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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Mayor Edwin M. Lee 
out to destroy San Francisco -
adversely impacting housing, education, health -
in short Quality of Life issues.

On every imaginable level Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - those in his inept and evil  administration - who join him at the many silly press conferences - the ribbon cuttings - are destroying the institutions - that have made San Francisco - great - more our unique neighborhoods.

Adversely impacting Quality of Life issues in San Francisco.

All our Public Housing was built by the Department of Defense (DoD) - paid for years ago - a hundred time over - then given to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - with legal language - that the tenants could buy the units.

Owing the units was not encourage - deferred maintenance - to tear down the existing housing - and build  - high density housing - was what the crooks - had in mind.

Always preys on the poor - the indigent - those that most need help.

San Francisco a Union City - and by its evil policies - destroyed the Middle Class - deprived thousands of Career Jobs - encourage blatant racism - encouraged the killing and shooting of people of color.  Now is wants to destroy our Public Education - to keep the people down.

San Francisco City College already has its problems. High education - going to College and University - is out of bounds - few can afford the high tuition. Those that took a " student loan " are paying though their noses - trying to pay the loans and make ends meet.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee can work with Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO) - the John Stewart Company,  Mercy Housing,  Bridge Developers  - all Property Managers - who prey on San Franciscans - and must be all taken to task.

All of them have access to housing that San Franciscans can buy and live in. The Property Managers can take a hike - we do not want them in San Francisco.

Why are all the Property Managers White who control the units that belong to the City and County of San Francisco - where most people who live in these units - are people of color?

Power to the people -
the White  Property Managers -
should take a hike - Bridge Developers -
the John Steward Company - and Mercy Housing.

Thousands of units that these nefarious Property Managers control - in broad daylight - should be offered to San Franciscans - who have lived in San Francisco - for over 20 years - so that they can purchase these units - and own them.

No one was given permission to create HOPESF much as we saw the creation of HOPE SIX - that created - so many problems. - before HOPE SIX was created.

Our Public Housing use to be good - large bed rooms - and families with 4, 5 6 children - who live in them - comfortably.

San Francisco City Hall -
more Room 200 -
where all the wheeling and dealing is going on.

Then the crooks at City Hall with those Property Managers - who never have had the best interest of the constituents of San Francisco - used deferred maintenance to take over our Public Housing.

Dividing the Public Housing among Mercy Housing,  Bridge Developers - and most dubious and evil of them all the John Stewart Company.

Thousands of acres of land - all Public Property - without the Public at Large - having a say.

Skyscrapers that San Franciscans do not want -
let us live in our Public Housing -
let us take control of our won lives -
stop stealing the land that belongs to the Ohlone.

What are these Zionists doing with Public Housing? 

They treat the tenants with disdain - all Public Housing that was paid - a hundred times over and more - by the Department of Defense.

Everyone knows - in San Francisco - if you own the land - you can get money - money is cheap - and cheaper still - with equity that any bank or those that lend money - always have in mind - with precious land.

The City and County of San Francisco - more the City Administrators starting with Bill Lee,  Edwin M. Lee (no relation to Bill Lee ) - and Naomi Kelly ( anointed by Edwin M. Lee ) - have BLOOD on their hands.

Willie L. Brown -
the former "thug" Mayor of San Francisco.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi -
she wants it all -
has her dirty finger - in every pie.

Large tracts of land - on Potrero Hill - Hunters Point, Oakdale Public Housing, Sunnyvale adjacent to Visitation Valley - have been parceled out to Bridge Developers who will control Potrero Hill Public Housing.

The John Stewart Company - controlling Hunters View - the Northridge Cooperative Housing  - now Oakdale Public Housing  - with Phase Two and Phase Three by Kiska Road and Middle Point in the pipeline. Thousands of units in all.

The old Public Housing spread - two and three levels high - will be torn down - eight, nine, ten story buildings built.

All high density building - people living like animals - something we in San Francisco - should not encourage.

However -  that is what Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those in his sordid administration - are encouraging. People living like animals - in crowded housing - noise - and no large open space - creating condition - adversely impacting Quality of Life issues.

Edwin M. Lee has failed with affordable housing - more providing housing to those making under $80, 000 forget about those making under $40, 000.

The Market Rate Housing - mostly condominiums are going from $ 2 million to the high end - in access of $ 10 million - for a unit that has 2 or 3 bedrooms.

In the last 5 years - over 70, 000 families have left San Francisco - and Edwin M. Lee - does not care about this on going - situation.

Edwin M. Lee - is busy wheeling and dealing with the Chinese from mainland China - who have the money.

Little knowing that wherever these pathetic folks come in - the standard of living is lowered - we see this - in San Francisco.

We now have HOPE SF trying to use its influence - infiltrating the San Francisco Unified School District - with programs that have not been vetted - with the public at large.

We have over 10, 000 in San Francisco who are truants - a lot of the issues - linked to truancy are linked with poor housing and lack of housing. 

Two and three families - irking out a living - in a one bedroom and sometimes two bed room unit.

The truancy is high among African Americans and Polynesians - and no one is paying attention to these problems - with sound wrap around programs.

Band aid program - and services given by Wellness Centers - are lacking in personnel - one Registered Nurse over burdened - and those that help him or her - tasked with added tasks.

Most of those personnel who work at the poorly operating Wellness Centers leave - and the turn over - of such jobs - creating more problems.

I visited some schools incognito - and found out for myself - how Charter Schools are now trying to take over Public Schools.

Some Charter Schools have already been operating at some San Francisco Unified Schools - case in point Francis Bert Harte - by Alice Griffith.

Much is made about some poorly constructed one and two bed room - so called affordable housing - on land that is contaminated - more prone to liquefaction and flooding - at Alice Griffith - near the former Candlestick Stadium.

Why do we have to build - brand new homes - in the middle of Chernobyl?

Does this City and County of San Francisco and more Edwin M. Lee - not comprehend - what a Superfund Site is?

Why expose innocent people to high levels of radioactive elements?

Does Edwin M. Lee know that Uranium barrels were buried by Candlestick view - not far away - where hundreds of units - are being built?

Right now families in the area - are suffering from respiratory diseases - heart problems - tumors of all sorts - so you build new homes - but what about the environment? What about the innocent people - their lives put in jeopardy?

Behind all the housing are the Zionist - who will sell their mothers for a nickel to make money. 

Come before the Commission on Infrastructure and Economy Development - lie - sell homes to innocent people - who will slowly be exposed to contamination and die? No one cares.

Our Health Department and its Director Barbara Garcia is fully aware of the situation at hand.

Yet the SF Health Department -  rubber stamps - and works with our San Francisco Planning Department - the Department of Building Inspection - who all have agreed - to go with the flow.

The land is Ohlone land - stolen from the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone.

No one invited the scum bags to San Francisco - and those who are here must respect Mother Earth - but do not do so.

In leas than 150 years the scum bags have contaminated and polluted the land.

Edwin M. Lee wants to build on every square inch he can lay his tainted hands on. He is a scum bag and a person who cannot be trusted.

He thinks he can fool all the people - all the time.

He is out to set our great City and County of San Francisco - on F I R E .