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Thursday, March 31, 2016


The people united - will , never be defeated.

What is trending today - is that Edwin M. Lee is being - likened to Waldo - he prefers to lie under his desk in Room 200 - wheeling and dealing - with his tail - between his legs. Pathetic.

A Mayor is one - who interacts with the people - listens to the people - and more has compassion and finds solutions.

Talk is cheap - and those that talk the talk - and do not walk the walk - are like chaff - you blow and it falls by the way side.

Even former Mayor Willie L Brown Jr - has something to say about Edwin M. Lee.  " A Mayor must be in the streets - reacting with the people " - for sure Edwin M. Lee has lost his title as the Mayor - he is now well known - as the " lap dog " - that is.

In recent years - the homeless have increased - and those of us who have lived in San Francisco and care - are fed up with City Hall.

The vague and empty promises made by Edwin M. Lee - who makes his abode in Room 200 - have ticked the people - " no one worth the salt - respects him. The coward has chosen to stay under the radar " - and much like a fugitive - escapes from place  to place - under very tight - security.

This is Ohlone land - to be precise Muwekma Ohlone land.

 We must not take it for granted - that the " thieves " who stole the land - know better. 

The " thief " always has a big mouth - talks with vanity - always arrogant -  his or her time will come.

San Francisco - named after Saint Francis of Assisi - in the past - the decent San Franciscans leading the charge - with intent to be a " compassionate City ".

We have stellar institutions that feed the poor - clothe the poor - and do what they can. - to succor the people at large - who need help.

Saint Anthony's, Martin de Pores, Glide Memorial, hundreds of other smaller institutions - do what they can do - without a whimper and less fun fare.

In recent years - we see advocates wanting to participate in the deliberation linked to Land Use, Planning, Housing,  Congestion, Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, Transportation, Health issues, Childcare,  Youth Truancy, Homelessness, Senior ill treatment, Domestic Violence - an increasing arrogance from the current politicians - who speak from both sides of their mouth.

San Francisco must not pander to the " developers ". We do not want all of our land developed - no one mandated such policy.

We do not want a segment of the population to push out those that have contributed so much to San Francisco for decades.

Our neighborhoods are unique - and more and more drab individuals - transplants who  have nothing to offer in terms of culture - are pushing out genuine, decent, hard working, tax paying - San Franciscans.

In the last 5 years we have lost 40, 000 families - who will never, ever return to San Francisco. Something is drastically wrong with this picture.

The KKK once held their ceremonies 
right inside City Hall - it is the same
Rotunda you see - this one in 1938.

The Rotunda today - it looks pristine -
but the scars of a time past - still smell of sulphur.

Today we advocates are prohibited from taking a banner
and displaying it in the " Rotunda ". Why?
Once on this same site - KKK ceremonies were held -
our House Negroes have no clue - how they being had -
Landon Breed and Malia Cohen - the many other sell outs
too many to name.

It was not uncommon to have the KKK once control all the decision making in San Francisco - at one time.

At will the KKK had their ceremonies at City Hall - we have the empirical data to prove that - and those that are surprised - and think and feel that this is not the TRUTH - are out of their mind.

People of color could be killed no questions asked - more the Native American until 1927 for sure - but further into 1940s too.

By until 1924 - one could kill a Native American - and fetch $5 for a scalp. These facts are there for us to know - and more to act on. Stop selling out the community - and if you cannot serve the community - please - get out of the way.

The Irish in San Francisco too - had their share of "discrimination ". Many were lynched in San Francisco - and the City and County knows the sites. One of them by " Irish Hill " - on Third - closer to 18th Street and there are more sites - all documented.

Today some of them - have forgotten those days - choosing to listen and work - with the contemporary " Zionists " - who have ruined San Francisco.

In recent months the Zionists are quiet - their quietness has coincided with that of Edwin M. Lee - who thought - he could do as he wanted - but now - does not know - what awaits him.

We will follow him at all his public events - and shame him - even with " air tight " security. All public events are open to all the public - and the law encourages - public deliberations - as long as you do not break the law.

Edwin M. Lee - much like a coward - he has chosen to hide and drown in in sordid - silence of sorts.

 His advisors will soon jump ship - because they cannot predict and less deal with Edwin M. Lee - who is a disgrace to the human race. The man has no balls, less a spine, and for sure no morals, less ethics, and absolutely no standards worth the salt. Aho.

Today is Cesar Chavez day - he was born today - March 31 in 1927. A man who did much for all - followed the principles of Mahatma Gandhi - respected by leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King - he helped the laborers more those who labored in the farm fields - working long hours and living in despicable conditions.

Few have read about all that he achieved - and less pay attention to the events of today - where immigrants and the poor are worse off - than they were some years ago. 

Many of the benefits Cesar Chavez fought for have been eroded - and we think nothing of them - because of all the lying and bluffing - if Cesar Chaves visited San Francisco today - he would be shocked and confounded.

We have our work cut out - and we ought to do what we do best - have compassion - and remember there can be no love with sacrifice and hard work.

God Bless you all.