission.

Then adding fuel to fire - and becoming the Assistant General Manager of External Affairs - and shocking many - how could this ever happen - but it happened. The powers that be - did not think for a moment - how this one act - could involve so many - and tarnish the name of the SF Public Utilities Commission.

Juliet Ellis for all her smiling - wheeling and dealing - is a very corrupt person.

Juliet Ellis' case was filed with the California Fair Political Commission in Sacramento, California and the SF Ethics Commission.

Here is the case pertaining to Juliet Ellis :

The SF Ethics Commission sat on the case - the Fair  Political Commission adjudicated the case and fined Juliet Ellis and she paid the fine. 

The SF Ethics Commission was shamed - took up the case - stood by the adjudication made by the Fair Political Commission - and failed to fire Juliet Ellis - who still holds her job and still continues to undermine those she works with at SF Public Utilities Commission.

The Fair Political Commission has a website :

It is the same with Director of SF Main Library -  Luis Herrera working with Friends of the Library.

Decent - advocates have produced chronologically - the main infringements - pay to play - corruption of the highest order - and in your face denials - by the SF  Library Commission.

At SF Library Commission meetings - advocates denied the right to speak - and even threatened.

This happening in San Francisco - and the despicable actions - have been brought before the SF Ethics Commission - and pooh poohed. More when the past President of the SF Ethics Commission - was in place - now retired.

Our Sunshine Task Force - has been denied the right to function - with intent - Sunshine Task Force members - have been denied the right to hold a seat - one candidate Robert Wolfe.

 I have known Robert Wolfe - for a long time - astute, hard working, having the fortitude - to serve San Franciscans to the best of his ability.

 His seat is reserved for those that are challenged - as far as I know he is physically challenged - has a sharp mind - and has done due diligence - as a member of the Sunshine Task Force. 

The many advocates who voice their concerns at the many SF Ethic Commission meetings - are the " conscience " - of San Francisco.

Many a time - their pleas are put on the back burner - more when we had a Director - who did all in his power to delay - kick the can down the street - and made the SF Ethics Commission - impotent to say the least.

Advocates the likes of Marc Solomon,  Larry Bush, Ray Hartz, Peter Warfield, James Chaffee, Patrick Monette-Shaw,  Doug Comstock - others too many to mention - and I count myself as one of them - represent - and that is all we can do.

In previous years and even now  - we maintain a standard - and did all in our power to hold the feet of SF Ethics Commission - to do right - and we some change - moving at a snail's pace.

In the past the Director - who has since retired - failed.

In the past the SF Ethics Commission have rubber stamped decisions - without proper adjudication - and less fairness - the Juliet Ellis case comes to mind.

These documents that the SF Ethics Commission - prepares - linked to Proposition J - to be put on the Ballot June, 2018 - complete with incomplete information - how other Cities have followed, amended, and deal with issues linked to wheeling and dealing, pay to play - and other ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

These issues - have been discussed " ad nauseam "  - some may purport to know some -  age - infuses " senility " and when senility mars clear thinking - adjudication - can and will be totally - flawed.

We San Franciscans need time to deliberate - to vett, have well noticed, meaningful discussion - that must not be carried on in a  haphazard manner - and that is being done with deliberately and with intent wi th " Proposition J " - that may be on the ballot - June 2018 or so.

Why the hurry?  Why are the advocates not  given sufficient notice?

 Why is the presentation not available and is still not available on the SF Ethics Commission website?

The present Director - is beginning to get cozy - and while she is diligent - she must refrain from taking things for granted - due diligence means - giving sufficient notice.

Presenting the documentation on time -  allow time for those who want to participate in the deliberations.

 Time to read and more to understand the legalese - more the pages - the more muddy the issues at hand. 

We advocates are fed up with the wheeling and dealing - the pay for play - the same crooks having access to the City Attorney - the City Attorney's Office - is part of the problem - choosing parts of the law - to adjudicate that the SF City Attorney's office - pleases.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has used Room 200 for wheeling and deal - some SF Supervisors have not been forthright with campaign funds - foremost Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell, and London Breed.

We have umpteen cases - elections had - and those running for office fined - and have neglected to pay their fines - the SF Ethics Commission - has made excuses before - but cannot now - they have more employees on board - and can and should do better.

Do not test the IRE of the advocates - who have been involved with standards, more ethics, morals - all these many years - and done a good job.

Only for some so called attorneys - using their power as attorneys to muddy the waters.

Kick the can down the street - and challenge us citizens of the United States - constituents of San Francisco - and more hard working tax payers. Women and men of sound mind, astute - having the guts to take on those that are more than corrupt.

Change your ways - or forever hold your peace.  Aho.