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Sunday, March 27, 2016


It is amazing - how, so many in the United States of America - love to blame others - rather than take responsibility - for their lack of action. More being educated on issues.

Today in the United States - we have millions - incarcerated - not because they have to be there - but because they are targeted. Where is the justice - and where is the Supreme Court on this issue of importance?

Few know that President Bill Clinton - introduced laws that landed many - thousands of innocent Black youth and young adults - in jail. Yet today the ignorant - will side with the Liar - who wants to run for President?

We all know about the Three Strike Law - that has adversely impacted poor community - and youth and young adults that are minorities - all over this Nation.

Innocent people mostly of color - incarcerated - years spent in jail - when they come out - the minds messed up - from being traumatized. We know this - but not deep enough to do something about it.

Today we have stupid politicians speaking ill of Muslims.

Having - no clue that thousands of Muslims have served in our Armed Forces and continue to serve.

 Thousands others  - all Muslims - contribute to this Nation - and it is simply stupid and more wrong - to carte blanche - blame all Muslims - without having the slightest clue - what they are talking about.

 Much - like it would be stupid to blame " all Christians " - because of the actions of some Christians - that commit some major - crimes - folks like Tom McVeigh and others of the same ilk.

In recent months we have witnessed - how with intent - an entire area like Flint has been adversely impacted - with intent providing  - this area with contaminated water - having high lead content.

Our  government be it the Environmental Protection Agency - the Governor of Michigan.

 Here, in San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those in power - with intent - continue to adversely impact - innocent constituents - be it in our Public Housing - and others innocent who have fallen on bad times - the homeless.

In San Francisco and all over our Nation - para-military forces - under President Barack Hussein Obama - are encouraging - inept, ill-trained, and police officers who have no compassion - to shoot and kill first and asks questions later. 

Our Department of Justice - has been asleep in the cockpit. Pretending to investigate - and hoodwinking the public - with long drawn out meetings - to gather information - to create documents - that they purport - will be released to the public at large - two three years after the fact. 

The world is watching us - fully knowing that we incarcerate so many millions leading the world in this area.

The world is watching us - listening and sharing our pain - when youth and young adults - mostly Blacks - are gunned down by those who must - protect us.

The world is watching us - when from no where we target our  Muslim Sisters and Brothers.

 Some nefarious entities - think we are foolish - to listen and more to follow them.

They are mistaken - garbage is garbage - and we know better than follow those that swim in the " cesspool of their own creation ".

Let us be practical and realistic - do you think we Americans - decent Americans who have served our Nation - contributed to the best on every level - pay our taxes, work hard -  that we will listen to those that waste our money - bombing Nations - spend trillions in wars that are none of our business - and then turn around and support inept, evil, skinless - politicians that likes of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump ( a disgrace to the human race ) others that do not deserve to be mentioned by name.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and our San Francisco Supervisors more Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell and Scott Wiener - must be booted - these despicable jokers - have no business representing anyone.

Our disparity in this City and County of San Francisco - the great divide between the rich and the poor - is in par with Rwanda - an African Nation - that we think is poor - but we rank close to it - and our leaders in San Francisco must be ashamed of themselves.

We all know how corruption has spread like a virus - how the media taunts us and prods us - we think we know what is right and what is wrong - we fail to be educated on issues.

We fail to have the ability to " discern " - the ability to filter the best information - and educate ourselves.

Many of us - join ranks to fight for a cause - and report to the sordid " enemy " - thinking they are doing good.

 I have caught them - because within the ranks of the enemy - monitoring the enemy - I have stellar folks - providing me all the details I need - to connect the dots.

My friends I have been at this game for too long - I have been in the den with Mayor Edwin M. Lee and taken him on - he is not a leader - he is a lap dog - full of fleas.

We have Black leaders like Amos Brown - a chronic sell out.

Amos Brown must go - and we must take control of any leadership that needs to be taken control of. Anyone can form a NAACP chapter - no one needs to be beholden - to a person that has no credibility - like Amos Brown.

Good leaders show the way - know the way - and go the way.

We are not living in a world - where politicians can be trusted - they all are in for themselves and for the money - they are greedy and lack fortitude. 

When you challenge them with facts - and take them on - they want to take revenge - well, bring it ON.

We have this " narrow window of opportunity " - but some of us - do not understand the fundamental rules and principles - of war.

We must win one battle at a time -  and I am not about to reveal any strategy - on my blog - not even in person - unless you have been in the trenches of at least 15 years - have the scars to prove it -  if you have - and can prove it - come join me.

Recently I had a deep talk with the Chairperson of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe - she is very disturbed about the homelessness - prevalent for so long - in San Francisco.

She wants to address the issue linked to homelessness - and she has been doing - all she can to address homelessness - daily in her life - closer to where she lives.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and report to her - and she  supports me - even as I choose and support the present issues - that affect us all - shooting and killings, homelessness, transportation, education, health issues - and all those issue and more - at City Hall and at the many other meetings - all over this City and County of San Francisco.

This City and County of San Francisco is a Racist City - and we are about to cleanse this City - before the woes of Sodom and Gomorrah hit this City and bring those evil - on its knees. 

This is Muwekma Ohlone  land - and we know who we support - and who we do not - for sure  - not those who lack fortitude - and for sure - we do not support the GREEDY.