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Monday, March 21, 2016


What is it - that you see in the sky?
No innocent death goes unnoticed -
they may try to tarnish your life with lies -
even in death - the "truth" prevails -
Truth always trumps Lies.

This City and County ain't seen anything yet - those, evil to the core - who " with intent " - shoot first and ask questions afterwards.

These cowards - will be dealt with - not so much with the tools - that they embrace the " Police Bill of Rights " - but by universal held principles and truths - that are NOT known to those - who are evil - followers of the devil. 

There was a sign in the heavens!

A rainbow in the sky
right on time to speak
for  justice against the injustice -
 meted out by the SF Police Department.

Even as the indigenous people were paying respects to the " Great Spirit " a sign in the sky.

 Beaconed the Universe to the call of the day - " Justice of Alex Nieto " - a rainbow in the sky - a sign for the future generations - the people united cannot ever be defeated. 

NO one can take away our freedom - and those who come in the way - will suffer the consequences. We are law abiding - and our " spiritual force" - knows no bounds - those worshipping evil - shooting first and asking questions later - should not be serving San Franciscans - so leave before it is too late.

This is San Francisco - Muwekma Ohlone land - and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and their varied interest - more - linked with Quality of Life issues.

I am watching the happenings of the day - I know the culprits - and more I know San Francisco's so called sordid " authorities " - at City Hall - who pay to play - and buy favors. No one can buy those committed - to bring justice - just try us.

This is a " racist city " - and do not be fooled by the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee a lap dog and some Supervisors from City Hall - who lie and in bed with those that divide our community.

No one gives anyone the right to kill and murder.

 One must understand that - and there have been too many cases - where innocent folks - have been shot and murdered - and all sorts of excuses given - in our " very corrupt courts " - time will tell.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - and those who are indigenous - those who know about Mother Earth - are embraced by the Ohlone - those that think they are " natives " - whatever that means - better think again.

18 treaties signed by the United States government and the California Tribes - have yet to the ratified. Millions owed the California Native American Tribes - time for restitution.

California governors - up until 1927 sent edicts to kill the Native Americans and fetch $5 for a scalp. We must not forget that - ever. There have been thousands of Alex Nietos killed before -  killed in " cold blood " - we must resurrect them all - and put those - corrupt to the core - cold blooded murders - on notice.

There was this one witness - who was badgered by the San Francisco attorney - in the Alex Nieto trial of sorts.

An Attorney who has a habit of playing the " devil's advocate " -  to an extreme - even  though she has no clue - how she arrives at the conclusions - of her internal battle with truth - lies are part of her consciousness - evil designs of sordid - questioning - spew from her inner - being - tarnished by evil and more evil - questioning.

The man a witness sang a song - his own creation of verse, lyrics and tune .

The song sung to the people - the " Commons " who are being targeted.

Singing of his own freedom - unfettered and deterred from those that practice law - but really do the devil work.

 Some deep pockets this City has - turning against its own constituents - using tax payers money - paid to the attorneys - a David and Goliath battle of sorts - always harming those who must be protected.

The poets recited their verses and lines - and made the public at large think and realize.

The songs and dancing was offered to the Supreme Force - that has control of everything - those frail human beings - can be dealt one blow - and some end brought to those that think they can murder and kill - with no repercussions - they are - wrong.

That the times are here - those with wisdom - spoke of gentrification and of discrimination - and how the authority that be - favor gentrification - and less compassion.

Show no mercy - no compassion  - for those that have little - and treated with disdain - those that fallen on bad times - through no fault of their own.

There is a God -  there is justice and more fair play -  but those in power shun  morals, ethics and standards that be - and their day is coming - sooner not later.

The people united - will never, ever be defeated. The City and County of San Francisco - the corrupt Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - the political whores - some -  Supervisors Malia  Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang.

The political pimps and Supervisor too - Mark Farrell and Scott Wiener - will get their reward - here of Earth.

The people had their say - and they will meet - again and again - to celebrate - anniversaries that will reveal - a lot more - and  add more names - to the wall of death.

They will try their best to keep the  memories alive  - reveal in detail - the stories of torture - shooting and killings.

In detail the acts of violence and murder - will be painted for all to see, hear, and understand  - this first kill then ask questions - later - must be stopped and those in power - must speak to TRUTH.

The just will stand up and fight and fight to the end.

The weak and those frail - will be protected and defended.

Those who now stand by and look must  think hard -  time is running out - this " gentrification " has taken deep root and must be weeded out.

Should I or should I not - join the fray to defend those that need help now.

Time is running out - they will miss the boat - the bus - the train and the plane.

It is too late to mourn and give drab commentaries  - long after the " deed" is complete.

They will wish they did right - but those that do wrong and think wrong - are more in numbers - and less of those that do right - that is just how the Earth - is represented.

Nothing much has changed - it is worse now - those of us that have seen it all - know better - and today's digital world - has been used to gather information - to carry out " evil actions ".

 Our Courts have become - hubs for " rubber stamping ".

Complete with " jurors who are puppets - strings pulled - to bring about  decisions and adjudications - that baffle the mind.

Innocent human beings -  are confounded, bewildered and completed disgusted  - with the many rulings at all levels.

Life goes on - and the faith in us - must strengthen our eternal and ever bright " fortitude " - reveal to those that we can shed light - where there is utter - darkness - prevailing today at all level of government and tainted - policy making".

This photographs was taken in the year 1938 -
right in below the rotunda -
at SF City Hall -
the evil is written on the wall -
complete with hoods and banners -
for all to see - and know -
 more known -
  today - these evil doers -
still exist - behind close doors - doing their thing!

The story that shamed San Francisco is an article you must read to see some other angles and come to your own conclusion - the fight has just began and there is more coming - El Nino: