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Friday, April 21, 2017


All over San Francisco - we have the " homeless " - so many homeless - that we are becoming " insensitive " when we see them and turn away.

Now, more and more - the disdain - shown by those passing by the homeless - encampments  - is becoming - very apparent.

The hostility knows no bounds - insults thrown at the " homeless " -  many have fallen on bad times " - the picture is not pretty - and this City and County is running around - with its head in the sand - like an ostrich of sorts.

Jeff Kositsky -
the Homeless Czar who replaced -
Bevan Dufty - aided by Sam Dodge -
and a brigade of 200 workers - purportedly -
all working on the homeless issue - Really?

The Homeless Czar has a budget of over $200  million - many of the so called homeless workers - driving in cars - window shopping for the homeless - taking notes - taking count - we have over 10, 000 on our streets, in tents, under our bridges - here, there, every where.

They say the Homeless Czar makes $205, 000 with benefits.

The situation has reached a saturation point - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has been talking from both sides of his mouth - and he can NOT addressed the situation on a War Footing.

Camps are propping up -
all over the place - by the rail lines in San Francisco - 
under bridges - in some cases some care has been
taken to address the sanitary situation -
in other cases - NO - " a pandemic can occur ".

Our artists are trying to paint a picture - and our City and County paints another picture - kicking the can down the street - hoodwinking the public at large. Wasting millions - and the Homeless Czar asking for more - dollars thrown down the drain - leading to a cesspool - a cesspool of corruption - at the expense of the poor. 

The " Navigation Centers " are a JOKE - some few homeless - not more than 80 homeless - go for some basic care - complete with their animals.

 Reminiscent of a time - when people lived in caves with their animals.

Such situations are ripe - for spreading viral diseases - that can kill thousands - in a short period of time.

The recent total count of the homeless in San Francisco - about 10, 000 homeless and growing.

A pandemic is waiting to happen. Already - we have found one of a kind diseases - talking about " flesh eating diseases " - and those in power - looking the other way.

More, when those living on our street - have no means to take a shower - time and time again - when such individuals that stink to high heaven - board a MUNI bus - many have to leave the bus - the stench is too much to bear.

The homeless have character - much like the " hobo ".

The Hobo - who hopped on trains - and travelled hundreds - if not thousands of miles - running away from the " depression " - from a mundane existence -  seeking some fortune - in the 1940's, 1950's, 1960s.

Our homeless most mentally and physically challenged - cannot move too far - are kicked out from one site - only to move to another site - waiting - to be kicked anytime - shocking to say the least.

Often times those instructed to destroy the camps -  confiscate the few material possession the homeless have.

Too many times without their medications - that make them all the more sick.

 Sometimes - they have to spend weeks in hospitals - suffering from serious ailment - strokes and and so on. Costing our tax payers thousand if not millions of dollars.

Barbara Garcia - the Director of SF Health Department - and her " hot teams " - the ones that go out - and think they are doing some good - but often - in reporting the homeless - the repercussions - can severely adversely impact the homeless - who we must remember - are children of God.

The SF Police Department responding to the " hot teams " - have arrived on a scene - and in seconds - shot a homeless man - they shoot first - murder - and then ask questions. There is a God who sees it all.

Our homeless must not be taken lightly - and so far - the vain attempt made - has been, too - sugar coated.

We need to make a list of all the entities - working on the homeless.

The City and County has a budget of over $200 million and about 200 plus workers - that portent to know what they are doing. An audit can reveal more - the Grand Jury should look into this situation - as soon as possible.

How much is the San Francisco Health Department spending on the homeless ?  I hope not another $400 million - with all the emergency expenses - sent to the Federal Government for reimbursement - for sure the State of California - too doles out millions.

The Faith based organizations - doles out millions - to help create the so called " Navigation Centers " - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee was quick to take credit - until we exposed the facts. The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a JOKE.

When asked by the Blue Panel on Violence and Crime - to spend some money - the Mayor resort was : " I will not spend a dollar ".

Mayor Edwin M. Lee

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is wasting too much money - on the homeless.

More money - goes into the pockets -  those who pretend they are doing something.

Most of them Whites - Whites with an attitude - more arrogant - and this is not to discriminate anyone - we keep it real - as I have seen that attitude displayed in person - in front of the homeless - treated with disdain. 

An audit - will reveal the truth.

Even in addressing the homeless situation - we need people of color - Black and Brown - more, who comprehend " Cultural Competency " - linked to the homeless.

We all remember - Bevan Dufty - who made waves and now is on the BART Board - prior to that he was the District 8 Supervisor. He surely knows - how to move up the ladder.

Sam Dodge tried to sing the blues - then they found this guy - Jeff Kositsky - his ramblings - in a Lyft Car - are to be noted - for which he apologized - having made remarks - showing " disdain" for the poor. 

God sees it all. These mostly Whites - are there for the salary - and must NOT be trusted. His tattoo - on his leg - that he displayed for a photographer - with a "pig shooting for the stars "  - says it all - so " piggy " what is it - that makes you so cocky?
Why are you wasting so much money - doing nothing at all - and have the audacity to us for more millions? Why?

No one knows when one can meet one's fate - have bad times - meet you at the door - unannounced. It is all God's will.

San Francisco used to be known for " compassion " no more.

The paradox this once Muwekma Ohlone land - is now a concrete jungle - with human beings - who happen to be poor - the indigent - treated with disdain. All this in San Francisco. Go Figure!