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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The rampant homelessness -
too many homeless families - on the streets of San Francisco -
Mayor Edwin M. Lee is now cowered in Room 200 -
he cannot even face his own shadow - " ground hog ".

It has been cold - and the inclement weather - has adversely impacted many - even those who have shelter - a roof over their head - in San Francisco. Add to that the heavy rain - El Nino.

Now, imagine the homeless - the poor and the indigent - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is playing with fire. Always making fake promises - but never, ever taking charge of the situation.

The suffering has reached - a saturation point - and we the people - demand - action - action where decent people are helped.

More,  given decent housing - have the basic necessities - that are well known and stated - by local, state, and national laws. International laws - the United Nations.

San Francisco has always led other cities and in many cases Nations - when it comes to innovation and changes for good.

We fail to comprehend - that the United Nations - first met in San Francisco after World War II - to address the many issues facing humanity.

The United States led the  world to bring Europe into the fold - offering assistance - the many programs - many of them originated in San Francisco. The MacArthur Plan and other well laid out plans - that brought succor to millions the world over.

Now, in San Francisco for the first time - Edwin M. Lee has chosen to side with the rich. The billionaires and millionaires - that are feeding off the power - the one percent - that is leaching on others - just because they are poor.

Edwin M. Lee has failed San Franciscans. 

In the last 5 years - we find out - that over 40, 000 families have left San Francisco - after contributing so much to make - what San Francisco is known for - our unique neighborhoods.

This time around our Brown and Black leadership - will NOT take anything sitting down. Those days are over - and Edwin M. Lee a lap dog - now has to dish out what he has to offer - in record time. 

He will be adjudicated by the people - and he knows that time is running out - he must face the people - and this hide and seek - cannot last forever. The man has no balls - and less intelligence to bring about change and more solutions that work.

Once we had Candlestick Stadium - no more.

Now we have protest and will have more of them.
The people united - will never, ever be defeated.

We are not going to listen to him - fibbing and telling us tall tales - the man is  a JOKE. This is no time to JOKE - we want action and we want it now. Slowly but surely - innocent people are dying on the streets of San Francisco.

His advisors including Steve Kawa - who has been in and around Room 200 - since the 1996 - has been trying his old tricks - but these old tricks - will not work anymore.

With " direct action " comes sound leadership - and we have NO leadership at City Hall. 

This time around - you will witness actions - that are far remote from City Hall - and they are working. 

City Hall will be shut down - without ever stepping into City Hall - this is the "digital world " - and " dumb City Hall " - is not only lagging behind - but the folks leading have no balls and pathetic to say the least - when it comes to finding - solutions.

We do not need any of these sky scrapers -
we really do not need to invite more people to San Francisco -
just for the sake of inviting them.  More, to push  -
decent San Franciscans out of San Francisco.

Edwin M. Lee is one of those jerks - who does not have any training when it comes to " capacity building ".

Poor Edwin M. Lee - the pariah -  has no clue how put together - and to have a " comprehensive  " Blue Print " -  follow it to completion. Never done it before.

Edwin M. Lee is a lap dog - always listening to consultants, taking years to implement any sound plan - those who have witnessed his sordid ways - he makes his decision - know what I am talking about.

Today - the divisiveness in San Francisco has reached saturation point. His decision to make his bed with Amos Brown a sell out  - is a big case in point. 

His decision to take on Supervisor David Campos and openly lie and state that Edwin M. Lee was totally responsible - to open the first shelter called a - " Navigation Center " - when in fact - all the spade work was done by Bevan Dufty and more David Campos - is another case that begs the questions and exposes - this dumb guy.

I met Edwin M. Lee on his terms - in his sordid office - and  gave him a doze of his own medication. I found out quickly when it comes to facts, empirical - what really happens at " ground zero " this man is oblivion to his surroundings - the man lives on another - planet.

Edwin Lee dared to tell me - that whatever his administration does - meaning Bevan Dufty or say Mohammed Nuru - that he is responsible for their actions - that may be true - but the man himself - cannot come out with innovative actions - 
he fact he does not know - where his nose is. Disgraceful!

Where Candlestick one stood - there is now graded land -
prone to liquefaction and flooding - 
of course when the Big One strikes all that is build on this 
land - more contaminated land - will come tumbling down.
The Muwekma Ohlone exercised their Right of First Refusal
way back in 1991 - Edwin M. Lee - better know about this fact.

It is NOT the prerogative of Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - to take whatever land there is in San Francisco - working with the Zionists - more from Florida, Miami - to develop sky scrapers - to make changes to the height limits - from 80 feet to 120 feet plus.

San Francisco is already saturated with " techies " - who are using their money - to forcefully - push out decent families. 

Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - think that we will take their nonsense - sitting down.

The last time around - we went to City Hall - and visited Room 200 - no one came out to talk to us.

We, wanted to see the Mayor and find out what he thought about the situation at hand. His lackeys who advice him - were no where to be found  either - anyone that mattered - Missing In Action.

Now, even his security is afraid - of the situation at hand.

We all know the divide between the rich and the poor - has reached a stage - where San Francisco ranks low on income equality. Lower than Rwanda - a third world nation - in Central Africa.

Edwin M. Lee does not get it - his lackeys do not get it - shame on those who makes over $200, 000 annually - working for our City and County of San Francisco.

Making so much money and  more - and failing to represent the constituents of San Francisco.

This is Ohlone land - and Edwin M. Lee - better understand this fact - and take the Muwekma Ohlone - seriously.

We have decent, hard work, tax paying constituents in San Francisco - stressed out - the rents are very high - as much as $3800 now for a one bed room unit.

The food price are increasing - there a fewer permanent jobs offering benefits - health benefits for example - and more temporary jobs - many work three and four temporary jobs - to put bread and butter on the table.

The homeless populations growing by leaps and bounds.

It is a disgrace that three and four families - now have to share - a unit - this is not how it should be - in the interim - the rich have access to three and four bed rooms - and Market Price Condominiums sit empty and have been sitting - empty.

Wait until the " bubble burst " - and you will see Edwin M. Lee flee - that is just how cowards behave - make hay while the sun shines.

Edwin M. Lee - the clown.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults,  elders, those with compromised health - are all looking for answers - most of them are totally - stressed out.

Edwin M. Lee the joker - thinks - all this and more is funny.

The latest ethics charges - by the San Francisco Ethics Commission - are very serious.

We can start with an audit of his campaign coffers - then move to his off shore accounts.

 Then move to all his ' pay to play " deals - within San Francisco  - further with - AECOM,  Webcor,  Cahill,  Nibbi,  very corrupt Tutor Perini,  Flores,  Obayashi,  Twitter,  Zynga . Local 261- and so on.

We have people ready to come forward and reveal more - the City and County is complicit  - encouraging illegal dealings - the Human Service Department, the City Administrator, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - others - too many to name - crooks of the first order.

The time has come to take these crooks to task - it may not be easy - but is it possible - more with the empirical data that we have in hand. Bring it on.