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Thursday, March 10, 2016


Justice for Alex Nieto

Attorneys with Alex Nieto's family
and supporters in front of 
450 Golden Gate Avenue - the Federal Courts
in San Francisco.

San Francisco has always been tolerant - its constituents - known Nationwide - to be stellar in addressing issues - the recent history - of San Francisco - points in the right - direction.

The many injustices - that we have had to endure - have now reached saturation point - so it does not matter the 8 Jury members - if they have to take their time - to decide the fade of the four - rogue officers.

What we know for sure - given the testimony - and looking at the faces of the 8 Jury - the Jury will have their say today.

The  four rogue San Francisco Police Officers - are in for some news.

 It will not be pretty - for them and the other - " rogue officers " - to hear - however - some Jury - worth the salt - must do its best.

In the interim - we all must understand - in recent years the City Attorney's Office and the City Attorney himself - knows how to position himself - he wants to run for Mayor.

Dennis  tried before and failed - and he want that position bad - and the good news is - he will not get to be Mayor. 

We the people give him kudos for helping City College and taking on those " thugs" that lied - linked to the accreditation of City College - and giving succor to the students of City College.

There is more to the hoodwinking - and we must be vigilant at all times.

On this case - linked to Alex Nieto - we see the " dark side " - of the City Attorneys - especially the lead City Attorney - no one should  - " badger " - the parents of Alex Nieto.

Think for a second - that we the people - that matter - will never, ever - forget the " nasty questioning " - without any etiquette and  being mean and " heartless ". - for no valid reason whatsoever.

Those who are indigenous - always respect our elders. The pale faces are steeped in their ignorance - and disrespecting - come naturally to them - as does their - GREED.

In all of our deliberations - those who are White and think - they know it all - are full of it. 

For starters the Whites - that I love to call " pale faces " - lack the finer qualities for good living and acting as decent human beings.

 For centuries they were " barbarians" and they must read the true history to understand - that in all their talking they lack  - " cultural competency " - more when it comes to the indigenous - people.

Indigenous people - are the ones that are impacted most - others may call them " people of color " - but I am talking about those more - who are related to Turtle Island - now known as the United States of America.

The indigenous people - have faith in the Great Spirit - and every time the dancers dance and every time - the sage is burned - the smoke fills the air  and more.

Those that witness - the calmness - the unique peace among those present - know that "victory" - is on the horizon.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
the First People of San Francisco and
the neighboring areas - we exercised our
Right of First Refusal and it stands on the books.

This is Ohlone land - all the land was stolen - each and every square inch.

The strangers - the pale faces - do not have one single document - to prove that some legal document was signed - to hand over to the " thugs" - millions of acres.

No one gave the " pale faces " the right to kill, to rape, to take the Native American children away from their parents and to brain wash them.

 To clear cut the old growth forests - to pollute and contaminate the lakes, the rivers, the air, the land and the water shed and more.

When the United States government - realized that sooner than later they had to do something - linked to the restitution - the United States government - signed 18 Treaties - and none of them were ratified.

The 18 treaties by the United States government and the California Tribes - states that land would be given - and some little money distributed -  to the California tribes.

None of these promises - all written in the treaties - have NOT been kept.

Remember the California tribes were here for over 13, 000 years - the " pale faces " have been here for less than 350 years.

You must read the history - to find out - how mean and evil the - deeds of the " pale faces " are - more,  etched on the history of modern California.

Indigenous people those that respect Mother Earth - do not clear cut the forest - do not kill the Buffalo for their coat - and leave thousands of Buffalo - piled up in the thousands - the meat - rotting.

 The " pale faces " - think and feel nothing much - such atrocities - cry to heaven for justice.

Up until 1927 the corrupt and evil Governors of California - sent out edicts - to kill Native Americans - and one could fetch $5 for a scalp.

You vote for this " evil person "
she represents herself - and she must be gone -
she is the cause of our current - situation.
Has she uttered NOT a word - about all the killings and shootings?  Our youth and young adults die -
she lives in NAPA with millions of dollars to play with -
in luxury - cheating, lying and amassing ill gotten wealth.

Inherent in our judicial system - is this discrimination
 - for those that are not White - the White mens law - is saturated with - loop holes that favor - the Whites.

 San Francisco - City Hall circa 1938 -
the KKK was alive and well then -
the KKK is alive and well now -
those that are suppose to protect us -
are steeped with KKK values - think about it.

In recent years - we have found those called to Jury Duty and chosen - to be rigged.

We - cannot do much - because we the commons - do not have any say - in the " evil deliberations ".

More and more judges - can be bought - and even the Supreme Court has declared that Corporations are people too.

Who do you think will live in these sky scrapers?
Where is the housing for those that live
pay check to pay check?
Why should two and three families - live
in a one and two bed room units?
Who are the crooks - that made this happen?

In recent years we have seen our City and County of San Francisco - with intent - fostering - gentrification.

The San Francisco Planning Department - working against the people - favoring the rich and the developers - who must be mandated to build - fifty percent affordable housing. 

If they cannot do it - let them take a hike. This land is Ohlone land - and I have some say - when it comes to protecting the indigenous people. You crooks want to take me on in a " debate " - bring it on.

In the year 2002 we took on the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency to task.

 We gathered over 33, 000 signatures - we did very well - only for Dennis Herrera - current City Attorney - to use a recent case - at that time - to challenge us all - who collected the signatures.

Put hurdles and obstacles - and make things very difficult for us.

His logic stated that we had to make each of those who signed our petition - against the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - review thousands of pages - linked to the subject matter.

Those signing our petition - should have been given the opportunity - to read 4000 pages - relevant information - linked to our petition -  before signing our petition.  This exercise in futility - and other such hurdles - give one a sense of what our current City Attorney is all about. He fails and has failed to represent the public at large - those that pay his salary. 

The City Attorney - Dennis Herrera prevailed - it is for this reason and more - we see that our City Attorney who is elected - has not represented the people - the commons - on land issues - and has in many ways - favored the on going - gentrification - siding with filthy rich - developers.

Our youth are our hope - we have worked hard to work with our youth - across the board - Latinos, Asians, Blacks, Native Americans, Whites others - to do right - we must be educated on issues.

Understanding the finer aspects of Land Use,  Planning, Transportation, Housing, Education, Immigration and our undocumented population, Childcare - Economics of the day, - truancy, homelessness, congestion, pollution, contamination, liquefaction and a host of other real issues - is not easy.

Again and again we have organizations like SPUR,  developers like Forest City, Lennar Urban, Webcor, Nibbi, Cahill, Obayashi, and others - hoodwink San Franciscans.

In recent years - the above entities are afraid of us - and chills have been sent down their backs - many of them talk to me - and are afraid - that we may shut their operations - down.

We can shut down City Hall - without stepping into City Hall.

I have made this statement for all to hear - loud and clear - and we can do it - following the law - the law of the Nation.

Most of the present San Francisco Board of Supervisors - are corrupt - leading the charge London Breed, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell.

 Notice - their voting patterns - and the reports filed with the SF Ethics Commission - their campaign contributions - contribution far and wide - contribution from nefarious entities.

Again and again we vote for these " political whores and pimps ".

 We listen to them - tell us lies - fall in the trap again and again. 

Again and again - when these " bums " - do us harm - we tolerate their nonsense - and the time has come - to call them up - email them - and tell them exactly - what you all feel.

The lives that we fight for be it Mario Woods, Alex Nieto, Amilcar Perez Lopez - hundreds others - a life is a life. 

However, when we see again and again that these " rogue police officers " take matters into their hands - shoot to kill - maim and this is plain - wrong.

The Police Officers have their own " Bill of Rights " that most of us have not read - and even if we read - many of us - do not comprehend the wider issues  and implications.

We saw this with the many cases - we took a stand on - and found out - why unity among us is - important.

When we reached this conclusion - study the issues at hand - in our own back yard - when Black on Black violence takes place.

Those of us who stand for right and sound reason - are shocked, bewildered, and confounded - we must NOT spill blood and then try to make - excuses.

With less than two percent of Black left in San Francisco - and of those incarcerated in our jails - right now - fifty percent plus are Black.

 Many Blacks on the streets -  the divide among the rich and the poor - growing by leaps and bounds.

 The great divide and abject poverty - exacerbating - current issues linked to lack of good jobs, poor housing,  discrimination, and the perennial - lack of opportunities.

Here is one more example - she talks a good talk -
but fails to walk a good walk. Go figure!

We must be united and focus on important issues.

 Have several - well vetted plans in mind .

Learn - how to address the situation at hand. 

The youth and young adults must created their own plan - and it is all about capacity building.

These dumb politicians are stooges - they are NOT to be respected.

We must NOT respect the politicians.

We must remind the politicians - that they work for us - and mandate them to follow the laws - and those concepts that uplift the commons.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee
a consumate LIAR -
hear him - but do not trust this 
scum of the Earth.

That includes Mayor Edwin M. Lee - corrupt to the core.

Making hay while the sun shines. Talking from both sides of his dirty mouth.

Taking credit for things - others have done. We must hold his feet to the fire - and stop giving him a - break. Aho