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Saturday, April 8, 2017


Each Tomahawk cost us tax payers 
$832, 000 each - in all we spent $49, 920, 000.

War is not for " business men " - commentators who create scenarios - from far off place - pretending to know something - when they know - nothing, nothing at all. Spinning tales -trying to keep the mostly ignorant - glued to the Television camera.

Sisters and Bothers - be educated on issues - shed light where there is abject darkness.

A hundred plus years ago - the happenings that have affected Syria today - this on going trauma inflicted on the people of Syria - some 23 million - atrocities were committed a 100 years plus, also.

As some of us do today  in the past -  San Franciscans - contributed donations and other aid -  to succor those that needed help in far off Syria - we in San Francisco - are truly  a compassionate people.

Targeting one small military air-field -  with literally pin pricks - is nothing at all.

In fact - today hundreds of people are dying - the Russians and the Syrian fighting so called " rebels " - and in all the on going bombings - " a debacle of sorts " - the " enemy of the people " - ISIS - the Islamic Army - consisting of mostly misinformed and misdirected - Sunni Muslims - thrives.

The Muslim Religion - as most Faith - embraces compassion, mercy, and other spiritual values - ISIS seem to be " fanatics " on a rampage - full of hatred for those that do not embrace their concept of an - Islamic State of sorts.

Here in the United States we have many Muslims - from many denominations - who are good citizens - many having served our Nation - with honor.  Other Muslim citizens - even in our City and County of San Francisco - who served well - and contribute their talents - as any other decent citizens and pay their taxes.

Many of them are my very good friends - and I am proud they are my good friends. Much as I have good friends from other faiths - good people - all contributing to this land - the land of the Muwekma Ohlone.

The Russians are well entrenched in Syria - with state of the art military equipment -  arms and ammunitions - gather information and ready to meet any type of attack.

Even from the Israelis - who are Syria's neighbor - laughing all the way to the bank - receiving billions from the United States - in state of the art weapons, planes, equipment that can shoot down missiles, equipment that can gather information- and more.

On many occasions the Israelis have provided us - the United States - detail information linked to many pertinent and critical - military movements in Syria.

The Israelis -  have long established resources - on land in Syria and in other places - a network second to none.

68% of Syrians are Sunni Muslims,  11% are Alawis,  another 12% Christians, 9%  other faiths - mentioned below.

Included in the 9% Druze, Nusairism, Alevism, Yazedism, Mandaeans, Ishikis, Bhai, Jews, Shabaks, Hindus,  Jews - and so on.

Recent reports say there are still about 100 or so Jews still in Syria.

The Iraq war forced many Christians and Yazidis to flee to Syria - only to be trapped by other rebel forces in Syria -  most evil of them all - the Islamic Army that does not follow the true dictates of Islam.

ISIS capture young girls and women - and use them as slaves - murdered men more those who are from other " faiths " and refuse to be converted to the Muslim faith - those involved mostly Sunni muslim in the ranks of the Islamic Army.

Americans are so naive that it is not so funny any more - when we ought to know what is happening in Iraq and have no clue what so ever - the real state of affairs in Iraq.

Iraq once had clean running water, good markets, electricity, and a sewer system that worked - rivers that were clean - now polluted - transportation, housing, schools, shopping malls, hospitals that had a smooth operation - not any more.

I have been to Iraq in the 1970s - to Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, other neighboring countries - before entering Austria - spending more time in Germany, Italy - and then went to see some countries in the Middle-East for myself - I have a pretty good idea about the people,  the culture, the influence of other counties - on the Middle-East.

Iraq - Babylon the land which is the Father of all Nations - the land of Abraham - mentioned in the Bible - we know this - but we do not know this.

So immature and infantile are our commentators - mostly Whites on Television - who speak from both sides of their mouth - giving commentary on Syria and other pertinent issues - as if they are commenting on some on going " sports event " be it baseball, basketball  or American football - pathetic.

Commentators  - who have no notion of true history with facts and less chronologically to state - the important dates and times - where great events took place as civilization progressed - such as Babylon - one of the earliest know human civilizations of note.

Only for those in power - in far off places - where Whites make their own rules -  mess with Nations that did nothing to provoke an attack on our Nation - the United States.

If one Nation did that it was Saudi Arabia - we do nothing to this Nation - knowingly well - we have proof of this Nation - Saudi Arabia - heavily involved in the incident and killed 2996 person for sure. More than 6000 plus wounded - in the 9/11 event in New York City.

Thousands of others directly and indirectly - suffer to this day of respiratory chronic diseases, heart problems  - we connive and hoodwink - to target other Nations.

While with intent let Saudi Arabia go Scott Free - and think - nothing about our sordid views and less our deep warped  mentality - that offers NO fairness - to the current state of affairs - all over the world. 

We use our Veto Power at the United Nation, our money, and our false pride - to adversely impact - millions and bring harm to other Nations by our actions - that are NOT well - thought out.

We have seen this in Yemen, in Libya, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, now in Syria - and before that the Banana Republics.

A Tomahawk Missile in flight

Remember most Americans rejoicing when we sent Tomahawk Missiles - because some one told us - Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

It clearly turned out that none of that information was true - the General himself Colin Powell testified he had proof of this fact - showing some fake photographs - the entire story - had NO validity what so ever.

In the 2013 - President Barrack Hussein Obama - fully aware of the many targeted sites - " chemical weapons " - more Sarin Gas - and other chemicals used on innocent Syrians - more women and children - by the Assad Regime - sat on the fence - doing nothing - after drawing the - " red-line".

The present Assad is evil and so was his father.

With the chemicals weapons - mixed are other projectiles - nails, other sharp objects - " Assad is daily doing the devil's work ".

Shooting " Tomahawk Missiles " is one exercise in futility " - if one does not have a detail strategy - to bring about a solution to the situation in Syria, in Iraq, in Libya, in Yemen - affecting the Levantine people - we are just messing in the affairs of other Nations - and have NO business to do so.

Missing in the equation - is the heavy price paid by American families - who send their daughters and sons - in good faith - to serve our Nation.

Today thousands of Veterans who served our Nation - are NOT being treated as they ought to be treated. Some waiting for years for a much needed operation. Many have slowly died suffering - we talk the talk - but have failed to walk the walk.

The Russians are now flexing their muscles - with a state of the art of Russian Frigate - some of these frigates have a superior ability - when it come to the range and power of their missile power. We know this - but we have not taught out - a clear strategy that makes sense - this one slight - may trigger other complicated - escalation.

The Refugees stream in the millions -
the European nations - leading the charge Germany -
reminiscent of World War II - doing what they can do -
God bless Germany and those that care.

In the interim - we have NO far reaching plan to help the Syrian Refugees - millions of them - living in shelters - in Turkey, in Germany, in Greece, in other European countries.

We have vetted Syrian women and children -  we could accommodate - some Syrian refugees with compassion and have not done so.

We could have accommodated - the Syrian refugees - with the amount it cost us to send - 59 Tomahawk Missiles - each costing us over  $832, 000 each - the operation of our battle war carriers - more to operate.

Donald Trump - the " fake master " .

Donald Trump spends over $150, 000 daily on security for his minions at Mar a Lago - and thinks he can fool all the people all the time.

Syrian Refugees -
millions fleeing - many dying - 
world is look at this - while those is power -
the likes of Donald Trump - are pussy-footing around.

The American people have compassion for the Syrian refugees - vetted and waiting for some help now for over 3 years - waiting - Waiting for Godot!

The Statue of Liberty - :

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses earning to breathe free, the wretched REFUSE to your teeming shore."

" Send these, the homeless, tempest - tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door ! " 

Wake up America - and do what you must do - with your heart in the right place.

Go Figure! Aho.

A brief description of the on going Syrian crises :

Russia want us the United States to be bogged down  and we have fallen deep into this trap - No strategy, No viable and sustainable plan - taking pot-shots in the dark: