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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department - does not have  today as it is in operation - " a viable and sustainable blue print ".

More a detail vetted plan - that has been vetted and sustainable - to move forward and serve the community at large. Always - the community at large matters - these newbies that come to San Francisco - and take over - having disdain for the community at large. 

At the " crux of the problem " - is the Assistant General Manager - Juliet Ellis - who has been charged - by the Fair  Action Political Committee and the San Francisco Ethics Commission. A fact that must be reviewed - and always be the beacon - as to what will come - from the source of there on going sordid - actions.

Juliet Ellis admitted to using her office to send $200, 000 to her former non-profit organization - and was fined and asked to return the money - which she did - for this crime - by the Fair Action Political Committee headquartered in Sacramento, California.

Even though the charges were submitted - more  or less at the same time - the Fair Action Political Committee - adjudicated the charges - in a timely manner - not so the SF Ethics Commission that took their time.

The SF Ethics Commission closer to home - dragged its leg - undue political pressure was used to drag the case.

Tainting our values - and more with intent bringing in " garbage " from some individuals - who used their influence - to aid and abet corruption - of the worst order.

However, when the adjudication hit the Main Media - the adjudication from the Fair Action Political Committee - the SF Ethics Commission was forced to hear the case - and agreed with the decision - of the Fair Action Political Committee.

She smiles and hoodwinks -
this must STOP

The SF Ethics Commission did not mention - a word as to why it dragged this case - and even in hearing the case - the main elements were left out. The then Director of the SF Ethics Commission - played a key role - to kick the can down the street - he has since stepped - down - gone into retirement.

Juliet Ellis did not feel ashamed to bring all the sell outs to defend herself the likes Derf Butler, Angelo King, all the many sell outs - too many to mention.

Juliet Ellis - bused her supporters from the East Bay - and more even Van Jones of CNN fame - brought his ass to San Francisco to chide the SF Ethics Commissioners.

What is it - that gives - some Blacks - the audacity and the gumption - to challenge the very authority that heard the case.

At the SF Ethics Commission - a division unparalleled  - an atmosphere that we had not seen before of intense " divisiveness " - that still lingers and exists - and a factor that continues to grow - for the worse.

At the SF Public Utilities Commission meeting held on Tuesday, April 11, at 1:30 p.m - in Room 400 - two presentations - both approved by Juliet Ellis - were presented to the public at large.

Both presentation misleading, full of misinformation -  mediocre - and both exposing the presenters to lack of ' cultural competency " - and loaded with " implicit bias ".

Way back in 2002 - the tax payers of San Francisco - voted on a Bond Measure to address the Clean Water issues facing our City and County of San Francisco - much was made about the impending " Big One " - the Earthquake - San Francisco - have had a trial run in 1989.

The tax payers wisely agreed to incorporate the serious issues facing the Sewer System - more the situation linked to the Phelps Sewage Treatment plant - where the stench surrounding the Bayview for a radius in access of 4 miles is pathetic to say the least.

The stench has been eroding Quality of Life issues - since the early 1970s.

Behold - the SF Public Utilities Commission in 2002 decided against the wishes of the tax payers - to follow through with the clean water system - that was named the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) - address the waste water issues - on an emergency basis  were conveniently dropped.

With just a few of us protesting - one Dr. Espanola Jackson was has passed away - and the other myself - Francisco Da Costa - we too attended hundreds of meeting at all levels - and were shocked by this blatant - decision.

We also had the support of Joan, Ed Jew, Steve Lawrence, and Emery - and some others - just to be fair to all.

After years of pleading and addressing the serious issues facing the Sewage systems and its many pit falls - the City and County decided to place another Bond Measure - this time in access of $6 Billion - and it was passed in 2006.

Read the report below - is gives you an over all pretty good idea - of the many areas that that SF Public Utilities Commission failed - with absolutely no checks and balances.

The report below - done by R.W. Block Consulting, Inc - dated October 22, 2015 :

The report does justice to the Water System Improvement Project - and guides the SFPUC towards NOT repeating the same mistakes - with the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP). But lo and behold - it is difficult to teach an old dog - new tricks.

The proprietary design linked to the huge digesters - are not based in the United States but some Scandinavian country. Why?

Why are the time-lines and goals - not on time - with the Digestors - and why the many excuses?

Why the carelessness in acquiring the Machine Shop building - that the SFPUC pre-supposed belonged to them - when it did not? The issue had to be re-visted with the SF City Real Estate Department - who seem to have not done their home work.

Why does the SFPUC think it knows a lot - when it has failed miserably on Mountain Tunnel where it must address the " situation at hand " - and spend in access of $60 million to build a brand new tunnel - as Mountain Tunnel - will fail in the near future - according to reliable reports and experts.

All this and the end of the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) which is at its tail end.

What a blow - to an otherwise project - full of pit falls - all overcomes - now - beleaguered - by Mountain Tunnel so close to the Hetch Hetch Reservoir.

Dan Wade has done an excellent job - no so his predecessor.

Then there is Calavares Dam - with all the issues - a fissure found - and over one million tons of dirt had to be removed to address the issue - and with it added expenses in the millions.

The Calavares spill - had to be re-visited and design changed to address the pressing adverse factors at hand.

We have experts who know more - and to write about this issues in detail - would shame those who are in authority, now - but, to be sincere - due diligence has NOT be done.

I have personally spoken to those in charge at the SFPUC - since I have nothing to hide and have had a lot of " patience ".

I have addressed the SF Public Utilities Commissioners before - and will again on April 25, 2017.

The last presentation initiated by two women who work for Juliet Ellis who is the Assistant General Manager of External Affairs - Juliet Ellis must understand that such matters - are not her forte.

Juliet Ellis comes from running non-profit - non-profits that have been tainted by her sordid actions. She mandates those presenting - to project some high lights that Juliet Ellis perceives in her naivety.

The first presenter did injustice to us all - even as many will retire soon - even at this late juncture - there has been NO viable moment to capture the " institutional memory and experience " - in many of the engineering and related fields. SFPUC is waiting for the eleventh hour.

New models are new models - and take at least 5 years to tweak to adjust - when implemented more to a large organization of more than 2000 employees - plus.

It this case the many " engineering projects " must have no board - besides their qualification - some sense of the local history - more the institutional and work experience - so very necessary to make progress that is valued.

The other  woman spoke about a young child - making a journey - a conceptual idea - that suits Whites and the child offered opportunities.

This is not the case with Black and Brown - children - who are kept in the dark - and very few can take a journey in the dark.

Wake up SFPUC - and get rid off Juliet Ellis - who will waste millions of consultants - and mess things in areas - where she has no expertise.

At the 1800 Oakdale site - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - the Phase One construction to bring some relevant changes - was bid at $1 million.

The end result it cost the SFPUC - $1.6 million.

This happens all the time with SFPUC.

I remember Juliet Ellis trying to push for this Phase I - not knowing a thing. That project was a mess.

Then the plan was to push for Phase II - with the San Francisco Foundation - playing some role - that will not happen.

The plan today is to tear down the building at 1800 Oakdale - build a brand new campus at Third and Evans.

The community does not have a " clue " more blacks who are far and between - when it comes to being educated on issues - less engineering projects.

The sell out come to the SF Commission meetings - and have no clue what they are talking about.

They want money on a platter - they want to be consultants - they want projects and to be in charge of the projects - with no skills, no experience -  no blue prints, no goals, less time-lines - den of thieves.

Juliet Ellis must step down - the future is not bright with her around - a slimy weasel of a person - that simply does not get it.

SFPUC personnel not one - not two - but many - do not want to have anything to do - with Juliet Ellis.

She hires those that she can manipulate - hires those that she hoodwinks and will blindly drink - " the witches brew " - which she offers them. Go figure!

Read the report again - to enlighten yourselves on issues linked to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - project - costing us tax payers - billions of dollars: